Man Proves it is Possible to Live on Only Sunlight and Water

Doctors confirm Indian man Lives on Sunlight and Water


It has been widely reported that studies have confirmed a 62 year Indian man while being observed in a hospital 24 hours a day for 120 days maintained a normal level of activity by only consuming Water and Gazing at the Sun!

Doctors from his native India as well as Scientists from Penn State and Thomas Jeferson University in the USA have independently verified this phenomenon and named it the (HRM) effect after the mans name Hira Ratan Manek.

Manek a mechanical engineer who refers to the human brain as a ”super computer” and the eyes as a ”keyboard” says that “Solar energy absorbed through the eyes eliminates mental illness, physical illness, spiritual ignorance, and makes life happy and peaceful.”

He explains sungazing is best done barefoot on dirt and that the most important safeguard is “the sun should Only be viewed in the last hour of sunset or the first hour of sunrise.” It is at those times that the sun is emitting virtually no harmful ultra violet rays” (meaning UV index of 0-2)Manek reportedly hasn’t eaten solid food since 1995 but on occasion will drink buttermilk or have tea while entertaining guests.

It is interesting to note that in Wikipedia when you search sungazing Then go to the contents and click on Scientific studies on sungazing (pictured above)
In the last paragraph it states that the sources Hira Ratan Manek sighted as testing him suggested that scientific work has been carried out on sungazing, the results have not been widely publicized, and neither the medical nor scientific communities at large acknowledge their validity.

Why the mixed signals? If sungazing is benificial then accept and study it. If it is a hoax then say so. Society has made seemingly incredible advances in science and technology. It would be nice to have a similar advance in consciousness as well. The first step is to drop ego and open your mind.

Here is the online book on how to do sun gazing:


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