HJ: Contrary to popular belief, you can be wealthy and still retain a high degree of spirituality.  Wealth simply magnifies the qualities already present in an individual.  If that person is struggling with ego dramas, they will be magnified.  If that person is a philanthropic, highly conscious individual, those qualities will be magnified.  Furthermore, abundance is the natural state of the universe and our existence.  We have instead chosen to embrace the illusion of lack and scarcity, which has caused us to forget this truth.  There is always enough for everyone, however, as long as we collectively believe in scarcity and lack, we create that reality for ourselves.  You can, however, liberate yourself from this illusion by confronting and limiting beliefs you have about wealth and abundance and changing them to empowering beliefs that draw to you your divine inheritance.

Financial security is a key element in Maslow’s hierarchy and it is absolutely imperative to address it in your life, lest you not reach your full expression as a human being in this lifetime.  I m not suggesting that money become the focus of your life.  I, and the author below, are simply suggesting that you reconsider your relationship with and beliefs about abundance and wealth if you still struggle in this area, which most of humanity does.

– Truth

3 Essential Keys Needed For Your Wealth Consciousness

By Jennifer Longmore | Soul Journeys

Many people live in scarcity, all or nothing and poverty consciousness, often because they are taught to stay in survival mode.  Wealth consciousness is what feels familiar and innate to our soul’s existence, yet we ‘forget’ how to tap into that.  Today, I want to share with you 3 powerful ways to shift into this divine state permanently and begin creating the abundance on all levels that you long to create for yourself.


1.  Release the past / Awareness of the present

First you need to release all of the stories, conscious and unconscious, no matter where they were created, permanently.  You have a divine birthright of infinite wealth and abundance on all levels. It is what it is. That is your truth. So if we have the divine birthright of infinite wealth and abundance on all levels, the only thing standing between our current reality and that universal truth are the veils of confusion that have been absorbed into our energy fields. All that needs to happen is an activation of our remembrance that that is true.  Once we allow ourselves to really remember that on a cellular level and integrate it through all dimensions, space, and time, through all twelve energy bodies, then the sky is the limit so to speak, right?  You were not created to be at discord with money. Just as you are a part of creation, money is a part of creation. Any misalignment with this truth is an illusion. It keeps you from being at peace with all of creation including yourself. You’ve got to release all of the energies that no longer serve you.

So it’s time to energetically shatter the illusions that have kept you stuck in the unhealthy aspects of your money story and release all energies that no longer serve you. So much of your story is about illusions. It has more to do with energetic imprints that have accumulated through various spaces and time. So release any guilt, shame, sadness, anger, hopelessness and so on, that you may consciously or unconsciously feel so that you can be aligned with this divine truth about money. We’re not going to worry about where it came from, what the source of it is. It’s just about clearing it out of your field.


2.  Look Money in the Eyes

The other area to focus on (this is a big one for a lot of people) is to look money in the eyes.  Most people have no idea what’s in their bank account. We just write checks or use a debit card or whatever we’re using to spend money or buy things without really knowing. We just trust it’s there or we assume it’s there or we actually kind of know it’s not there but we don’t really want to learn it’s not there because then actually we have to change how we’re showing up.

We actually have to look money in the eyes. If money was a person would it want to be hanging around you right now? Are you even making eye contact with it? Are you acknowledging it? Money likes to be acknowledged. From that perspective, if money was a person, it would like to be acknowledged. It just wants to be your friend. It wants to hang out with you, have a good time, and provide for you.


Maybe you’re having someone else invest on your behalf and you have no idea what your investments look like. You have no idea what the person investing money on your behalf is even really working on your behalf. You don’t know if they’re doing anything with your money. You don’t know if they’re interested in making it grow which is the whole point of an investment. Maybe you’re allowing a partner or a parent or someone to have total control over your money and just keeping a blind eye, not having any idea where you are. This is a common energy for folks.

