How to Get Your Vitamins and Minerals From Herbs: A Guide to Truly Natural Nutrition

By Truth | The Healers Journal

You can trace every sickness, every disease, and every ailment to a mineral deficiency.

Linus Pauling, Pioneer of Nutrition Research

In order to get all of our nutrition from whole foods, we need to think outside the box.  While certain foods have incredible nutritional properties, for example, spirulina, hydrilla verticillata, amaranth, kale and so on, the reality is that in order to get our daily nutritional needs met solely from foods alone, we would need to eat ridiculously large quantities of them just to meet the Recommended Daily Allowances (RDA) set by the government, which are largely believed to be inaccurate in that they are far too low!  After 3 years of diligent research into the nutritional properties of foods, this was a somewhat frustrating conclusion as I am a firm believer that the inherent wisdom of mother nature would never set us up for failure like that.  So, I pressed on with my research, digging deeper than ever for sources high-quality of plant based nutrition… Lo and behold, the answer was revealed…

The Re-Emergence of Herbalism: Big Nutrition in Small Plants

As a society, we have largely moved away from the mainstream practice of herbalism over the last half century or so (although as of this writing is beginning to see a resurgence as people lose faith in conventional, drug-based medicine).  Earlier in the 19th century, before the rise of pharmaceuticals, herbal medicine was the gold standard for medical treatment and its use was widespread.  The ‘fall’ of herbalism was highly unfortunate, as herbs are much more than just medicines — they are also foods of the highest caliber.  What’s more, is that they contain unprecedented amounts of some of the hardest to get minerals (and vitamins) such as Magnesium, Calcium, Chromium, Selenium, Iodine and so on in a completely absorbable, whole food form.  Best of all, they are usually very inexpensive and are widely available Organically grown.  In every sense of the word, they are truly the missing link that will allow the health minded individual to indeed get all of their nutrition from whole foods/plants.

These herbs are more than just spices.  They are medicinal foods which have powerful healing and rejuvenative properties.  Almost any illness can in some way be traced back to a vitamin and/or mineral deficiency.  Using the chart below, you can then identify which herbs have the appropriate vitamins or minerals to treat your condition and begin the process of self healing.  To get the most from these herbs it is suggested that you either make a tea infusion by pouring boiling water over the herbs and then leaving in a jar in the fridge to extract overnight, or in the case of the more edible varieties, to simply integrate them into your cooking.

