February 2013

The Most Important Quality You Need to Achieve Your Goals and Dreams

HJ: This article really speaks for itself and in that sense, I will leave it at that.  However, I will add one very important thing — belief is the crux of all your…

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How to Recognize the Unlimited Opportunities in Your Life

HJ: Opportunity is constantly knocking on our door in a variety of ways, shapes and forms.  One of the main things cutting us of from acknowledging and accessing these abundant opportunities is our…


10 Pieces of Profound Wisdom I Learned From Neale Donald Walsch

By Truth | The Healers Journal — Conversations With God: An Uncommon Dialogue by Neale Donald Walsch is a spiritual classic that is written from the point of view of “God’.  Neale’s uncommon perpective as…


How to Work With Life Force Energy (Chi) for Greater Health, Happiness and Awareness

HJ: Nearly all traditional cultures recognize the concept of ‘Chi’ or ‘life force energy’, although they may use differing terminology to describe it.  Many in the West are familiar with the concept of…


The 6 Most Common Ego Traps on the Spiritual Path

HJ:  The frequency with which the following ego manifestations are showing themselves nowadays is on the rise as humanity collectively begins to embrace its spiritual nature and more than ever individuals are waking up to…

Supercharge Your Health With the 10 Healthiest Seeds on the Planet

HJ: Just what makes seeds such incredible foods?  As the storehouse of nutrients and enzymes for plants-to-be, seeds contain everything a plant needs to grow and thrive in its early stages of life….


Despite What You May Believe, Failure Does Not Exist

HJ: The belief in failure is a misperception of the true nature of reality.  The concept of failing is inherently judgmental and dualistic and it implies that one can do something wrong or incorrect, which…


How to Overcome the 7 Biggest Roadblocks to Achieving Your Dreams

HJ:  In some way, we all dream of a better life for ourselves.  As the only constant in life is change, it is only natural that we would want to do so in…


Seeing Through the Illusion: How Your Perception of the World is a Mirror of Yourself (Video)

HJ: Until we learn to see the fundamental essence of ourselves and the world around us, we are engaged in the act of the projection of our thoughts and beliefs — our perceptions…


3 Simple Mindfulness Meditations That Will Transform Your Outlook on Life

HJ: Staying centered and present in the moment is quite an easy task.  The challenge lies in unlearning a lifetime of conditioning that keeps us locked into thinking about the past and future….

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