HJ: Learning to transcend the ego is one of the most important steps on the path to self realization.  While the ego exists as a defense mechanism to protect us in our limited consciousness and serves a useful purpose to a certain degree, it can and does ultimately hold us back on the spiritual path if we do not eventually transcend it.  We must learn to operate from our true, divine nature if we are to gain the mastery we seek in this lifetime.  The voice of spirit is always available to guide and provide for us, but in many it is like a small whisper, whereas the ego is a deafening roar.  In cultivating stillness and working through our limiting beliefs and perceptions we can begin to cultivate a relationship with our higher selves and hence, begin to transcend the ego.  This involves the letting go of many belief structures and becoming quite ‘vulnerable’ in a certain sense.  However, the irony of the situation is that this ‘vulnerability’ is only an illusion, because it is in the state where one is cut off from their higher self that they are truly vulnerable.  The nature of the vulnerability of one who is in the process of transcending the ego is more of an uncertainty as they learn to trust that they will be supported when their faith is placed fully in the hands of the divine acting through their higher selves.

– Truth

Orin via Sanaya Roman | Orin and DaBen

Why Transcend Your Ego?

When your identity and consciousness are based in your ego rather than in your Divine Self, you have no true center to help you stay balanced and peaceful in an ever-changing world. You are like a small ship flung about on the waves of the ocean of life.

When your consciousness and identity are based in your Divine Self, you are no longer the small ship, but the ocean itself. You can stay centered in the light and love that you are, no matter what kind of energy you are around. You are no longer a separate self, alone, confused, hurt, or helpless. Instead, you are your Divine Self–a Self that is the essence of spiritual power, wisdom, vision, truth, Will and love.

As you transcend your ego, suffering is lessened. You let go of the battles and choose peace and harmony. You view the events in your life with understanding, acceptance, and love, both for yourself and others. You recognize that what seem like problems are really blessings and opportunities. Events and circumstances no longer upset you, or if they do, the upset lasts for shorter periods of time before you center yourself and continue on your peaceful path.

Fear and worry about the future lessen. The past loses its grip on you. You experience more gratitude for all that you have. You trust that you will always have everything you need in every moment, for you know that you are your Divine Self, and that you have access to all that It has, to all the abundance of the Universe.

More awaits you than you can even think to ask for. As you open to this Self your spiritual growth will be greatly accelerated. As you experience the illumination of your Divine Self and transcend your ego, you have access to all that the Self has to offer, which is freely and gladly given.


Transcending your ego is an important step to take on the path of spiritual awakening and enlightenment.

Your Divine Self is always reaching out to you, offering you Its gifts of consciousness that make it possible for you to experience abundance, peaceful emotions, fulfilling relationships, and thoughts that honor you and reflect a higher wisdom.

It is through consciously contacting and opening to your greater Self that the ego is transcended.

As you transcend your ego you begin to recognize that every thing in your life can be a blessing. You relate to your beliefs, thoughts, emotions, desires, and stories in new ways so that you experience less suffering. You realize you no longer need to experience hurt, fear, loss, helplessness, or anxiety. Your ego can no longer hold you back, sabotage your goals, or create lack and limitation.

I want to add that your life will not become perfect, having no issues to deal with, or feeling blissful all the time. Transcending your ego and becoming awakened is not about escaping your life, but instead about gaining the consciousness and understanding to embrace your life. Your spiritual growth will accelerate and the way you respond to the circumstances in your life will be different. You will be more able to stay centered and balanced, flow with the universe, understand why things are happening, and deal with them from a higher level.

As you increase your ability to embody and radiate the light of your Divine Self, you offer this expanded consciousness to everyone you know simply by your presence.

As you open to your Divine Self through this course, you are joining an inner group who will take this illumination out to the world in a much larger way.

You are helping to create an important shift for humanity. As you do, the energy that comes back makes it possible for you to more fully embrace and embody the consciousness of your Divine Self.

I invite you to take a leap into the higher consciousness of your Divine Self, transcend your ego, and awaken to who you are. Take a moment to get still and ask yourself if this is your next step. If it is, know that all that you need will be provided for you on your journey of Self-Realization. I, your own guides, and many beings of light will be present to support you as you take this next step.

The keys to Self-realization are in your hands. You have the ability to realize your fullest potential, to become a fully realized Self.

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