Vitamin A Alfalfa, Burdock, Cayenne, Dandelion, Garlic, Kelp, Marshmallow, Papaya, Parsley, Pokeweed, Raspberry, Red clover, Saffron, Watercress, Yellow dock
Thiamine (B1) Cayenne, Dandelion, Fenugreek, Kelp, Parsley, Raspberry
Riboflavin (B2) Alfalfa, Burdock, Dandelion, Fenugreek, Kelp, Parsley, Raspberry
Niacin (B3) Alfalfa, Burdock, Dandelion, Fenugreek, Kelp, Parsley, Sage
Pyridoxine (B6) Alfalfa, Wheat, Corn, Mugwort
Cobalamin (B12) Alfalfa, Kelp
Vitamin C Alfalfa, Burdock, Boneset, Catnip, Cayenne, Chickweed, Dandelion, Garlic, Hawthorn Berry, Horseradish, Kelp, Lobelia, Parsley, Plantain, Pokeweed, Papaya, Raspberry, Rose Hips, Shepherd’s purse, Strawberry, Watercress, Yellow Dock
Vitamin D Alfalfa, Watercress
Vitamin E Alfalfa, Dandelion, Kelp, Raspberry, Rose hips, Watercress
Vitamin K Alfalfa, Plantain, Shepherd’s purse
Rutin Dandelion, Rose hips, Rue
Calcium Coltsfoot, Chive, Chamomile, Caraway seed, Cleavers, Dandelion, Dill, Horsetail, Meadow sweet, Mistletoe, Nettles, Parsley, Pimpernel, Plantain, Poppy seed, Raspberry, Shepherd’s purse, Silverweed, Watercress, Yellow dock
Chlorophyll Alfalfa, most leafy green potherbs
Chlorine Alfalfa, Dandelion, Dill stems, Fennel stems, Goldenseal, Kelp, Myrrh, Nettles, Parsley, Plantain, Raspberry, Uva ursi, Watercress, Wintergreen
Copper Agar-agar, Dandelion, Dulse, Kelp, Liverwort, Nettles, Parsley, Sorrel
Fluorine Corn silk, Dill, Garlic, Horsetail, Plantain, Watercress
Iodine Dulse, Garlic, Irish moon, Kelp, Sarsaparilla, Mustard, Parsley
Iron Alfalfa, Burdock, Blue cohosh, Cayenne, Dandelion, Dulse, Kelp, Mullein, Nettles, Parsley, Pokeweed, Rhubarb, Rose hips, Yellow dock
Magnesium Alfalfa, Blue cohosh, Carrot leaves, Cayenne, Dandelion, Dill, Kelp, Mistletoe, Mullein, Nettles, Peppermint, Primrose, Raspberry, Skullcap, Walnut leaves, Willow, Wintergreen, Manganese, Agar-agar, Bladderwrack, Burdock, Dulse, Kelp, Nettles, Sorrel, Strawberry leaves, Wintergreen, Yellow dock
Phosphorus Alfalfa, Blue cohosh, Calamus, Calendula, Caraway, Cayenne, Chickweed, Dandelion, Garlic, Irish moss, Kelp, Licorice, Parsley, Purslane, Pokeweed, Raspberry, Rhubarb, Rose hips, Watercress, Yellow dock
Potassium Alfalfa, Blue cohosh, Birch, Borage, Chamomile, Coltsfoot, Comfrey, Centaury, Dandelion, Dulse, Eyebright, Fennel, Irish moss, Kelp, Mistletoe, Mullein, Nettles, Papaya, Parsley, Peppermint, Plantain, Primrose, Raspberry, Shepherd’s purse, White oak bark, Wintergreen, Yarrow
Selenium Kelp, most seaweeds
Silicon Alfalfa, Blue cohosh, Burdock, Chickweed, Corn silk, Flaxseed, Horsetail, Kelp, Nettle, Poppyseed, Raspberry, Sunflower seed
Sodium Apple tree bark, Alfalfa, Cleavers, Dandelion, Dill, Dulse, Fennel, Irish moss, Kelp, Mistletoe, Nettles, Parsley, Shepherd’s purse, Thyme
Sulphur Alfalfa, Burdock, Cayenne, Coltsfoot, Eyebright, Fennel, Garlic, Irish moss, Kelp, Mullein, Nettles, Parsley, Plantain, Raspberry, Sage, Shepherd’s purse, Thyme
Zinc Kelp, Marshmallow
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  1. You know, I cannot BELIEVE, that once again you are sending me information that I am just now discovering myself. I’m starting to wonder if we are the same soul in different dimensions! 🙂

    I’ve been having some issues that have miraculously been alleviated by taking a tea of Nettles, Red Raspberry Leaf, Fenugreek Seeds, and Oat Straw….all organic. (female issues and terrible Spring allergies) I’ll be adding in Alfalfa, Lady’s Mantle and Shepard’s Purse very soon.

    Yesterday, I took a beautiful walk along a beach not too far from where I live and have never felt more peaceful and rejuvenated. It was only the day before I had terrible fatigue and thought I needed bed-rest all day.

    I have read, from more than one source, that mineral deficiencies can be far more detrimental than vitamin deficiencies and now I’m a believer.

    Like you, I eat organic kale, lots of beets, am gluten free, wild-caught sardines and drink lots of spring water….take a few supplements etc and still it hasn’t been enough. Always on a see-saw of not knowing what works or what doesn’t

    I’ve also taken *Natural Calm* magnesium for quite some time, but have been too dependent on it and instinctively *knew* it was just a band-aid and that it doesn’t make sense to take isolated nutrients since every vitamin and mineral throws off our balance taken this way.

    So, close to 5 years of putting many puzzle pieces together has led me to the same conclusions you have discovered.

    Herbs ARE FOOD….Let’s EAT THEM….let’s infuse them….let’s tincture them!!!!

    THANK YOU for spreading the love and the healing and the wisdom you have discovered….your emails always being me happiness and the coincidences are becoming so common, I just cannot get any more shocked than I already am!!!

  2. Even more hysterical —
    my last comment on your webpage where I use the word *coincidences* at the end, exactly lines up with your article.on the right, that says “It’s not a coincidence”

    I can’t take it!!! hahaha

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