HJ: It is possible to enhance and intensify a cleanse or fast through the use of the corresponding hand gestures (mudras), which initiate the elimination pathways in the body.  By stimulating the appropriate acupressure and metaphysical meridian points on the hand, we can both activate and aid our bodies in releasing unwanted, accumulated toxins.

– Truth

hand mudras for detoxification and healing

Detoxification Mudra – Mudra for elimination of toxins from the body

Every individual should undertake a detoxification treatment at least twice a year. The ideal time is during the conjunction of seasons. Spring time and early autumn is the best time to plan for detoxification. You can mark four to seven days for detoxification. What you can do in this period is take enema for cleansing of intestine. Alternate Oil (Balinese, Ayurveda) massage and Dry (Thai) massage at a good Spa helps in elimination of stiffness and vatta (element) from the body. Your diet should include soup of boiled vegetables, porridge and lot of fresh fruits. Take adequate rest and meditate to release grudges and bad memories. Light incense sticks or heat up aroma oil to freshen the surroundings.

Use Detoxification mudra as an aid for complete release of toxins. This mudra cleanses the earth element in the body. Hold your thumb on the inner edge of the ring finger as indicated in the pictorial. Do it with both hands.

Do this mudra only during the marked period for 10 to 20 minutes at a stretch. Visualize that you are being reborn.

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