Astral Projection is Easier Than You Think…

HJ: The words ‘astral projection’ conjure up excitement, wonder and awe in most curious souls, however the concept often seems abstract and intangible without substantial training and practice.  Maybe you are one of the ‘lucky ones’ that is born with incredible psychic ability and can travel astrally at will — otherwise, as the belief goes, you are doomed to normalcy and the confines of everyday reality.  Both of these perceptions are widespread and both of them couldn’t be further from the truth.  Anyone, I repeat, anyone can learn to travel astrally (or astrally project — its the same thing).  Yes, some are born with the innate ability, but that does not mean that it is inaccessible to you if you are not.  You simply need a bit of practice and guidance to develop the skill and thankfully there are master teachers available to help you learn it and save you unneeded struggle, trial and error.

In the past, it may have been more difficult to learn astral projection and other psychic techniques/abilities due to the underground nature of this type of esoteric knowledge, however, in the current mystical and spiritual renaissance we are in the midst of (partially fueled by the internet and the ease of access to this type of information which it provides), learning to do so has never been easier.  Take the article below by Robert Bruce, master astral traveller, freely sharing important information about what works for him in practicing the art of astral projection.  How much easier could it be?  Quite frankly, the only thing required in this day and age is the impetus to take action and practice.  All the knowledge needed to learn the technique is freely available at your fingertips…

– Truth

The Surprising Truth about Astral Projection

By Robert Bruce | Astral Dynamics

I’d like to talk about a concept that is rather difficult for most spiritual practitioners to “get”.

Ironically, it’s a concept that’s fairly easy to understand, but because it’s so “counter intuitive” it’s easy to miss entirely.

It’s understanding what causes an out of body experience.

And what I’m about to share with you took me literally YEARS to figure out… even thought it was right in front of my face the whole time.

When I first decided to study Astral Projection, I did what I think most practitioners do… I THOUGHT a lot about it, I READ a lot about it, I ASKED a lot about it, and I did it as often as I could, constantly experimenting and questioning my results.

I’ve studied psychology and modern science, because they fascinate me… and I figured that my understanding about how people worked would really give me and advantage in this quest to understand Astral Projection.
As I soon learned, it’s not easy to solve an illogical problem by thinking about it logically!
In fact, now that I know better, I think that astral projection IS rather logical… it’s just that how it works is so UNEXPECTED that it SEEMS illogical. But for now, let’s just use the term “illogical” because it forces the mind to put aside pre-conceived notions of what “should’ happen.

As I was trying to figure all this stuff out for myself (and keep in mind, I had no idea that I would later write a book to help others) I kept running into challenges.

It seemed that every logical thing I did just didn’t work in a way that made sense.


It only made sense that since all of the ancient books taught astral projection through visualization, that it would be the only way that worked… right?

I was doing every visual exit technique I could find… but I rarely had an out of body experience with these methods

So, of course, I tried to work this angle by picturing the color white inside my body, imagining I was floating in a violet bubble, and doing as many VISUALIZATIONS as I could. I was visual to the extreme. I would do whatever any book told me, and basically accepted whatever intermittent or random results I got.

But since none of that stuff seemed to really help at all,

I just kept coming to the same conclusion:

I was doing every visual astral projection technique I could find… but I never seemed to have reliable out of body experiences…

I had been projecting spontaneously since the age of 4 and had done it thousands of times. But inducing Astral Projection deliberately was another matter entirely. I occasionally had mind-blowing success, but given that I was trying a few times each night, I figured I was succeeding about 1 in 20 attempts.

“It must just be me that’s the problem,” I thought.

Well, fortunately for me, I’m not one to quit easily – huge understatement!

I stuck with it, and I finally did something that had a PROFOUND impact on my personal success.


When I think back now, I say to myself “DUH!”

Why didn’t I think of that sooner? Because it REALLY made a huge difference.

Here’s a big revelation I learned from working with these clients:

We humans are too reliant on visual information, whereas many of our best psychic impressions involve kinesthetic FEELINGS.

Spiritual practitioners have tried to use visualization as the basis of every psychic technique since the dawn of time. And it does make sense, considering we take in most information visually.
I think this hidden problem originated a couple of hundred years ago when a lot of Eastern Spiritual Knowledge was brought to the Western world and translated. The closest word to describe the fundamentals of how to work with the human energy body was VISUALIZATION. And while this is inaccurate, we’ve been stuck with it ever since.

This is why spiritual practices involving VISUALIZATION are difficult and often ineffective.

But, ASTRAL PROJECTORS who are highly successful often primarily use their TACTILE FEELINGS to get out of body.

Think about that for a moment.

Most practitioners who fail are constantly trying to see their way out of body. The most successful astral projectors are FEELING their way out of body.

Do visuals and mental imagery play into this at all?

Of course they do.

But they’re not NEARLY as important as most practitioners think they are.

To sum up…

There are different sensory modalities that can be used for astral projection

While most practitioners use their visual faculty, the most successful projectors are using their TACTILE sense of feeling, even if they don’t realize this at the time.

Tactile means sense of touch, as in the surface of your hands and skin. By “feeling” what it would be like to exit the body, you trigger the out of body experience.

Robert Bruce is an internationally respected mystic, hands-on metaphysical researcher and arcane experimenter. For over 30 years, Robert has actively explored the mechanics, energetics and dynamics of all things considered paranormal  – especially OBE; the human energy body, energy work, clairvoyance, healing, and psychic self-defense. Robert is the bestselling author of Astral Dynamics, Practical Psychic Self-Defense and Energy Work as well as coauthor of Mastering Astral Projection with Brian Mercer. Born in England, he currently resides in Australia with his children.

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