Seeing Through the Illusion: How Your Perception of the World is a Mirror of Yourself (Video)

HJ: Until we learn to see the fundamental essence of ourselves and the world around us, we are engaged in the act of the projection of our thoughts and beliefs — our perceptions — out into the world.  The world as we perceive it is merely a reflection of our selves — a reflection of our perceptions, beliefs, thoughts and feelings.  Therefore it is a feedback loop.  We see what we expect to see and until we realize this and can begin to consciously identify our projections, we are fully immersed in the illusion.  This is the illusion that is spoken of by saints and sages, wise souls and gurus throughout the ages and to this very day.

The illusion is that we are powerless and at the behest of some external force or reality, when in fact the truth is that we are creating every aspect of our experience whether we believe it or not.  And if we do not believe we are doing so, then we will create unconsciously and give our power to others and assume their beliefs and perceptions about ourselves and so we indeed do give away our control and inherent power and so this is reflected in our perceived reality and enforced continually by the illusion we cannot yet see.  This is the crux of the awakening.  To understand we are the creators of reality and truly understand the subtleties and nuances of what this means.

In this fantastic series video course produced by Phillip Urso, esoteric concepts such as the one discussed above are presented as taught in A Course in Miracles. one of the preeminent spiritual classics ever written.  These easy to understand videos elucidate sometimes confusing concepts in an accessible way.

– Truth

A Crash Course in Miracles, Episode 28, Perception is a Mirror with Philip Urso, Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga instructor, owner, Salt Pond Yoga, Charlestown, RI.

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