The Incredible Healing Power of Wild Oregano Oil

HJ: Oil of Oregano ranks alongside Colloidal Silver as one of the most potent health and immune boosting substances on the planet.  It is incredibly potent, as anyone who has used it will tell you.  It is one of my go-to remedies if I feel even the slightest bit off and, without fail, it stops any ill feelings in their tracks.  It is recommended that you use Oil of Oregano somewhat sparingly and simply as needed.  It is not a tonic herb to be taken in large quantities day in and day out.  It is medicinal and should only be used acutely or for extended periods when attempting to heal a more deep-seated illness.  Make sure to look out for WILD oregano oil, as this is the form you want. carries an excellent selection of Oregano Oil: Wild Oregano Oil on

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By Alan Ramilia | Ben Greenfield Fitness

“Uncovering The Secrets of Oregano.”

The oregano I am going to address in this article isn’t that tasty traditional spice found in spaghetti sauce and pizza.


One of the most potent and powerful of the essential oils, oregano oil has a long and ancient history of medicinal uses, yet unfortunately fell out of favor with us moderns as a consequence of the 20th century proliferation of pharmaceutical companies which were the brainchild of Rockefeller, an oil baron of the early 1900s.

Rockefeller of the Standard Oil Company along with other monopoly barons such as the DuPonts, were visionaries who understood the concept of patents and were powerful enough to influence the governments of their day to legislate strict controls on natural products while protecting the interests of their patented synthetic products.

As a consequence of their efforts over the past century, these corporate giants have enjoyed mind boggling success and continue to wield their mighty influence over virtually the entire planet to the extent that even our history, science and medical books reveal their bias and are written to support their corporate agenda while offering nothing but disparagingly veiled comments or silence in regard to the benefits of nature’s medicinals.

With that in mind, we can hopefully now begin to understand why oil of oregano, one of nature’s wonders has remained to this day, a virtual secret to most people.

What Makes Oregano Oil So Special?

The primary ingredients of oregano oil are the phenols, Carvacrol (60-80%) and Thymol (5%) which provide the antiseptic and antioxidant components. They are also the terpenes, pinene and terinene which contribute to the antiseptic, antiviral, anti-inflammatory and anesthetic properties.

Two long chain alcohols, linalool and bonreol also beef up the antiseptic and antiviral qualities. Lastly, the esters, linalyl acetate and granyl acetate act as powerful antifungal agents.  It is the synergy of these components working together that allows for the healing powers of oregano oil to have their powerful effects on our bodies.


Pharmaceutical companies in ignoring the power of this natural synergy do what they do with all the natural medicinals, which is to extract the main ingredient and create a new product. Unfortunately their newly created and thus patentable products bear similarities to the naturally occurring medicinals but not enough to make them recognizable to our body systems, which often  will treat them as pathogens or unrecognizable foreign invaders, thus creating the typical multitude of detrimental side effects so common with pharmaceuticals.

Why Is Oregano Oil Considered Medicinal?

Oregano oil is considered medicinal because it has healing properties that are both aggressive and supportive in that this oil attacks pathogens within the body while at the same time feeding the body a multitude of necessary life promoting energized minerals and nutrients.  PubMed lists almost two hundred studies that have been done on the beneficial properties of oregano oil. Although all these studies have taken place in the laboratory and not on human subjects they reveal the efficacious nature of this oil in dealing with pathogens as well as containing numerous essential minerals.

Additionally, we have thousands of reports logged since antiquity extolling the virtuous healing powers of oregano oil.

Minerals And Vitamins Present In Oregano Oil And Their Benefits


Richer in calcium than cheese, dark green vegetables, salmon, sardines and milk.

Feeds bones, gums, teeth, heart, cells skin, nervous system.


Richer in magnesium than cashews, peanuts, molasses, whole grains, beet greens and spinach.

Feeds enzymes, arteries, soft tissues.


Richer in zinc than sardines, salmon, cheese, peanut butter and whole grains.

Feeds the prostrate, reproductive organs, immune system, skin, smell and taste


Listed as one top eight sources of iron.

Feeds hemoglobin, myoglobin, blood, immune system, growth and energy


Feeds bone, hemoglobin, blood, energy, healing, hair and skin color, taste, nerves, joints.


Richer in potassium than orange juice, bananas, apricots, dates and dark, leafy vegetables.

Feeds the nervous system, heart, cells


Equal to niacin content in beef, commercial rice and whole wheat.

Feeds circulatory system, skin, nervous system, metabolism, digestive system


Boron, manganese, vitamin C, Vitamin A (beta-carotene), Vitamin K, riboflavin, thiamine.

Positive Ionotrope

Strengthens the pumping action of the heart.

All Plants And Herbs Have Medicinal Properties

Since antiquity man has noted the potent medicinal benefits of all plants and herbs that grow on the earth.  Hippocrates, the famous ancient greek physician stated, “Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food”.

Sadly, modern man has been brainwashed to believe that without man made pharmaceuticals, our civilization cannot survive.  This absurd assumption is a bodacious fallacy when we consider that for thousands of years man has flourished on the earth without the intervention of synthetic or refined products.

We are surrounded by a world full of naturally occurring remedies, foods, herbs and medicines which are packed with the energy to heal us and oregano oil is just one of thousands that we have been blessed with.

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