Uncovering the Hidden Underground Library Below the Sphinx

HJ: I have known about the existence of this hidden library for quite some time and it fascinates me to no end.  In fact, there are many such libraries around the globe containing highly liberating information that are very much a threat to the existing power structure on this planet, for they contain proof that indeed the official story line feed to the masses is truly distorted, highly manipulated and filled with outright mistruths.  For those willing to suspend disbelief and approach ‘fringe’ concepts with an open, but critical mind will quickly find an overwhelming mountain of evidence that indeed proves that things are not at all what they seem.

– Truth

The Hidden Underground Library Below the Sphinx

Cosmic Awareness via Will Berlinghoff | Cosmic Awareness

QUESTIONER: That was very interesting, very, very interesting. Can we do one more?

COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness would indeed entertain one more question but It does ask that this be the final question for today.

QUESTIONER: Certainly. It was intended to be. Thank you. We have one final one from HR. “Would Cosmic Awareness please discuss the opening/activation of the Sphinx as well as all Pyramids and Hidden Crystals.” Your observations please?

COSMIC AWARENESS: That of course many hidden records and information are contained in the library below the Sphinx, but also in other locations around the world as well, some under known pyramids and step-pyramid structures, others under unknown locations. But that the time for this information is soon to be at hand and it will be part of the process over the next several thousand years to start to release more and more of the evidence, not only of a Divine multi-dimensional character, but even of evidence of ancient aliens, ancient beings that have played on the surface of this planet that are by the masses generally rejected as bogus and far-fetched.

But there are many, as you know, who are being drawn to such programs as Ancient Aliens, who have read deeply on such matters, who are very aware that this information does exist, and it indeed does. It is also part of that whole process or program of the Enlightened Ones who have been holding understanding, information, awareness for humanity, who have been guiding it forward as just discussed through the actions of the White Brotherhood/Sisterhood, who are part of an ancient plan and a future plan, and they too will be involved in the release of information through individuals who are of their order, of their group.

The information that is under the Sphinx is to be released at the appropriate time, but at this time cannot be reached, for it is not entirely in phase with that which one would call physical reality. There are dimensional portals that one must go through and to do so one must have the high resonance and frequency of the Ascended Ones who are here to release this information. Not just anyone can simply go and try to go through these dimensional gateways.

Indeed, there are forces, guardian forces that would oppose many who tried, and even if they got past these guardians who will assess the individual approaching by their frequency and recognize those who are of the highest frequency, they would not allow those of lesser frequency or resonance to pass, and they would not even be able to go through the portal gateway without harm or simply even just being blocked.

The present Egyptian government through its Department of Antiquity is very well aware of the chambers underneath the Sphinx, have known about them for many years, have tried on several occasions to breach walls to get past the gateways only to meet with disaster, even death. This has been kept under wraps. No one of the Department of Antiquity or the government of Egypt have admitted these events, that these even occurred, but it is such that they will not be allowed to enter into the halls of the ancient records, the ancient libraries, the Halls of Amenti, as some have referred to them as.

There is a time coming soon where many are being awoken to that which is the internal wisdom, knowledge, and information that they have been downloaded with or that they have held within their being for the right time. The right time is not tomorrow, but it is coming, it is unfolding, and more and more evidence will be released in the weeks, months and years directly ahead. This too will be in coordination with the higher release of other information and contact such as the contact that has for so long been awaited and promised with the 5th dimensional beings that are guardians who are here to assist with the process of moving forward, or even with First Contact and the extraterrestrial Galactic Federation beings that are so involved in serving humanity and Mother Earth at this time.

All of these events and meetings and revelations are ahead, but at this moment, the focus of course is to simply continue to work on yourself, to continue to believe that there is that which is unfolding, that the event of Ascension did occur and was part of the overall Plan, part of the Divine Plan of God Itself.

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  1. Well, it’s nice to entertain ourselves with this kind of words. The words about things positive and magic that always keep coming and coming but we will never see them. It help us forget for a moment the ongoing hopelessness of this world.

    The austerity, poverty, inequality and hunger candidate won the elections in my country lately. That means more unemployment, more negativity and more of the same hopelessness that governs this world.

    Did anything get better in your countries? Is all this part of the divine plan? Or is it all a big load of wishful crap?

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