HJ: On a daily basis we are bombarded with various types of energy — energies from other people, energies from electromagnetic fields (cell phones, power lines, computers, etc.), energies emitted by celestial bodies (the sun, other planets, etc.) and occasionally from the etheric planes — energies of spirits and entities.  Some of these can be considered beneficial and others can be considered unwanted or ‘negative’, depending on your inclination.  If we are not consciously aware of these energies and taking steps to keep ourselves free and clear  at any given moment, then we are generally susceptible to them and they can have subtle and/or very overt effects in our lives. Clearing unwanted energies is not a new concept — Native American tribes routinely burn sage (called smudging), Mexican Shamans burn Paolo Santo bark, Cultures in the Far East burn incense and so on, all with the intent of clearing unwanted energies from the space or field through the use of sacred plants that have the ability to do so.  Depending on the nature of the energy and level of attachment, it may require more than just smudging to remove/dislodge it, however, as methods go, smudging is quite powerful.

The point here being that most people find it of great value to have a clear energetic field around them, especially as they become sensitive to subtle energies.  Having negative spirits or entities, EMF’s or dross from unconscious people one meets throughout the day is like carrying extra, extremely heavy and cumbersome baggage with you through a crowded airport — why do it if you don’t have to? Furthermore, energetic clearing techniques are so simple and so powerful that its pretty easy to integrate them into your day to day life.  It’s incredible how much lighter one feels after practicing any of these techniques.  After a while, you develop an intuitive sense when you have picked up energies that are not your own and best of all, you then have the tools to remove them immediately if you choose to do so.

– Truth

Psychic Defense—Tips to protect your Auric Energy Field

By Masami Kolbenschlag | Self Growth

When you go to a crowded shopping mall with many people, have you experienced an overwhelming sensation within you? When you work all day with a difficult boss and co-workers, by the end of the day, have you felt like you are totally exhausted and that your energy has been totally drained out of you? After having listened to your friend who was angry, have you too started to feel irritable without particular reasons? Does it sound like an attack by some energy vampire? No.You feel like you are out of energy because your energy has been affected by feelings and thoughts from others, and as a result, your healthy flows of Auric Energy Fields get imbalanced.

What are Auric Energy Fields?

Auric Energy Fields are highly complex and very changeable. They appear as layers of bubbles in different colors around our physical bodies. Our health, our mood, and our thoughts at the moment affect the colors and shapes of our aura. In fact, when we are feeling peaceful, calm, and happy, our Auric Energy Fields could be seen in beautiful violet, indigo colors, for example, with nicely balanced rainbow like shapes. If we are experiencing an illness, however, there is a breakage in our particular spot on our Auric Fields, indicating that our healthy Auric Energy flow is blocked on the particular area, and as a result, it causes an imbalance in our Auric Energy Fields . When we go out to the public places, such as our work or stores, without knowing it, we are automatically exposed to other people’s emotions, negative ones included (such as envy, sadness, anger, jealousy, lust, hatred, etc). Without realizing it, you may pick up these negative emotions from others, even if they are not intentionally released. As a result, we feel like our energy is drained out.

How do we protect our Auric Energy Fields to keep it balanced?

1. Meditation

Before you leave your house to go to work or other public places, take a few minutes, close your eyes, and visualize completely surrounding yourself with a big, clear bubble. This bubble is for protection so that your Auric Energy Fields will not be affected by other people’s negative emotions, such as jealousy, lust, and hostility. Imagine that your clear bubble is blocking all that negativity, and the negative energy cannot even get near you. The negative energy will only be bounced right back where it originally came from. During the day, when you encounter some negative energy from other people, just immediately remember that you have already been in a big bubble and been protected. This way, you will be able to keep your peaceful, happy day no matter how chaotic the outside world is. This is meditation “On The Go”—a very practical, effective and powerful method for busy people like us.

2. Crystals

Crystals I recommend to use for your Auric Energy Fields Protection are: Amber—for psychic shielding. Amethyst—protection from negative psychic energy of all sorts. Red Jasper—a good psychic shield that returns negative energy to the sender. These are only a few list of crystals. They are usually inexpensive, and it is a good and simple tool for your Auric Energy Fields protection.

3. Know and Use Your Proactive Side and Receptive Side of Your Body

*A front side of your entire body is “Proactive”—a side that you assertively express yourself outwardly. *A back side of your entire body is “Receptive”—a side that we passively accept things from outside. *The entire right side of your body is also “Proactive” and the entire left side of your body is “Receptive.” How do you use this for your daily psychic protection? Here is how.For example, if you have to attend a meeting with the co-worker who is known to be cranky, you don’t want to put him on your left side—a receptive side because you don’t want his crankiness to affect your Auric Energy Field. Put him on your right side—a proactive side that you can outwardly push his cranky energy back.It is a very simple method to protect your Auric Field.

4.Sea Salt

The Greeks had their faith in the healing power of Mediterranean Sea Salt. As Plato put, “The Sea cures all ailments of man.” In today’s world, salt is still used as one of the main ingredients for hand wipes to kill germs. You can use the same method the Ancient Greeks used. At the end of a hectic day—working to pay bills, taking care of your family, and running for errands, finally, it is your time to relax in a warm, soothing bathtub. Sprinkle a pinch of the Mediterranean Sea Salt into a bath tub, and just sit and relax—just close your eyes and visualize that all the emotions you might have picked up from people around you are slowly washed away in the salt water—a complete cleansing of your Auric Energy fields. Peaceful music and a scented candle around the tub will be great to go with it. You will be amazed how refreshing you will feel, and of course, this will lead you to a real good night sleep. These are 4 simple and easy, practical protections for your Auric Energy Fields. Try it. It works.

About Masami Since she was a young child, Masami has had encounters with many spirits. For a young child, it was frightening, but after being trained by renowned mediums, and being certified as a medium by “Star Child Institute”, Masami can now use her gift of spirit communication to help people. Masami is clairvoyant (meaning “Clear Seeing”), Clairaudient (meaning “Clear Hearing”) and Clairsentient (meaning “Clear Feeling). Clairvoyant helps you to identify your loved ones by their appearances, clairaudient will help you to receive messages, and Clairsentient will help you to know how they are feeling now. Masami’s gifts, along with years of experience as a counselor, will help you feel peace and to validate that love survives beyond death.

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