A Powerful 30 Second Meditation to Keep You Centered In Any Situation

HJ: There’s a big misconception about meditation — that it needs to go on as long as possible to get the most benefit from it.  Like most things in life, it’s about quality, not quantity.  5 minutes of deep meditation is more beneficial than 20 minutes of struggling to tune in.  It may sound obvious, but you would be surprised how many people fall prey to this situation.

Regular 30 second meditations such as the one presented below are powerful tools for staying centered and raising consciousness.  Meditating in a quiet, peaceful room is great and very accessible for most people.  However, it is a bit removed from the reality of being out in the comparably hectic world.  Cultivating the skill of being able to drop into a place of centered awareness at will amidst the tumultuous energies of daily life is the true litmus test of ones abilities.  Simple, but powerful tools like this 30 second meditation for inner peace are real-world proven techniques that will help you greatly on the road to self mastery and conscious awareness in any situation.

– Truth

Achieve Inner Peace in Thirty Seconds

By Sandra Miniere, MEd | Integrative Wellness Expert

Whether you meditate or just want to still your mind from its incessant chatter, I have a profound message to share with you. “Thirty sacred seconds” is all that it takes to allow your conscious mind to dis-identify with your thoughts and connect you with your divine mind. Each time you do this, you are strengthening the pathway into a Presence that radiates unity and harmony. Inner peace is within your reach when you practice mindfulness. (The conscious mind functions in a world of polarity and judgment; the spiritual mind functions in the realm of acceptance, peace and oneness.)

Several weeks ago I was awakened because someone in my dream world was badgering me to learn about the “thirty sacred seconds.” Finally I woke up and said, “OK I have it. I will remember this in the morning.” I had no idea what it meant, but the next morning in meditation I received this meaning: I was being asked to still my mind for “thirty sacred seconds” every day or as often as I could do it. This would allow my thought generating mind to become empty in order for inner peace to take over. I have been practicing this technique for the past several weeks, and now my mind goes into the stillness automatically while I perform my daily activities.

When I work my “sacred thirty seconds” exercise, instead of it happening spontaneously, I find that it takes me about a minute to quiet my conscious thinking mind; then I am able to hold the stillness for 30 seconds. These few techniques may help you still your mind and experience the gift of inner peace and harmony for your “sacred thirty seconds”:

Visualize: I experience my thoughts jumping around in my mind. I place them in a parachute and bring them down to earth, gather the parachute on the ground, fold it and place it on my back. As I focus and visualize, my mind begins to slow down. I then focus on a blank slate within my mind or on a flame. I hold the focus intensely on this image for 30 seconds. My mind naturally gets still and my body relaxes. I give a brief thank you and go back to normal focusing.

 I say to myself “divine thirty seconds” over and over again until I am no longer separate from the words. I am lost in them or I have become one with them. Suddenly, my mind becomes still and my body relaxes more deeply. The mantra keeps my conscious mind focused and prevents it from generating new thoughts. The stillness gets louder and my mind becomes peaceful and receptive. I sometimes use the words “peace,” “oneness” or “OM.” They each give me the same effect.

Body Focus:
 I might focus on my breath, breathing in and out, or on my heartbeat until all that exists in my conscious awareness is my breath or heart beat. The mind naturally slows down as I focus on these rhythms. Eventually, stillness and Presence fill my entire body. (I usually imagine that I have become the breath of God or the heartbeat of the Universe.)

These techniques will help you focus, get still, let go and allow a quiet sacred Presence to enter your awareness and body for 30 seconds. You are building a super highway to inner peace, one moment at a time. (Emptying your thinking mind may take longer than one minute in the beginning.)

Inner peace allows you to heal on many levels, opens you to divine inspiration and impacts how you live your life. It only takes 30 seconds to connect with divine mind. I invite you to try these mini-meditation techniques or create your own. They appear to be fast food for mental and spiritual healing without any negative side effects. It works for me. How about you?


Sandra Miniere, M.Ed., offers personal life and executive leadership coaching and Emotional Freedom Techniques consultations in person and on the telephone. She is an author and speaker. She also gives workshops and teleseminars on a variety of motivational and integrative wellness topics. A former holistic mental health counselor, she has been helping people transform themselves and their lives for 30 years. In her book, A Lighter Side to Cancer – From Wake-up Call to Radiant Wellness, she shares her uplifting and empowering adventure through breast cancer twelve years ago. She feels blessed with great health, special relationships and a life that fuels her. Visit her website here: www.IntegrativeWellnessExpert.com | www.facebook.com/sandraminierewellness | Sandra@IntegrativeWellnessExpert.com

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  1. Much love and thank you for paying attention during your dream state. So many of us get caught up in the time we spend in communion with Spirit that we talk ourselves out of spending any time at all. This a wonderful article to share and I did so!!!!! Sat Nam

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