When you begin to look money in the eyes, it may feel weird in some ways. It’s kind of like looking into a mirror and saying “I love you” over and over again or saying mantras while you look at yourself. I know that can be uncomfortable for a lot of folks. But the more that you allow yourself to look money in the eyes and see it for what it really is, it will start to transform right before your eyes. It will be easier and easier over time, just as it is to look at yourself in the mirror and say your mantras, to appreciate money and to energetically and consciously develop an appreciation for this energy which is money.


3.  Create Healthy Relationship with your future self

Each one of us has a unique blueprint that goes beyond words, goes beyond explanation.  There are certain energies, certain frequencies that are held within your Divine Wealth Blueprint that accelerate the ability for wealth to come to you in the most easy, joyous way.  So you need to create a new reality in your field and anchor it as your truth.

I invite you to have a conversation with your future self, the aspect of you that’s already healed their money story. What do they want to share with you about how they got to this place? This place that you’re seeing right now, how do they create this? What are the specific steps or what are the ways of being? What are the inner shifts that they made in order to create this? And what is the message that your future self has for you now, that’s best going to serve you on your journey? You may even want to jot down some notes and know that you can come back to this progression at any time. Spend a few minutes every day creating this, imagine the kind of life you are going to have yourself. Imagine how much less energy you’re investing in struggling through life, and resisting and being angry being stuck in resentment, spinning in circles.

The most important thing to note is that whatever you experience has already happened. Your future self is already experiencing that. So if your future self is already experiencing it, it means that that it’s more than possible and the only thing that stands between you and that person is your ability to embody that. So your future could be a day away or 10 years away depending on how willing you are to step into that place.

These are just a few areas to considering regarding your wealth consciousness.  This is also a great way to start to be open to the possibilities around abundance and money. If you have a strong desire to heal your own money story more deeply… then you might want to learn about my upcoming LIVE EVENT, the 2-day Heal Your Money Story Intensive, September 15th & 16th in Vancouver, BC. Click here for more info on upcoming events.

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  1. It’s funny reading this, I’ve been looking money stright in the eyes my whole life, and when you are still stuck mentally in the idea that you are now, and always will be stuck and lacking that can create some serious problems. I’m still relearning how to enjoy money, actaully not so much how to enjoy it but how to let myself enjoy it (the dirty little secret is that I already knew how to enjoy it, but I don’t dare let other people know that). Hopefully one day I can have the money to afford, and enjoy everything that I want and need several times over and still have plenty on top of that for charity.

    I can’t be sure without acheiving fincail wealth beyond my wildest dreams but I’d like to think the person that would show under with more money than I know what to do with is a person who practices positive selfishness (sure I put myself first but never in a way that is truly determental to other people and as a rule if other’s are better off because of my actions then all the better)

  2. I’m impressed, I need to say. Actually rarely do I encounter a weblog that’s each educative and entertaining, and let me let you know, you will have hit the nail on the head. Your idea is excellent; the problem is something that not enough persons are speaking intelligently about. I am very joyful that I stumbled across this in my seek for something relating to this.

  3. I’m confused about the idea that money is part of creation. Isn’t it purely a social construction/conception? Wouldn’t it be more interesting for humanity to begin considering something entirely new and different as an alternative? Is there even a smallest chance that ‘money’ can create any sort of condition for equality on our planet? Surely money is synonymous with power – not the sort that awakens our spiritual being but the sort that is destructive for most of humanity and the earth? I just can’t see how it can be part of creation…

    • How could money not be part of creation? Everything is part of creation. All social constructs are part of creations. Nothing is outside of it. You have the viewpoint that money is somehow bad or tainted. Money simply is — it is not good or bad because nothing is good or bad. Everything simply is and it is only our perception of it which polarizes it into the good or bad realm. Your words a reflection of your beliefs and they show a strong charge around money in a negative way. Therefore you will perceive anything to do with money as somehow bad or negative when in fact this is not the case.


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