How to Develop and Strengthen Your Own Guidance


Wendy Joy | Bellesprit

What is Ascension?

Ascension is a process which everyone is going through right now. The intensification of Earth’s energies is forcing changes in everyone, spiritual seeker or not. The changes are raising humanity’s vibration. People are holding more light and, as a result, are capable of being more and doing more than ever before. Humankind is evolving.

It seems that making the right decisions for every aspect of our lives—our government, the environment, the economy, even our bodies—has never been more important. We are at a crucial time; events appear poised to push us down vastly opposed paths. Which are the highest and best? Making the right decisions is critical for our future. But how do we make the right decisions? There are often compelling arguments on both sides of an issue. Do we follow party lines? Do we follow our religious leaders? Do we follow what our family has always done?

It is time to follow ourselves. We need to go within and trust our own guidance. For those who feel like they don’t receive guidance, begin to focus on your physical body when decisions are needed or issues are presented. How does your body feel? Does it feel constricted? Is there a bad feeling in your gut, a tightness in your chest? Do you feel weak? That’s your body saying “no.” If you feel open, light or strong, that’s your body’s way of saying “yes.”

Your body is brilliant. It’s a master truth detector. You simply need some practice at stopping what you are doing and paying attention to the sensations in your body. They are always there, we just don’t always register them because we are too busy focusing on other things.


A helpful step in tuning in to guidance is to break from automatic ways of responding. Break from your beliefs. This doesn’t mean you discard them. Simply recognize when you are operating from an old belief or from society’s rules and begin to question whether each one is right for your life or not. You will find you will keep some beliefs and drop others. Question all aspects of your life.

How Guidance Presents

Know that guidance can come in many ways. The feelings that you experience in your body can grow into clairsentience. This is when you begin to feel other people’s emotions in your body, you feel the energy of the place you are in and the objects around you, and you may feel angelic energies and the energy of loved ones and others who have died.

Guidance can also come through clairaudience or hearing words, sounds, or messages. You may inwardly hear the creak of the closet door and realize that you are being alerted to where you left your keys. You may hear a voice that sounds like it is inside your head or it might sound like it is outside of you.

You may also be guided by seeing images, energies or entities. These visions again, may be inside your head or may be in the outer world. For instance, I often see images with my inner vision during past life regressions that I do, as I’m shown what happened in that person’s life. Yet I recall on a ghost-crossing visit I was on, I saw a vision in the field in front of me of worn-down Civil War soldiers resting. Many people are beginning to see folks who have passed appearing in their homes and work places. For those who have never seen these types of things before, it can be very disconcerting when it begins.

The final main way of receiving guidance is through a clear knowing, or claircognizance. You are experiencing claircognizance when you “just know” what to do, where to go or what the answer is. This form can often be the most frustrating because initially it can be hard to separate from your own thoughts or your mind-level knowing. Claircognizant guidance often comes very quickly, frequently before the question is even fully asked. It is easier to detect when the answer is not the one you would have thought. For instance, you take the time to ask your body what it wants and you “know” it wants salmon when you were on your way to the pantry for some peanuts.

Build Your Guidance

There are several things you can do to build your guidance:

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