7 Beliefs Keeping Your From Experiencing Your True Self

HJ:  The great irony is that we perceive many obstacles standing between us and realizing our true selves — and we think that these are outside of us and therefore search for answers externally.  The truth is that we are the only ones standing in our way.  The obstacle is our ego and it loves to feed us untruths and keep us locked into maladaptive behaviors such as the ones listed in the article below.  They are extremely common and therefore it is even harder to see through the illusions they create in ones life.  Most of humanity is currently living within the illusion their egos are creating for them with these false, limiting beliefs and so they do not even realize they are not experiencing their true selves.

You, however, are liberating your mind by reading these words and the accompanying article below.  It is ok to admit you may be harboring one or more of these sentiments toward yourself to varying degrees.  We all do and we are all at different points in the understanding and transcendence of them.  Fighting or denying these beliefs will only further entrench them into your psyche.  Simply accept that you harbor them and then consciously choose to let them go.  Detach yourself from your thoughts and watch as they arise throughout the day.  Notice when one of these ego dramas flares up and then release it, realizing that it is not an accurate reflection of your true self.  It is the ego reacting to incoming stimuli in conditioned ways — ways that can be changed through this process of observing, accepting and releasing.

– Truth

7 Attitudes You Need To Give Up To Experience Self-Love

By Amanda Christian | Amanda Christian

Self-love was something I thought I would obtain someday in the future when everything in my life was going the way I wanted it to. Soon I realized I was never going to experience self-love with that mentality because there was always something in the future to chase. It turns out love works the other way around. Life seems to work out when you have self-love first.
Below is a list of potential blocks you may have put up against self-love and how to remove them.
1. Un-forgiveness

Forgiveness is the key that opens the box containing everything you’ve ever wanted. Are you still beating yourself up for the things that happened when you were in first grade? If so, it’s time to forgive. How do you forgive, you may be asking? You release the judgments you made about yourself and the situation (see number 5 below). It really is that easy. We love to make things seem complicated so we don’t do them.
2. Fear

Fear can be sneaky at times because it takes many forms, such as jealousy, anxiety, anger, and impatience. How do you move through this? You choose love instead. Every moment of every day provides you with an opportunity to perceive a situation differently. You are always choosing between fear and love. That’s it. Set the intention to see yourself as loving and powerful, and the unloving fearful thoughts will fall away.
3. Comparisons

Stop comparing yourself to how you were five years, five days, or five minutes ago. Comparisons keep you in a fearful state of mind and out of the present moment. When you compare yourself, you are giving away your power because all your power is in this instant, not in the past or the future.
4. Negative Self-Talk
Every day I make a conscious effort to be aware of all the thoughts I let roll around in my head. When I first started doing this exercise, I immediately noticed the amount of negative self-talk I was allowing. I was shocked because I always considered myself to be a “positive” person. Once I noticed how much I beat myself up for every little thing, I decided I was going to replace every negative thought with an uplifting thought instead. Eventually, the positive thoughts became habit.
5. Judgments Towards Yourself
Unforgiving thoughts are judgments about yourself you are unwilling to question. For example, “I am a horrible unlovable person because I ate that piece of cake.” That is a judgment, and my guess is that it makes you feel like crap. It definitely doesn’t come from a place of love and therefore must be released.
6. Expectations

Do you put a lot of pressure on yourself, and set expectations for how things should go? This again, takes you right out of the present moment. What I learned over the years is that I will be fine no matter what happens because everything happens for me, not to me. I will always be exactly where I am supposed to be, so I will be at peace no matter what the outcome of the situation is.
7. The Belief You Are Just A Body 

The truth is, you are not a body — you just have one. Saying that you will love yourself more when you are skinnier (or experience any other body change) is just a way to block the infinite amount of love that is already present within you. Trust me, I spent many years of my life chasing skinny. What I learned for sure is that skinny does not, and never will, equal happy. Self-love comes from seeing yourself as you truly are. When you truly see yourself, the beauty that emanates from you is magnetizing. There will be no doubt in your mind that this has nothing to do with your physical body.
Now that you are aware of these possible blocks in your life, do you want to know how to remove all of them at once? Turns out it’s extremely simple; you just set the intention to live in the present moment. That means stop judging and attacking yourself based on your past fearful experiences. Forgiveness is the name of the game. You will then feel and experience something completely new in this moment. That feeling is deep self-love. Enjoy it.

About Amanda ChristianAmanda Christian is founder of the radical approach to happiness called Spiritual Sweat: A Workout For Your Soul. Ready to sweat some love? Amanda writes about self-love, out-of-the-box thinking, miracles, and what it means to be “spiritual”. Over on her site you will find a place to drench yourself in love, intention and strong thoughts. Result: a life beyond your wildest dreams.

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