Cosmic Awareness: Manifesting Wealth Through Dismantling Unconscious Beliefs

August 2011

QUESTIONER: We have a question from ZoeyZen concerning unconscious beliefs.  She writes: “How exactly might one dismantle unconscious beliefs of assuming that having wealth and prosperity will automatically make one ruthless and lacking in compassion, and that having wealth and prosperity will make one turn away from the spiritual path?  This is not necessarily so. I do know that adding positive new beliefs of abundance upon deeper beliefs that poverty is more pure will not increase one’s abundance, for it seems the deeper beliefs that wealth is not for me, perhaps program-mings from childhood, will win out, unless the original beliefs are dismantled.  Your comments please on this observation?”  And with the additional question – is there perhaps a tried and true method to accomplish this?

COSMIC AWARENESS: There is a tried and true method to accomplish this and this Awareness has spoken of this many times before.  The beliefs held by an individual are housed, stored in that which is the low self, the subconscious.  These beliefs originate in two primary ways.  One is a conditioning process where beliefs are learned by the child, stored in the subconscious and held to be the basis of one’s reality for the rest of one’s life, unless and/or until one changes these beliefs, and reprograms one’s subconscious.  It is only by changing the beliefs and reprogramming the subconscious that those core beliefs that are detrimental and negative can first of all be deleted and dismissed, and second of all, new stronger positive beliefs installed.

These new beliefs would then go on to become the basis of the perception of reality and what will affect an individual in one’s life. Thus if one holds that having money is evil, that having money is corrupting, that having money is not that which is seen in the eyes of God as something that is pure and illuminating, then one will never draw money to themselves in any great abundance, for the belief that is playing is that to draw money to one will cause this corruption, this fall from grace.  Equally, there are other beliefs also stored at the same time  – good, strong working class beliefs for many, such as: only money earned through hard work is of value, has worth, is clean; only pursuing integrity is what makes money worthwhile.

But of course if one already holds a belief that money will corrupt, then even a man or woman of integrity will be corrupted and will no longer have integrity: “It is impossible to come to great amounts of money for it simply does not flow to me, I am not worthy of abundance, of financial abundance.”  This sense of worth and worthiness to have financial abundance, tied in with other negative core beliefs around wealth and prosperity, will most certainly restrict the achievement of great abundance in one’s life.

One also has the inner core belief through the conditioning that was received as a child  – that those without money, those who are paupers and do not pursue wealth or material possessions are somehow more spiritual, more pure, and closer to God for their poverty. This was a classic theme for many religions and still is a theme of many religions- the giving up of wealth and materialism, the denial of possessions, the vows of poverty-   all of this is still considered to make one more spiritually pure, while those who have wealth and power are automatically often considered to be evil, corrupt and unable to have a spiritual quality.

There are sayings in all cultures that deal with this, such as it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than a rich man to go to heaven.  These core beliefs are personal and societal and cultural and all of these beliefs are very much playing within the subconscious, the low self, and it is these core beliefs, concepts, and perceptions that must be changed and reprogrammed, and those that are negative need to be deleted and replaced with new beliefs.  To have money is simply an allowance of energy in one’s life, energy in abundance.

It could be said and understood that Spirit does  not  disallow wealth and prosperity. God does not condemn the rich man nor hold that it is impossible for him or her to come to that Divine state of consciousness.  This is a man-made precept, created on this planet as a way to control – for those who have excessive money often have power, and are often in control and in charge.  They are the holders of the strings that bind the political leaders and governments to them, corporations, services and institutes, and it is their goal to keep a belief system alive that preaches and teaches the worth in being spiritually pure and  economically restricted and that instills the cultural values that hard work and diligence, and keeping the nose to the grindstone, are values that will make for a better person than someone who has great wealth or someone who receives wealth through inheritance or privilege.

These beliefs are installed purposefully to maintain the social structure and order, where those who have power stay in power, for those under them believe having such wealth and such power is corruption itself, and good humans simply will not do this, draw such corruptions that may damn them and send them to hell for eternity.  These two are of course controlling beliefs, to keep humans from expanding in their consciousness and their awareness, from drawing in wealth and abundance, and of living with prosperity as their birthright.  It is indeed okay to be wealthy if this is what one wishes to manifest and create.

This Awareness reminds all that Spirit is abundance.  In the truth of the matter, Spirit will never deny one abundance, but it is in the minds of Man that the beliefs in limitations, especially financial, material limitation is engendered and maintained.  Spirit does not hold that it is evil to have wealth  – and indeed refusing the abundance of Spirit that is always available is an act against Spirit in the way that it is rejecting what Spirit offers, which is abundance.  It need not be simply financial abundance, it can be emotional abundance, it can be spiritual abundance, or it can be physical abundance, such as good health or happiness, and it can be financial, or material abundance.

There is no evil in this aside from the evil that is held in the mind, in the precept that having such abundance is evil, corrupting and wrong.  Spirit simply does not hold this is wrong, It simply allows each and every human being to create the reality that works for that individual, be it an abundance of prosperity that the individual experiences, or a drought or absence of prosperity and an abundance of poverty.  This is all within the mind of the individual and the subconsciously held beliefs of the individual.  Is this clear?

QUESTIONER: Yes it is, thank you.  She will be pleased with that response.

COSMIC AWARENESS:  This Awareness was not quite finished; It was asking if this matter that It was explaining was clear.  This Awareness mentioned at the beginning that there were two ways that the subconscious, or low self, can be imprinted with these concepts and beliefs.  The first is through the social conditioning process.  A secondary way is through the soul’s need to have certain experiences.  Thus, past life experience or other life experiences may be brought into the subconscious realm and stored there, for there may be deep lessons that the soul wishes to learn in a lifetime to counteract another experience, or to balance another life experience.

This could be understood partially as a karmic lesson whereby, for example, if in a life one had great wealth and prosperity and did succumb to the allure of that wealth, and did become an individual who no longer helped others, who was mean and stingy and selfish and controlling.  Upon the completion of such a life the soul aspect would return back into the fabric of the soul.  It would bring back this experience and the soul might then seek to have another experience, such as an experience where an individual aspect of the soul went back into physicality to have the experience where there was no abundance and wealth, to have a more genuine experience of poverty and to see if an individual could still be happy by not having power or wealth, or to see if an individual who is in poverty could overcome any limitations of mind through the beliefs brought through to overcome the experience and to find abundance in their lives, be it by becoming rich or learning that even without money, without finances, one can still live a quality life.

There are many variations, many expectations of what could be discovered by having a life without money.  Therefore, the subconscious comes imprinted with these default core beliefs that are already part of the consciousness of each and every human, for they delineate the life experiences that they are here to have.  This is then further compounded by the conditioning that the individual will receive in the life.  So therefore if it is for example, their design to have a life experience of poverty, they may be born into a poor family and then further conditioned to believe their poverty is somehow a purer state than those rich individuals who live in the better side of the town.  All of this will certainly reinforce the soul’s life purpose and life plan.  Is this clear?

QUESTIONER:  Yes, thank you.  Is there additional please?

COSMIC AWARENESS:  Indeed there is additional.  Finally, it also must be seen that all of this discussion is dealing with the concept of financial wealth and power, abundance in a financial sense.  There are many who live on this planet at this time who are living directly in connection with the planet.  Those who are called indigenous peoples often live not by how much money is in one’s bank account but rather simply off the wealth of the land itself, what Mother Earth may provide.  They do not necessarily live lives where their status is displayed in the show of wealth, about how many cars they have, how big a mansion they have, how big the diamond in the ring is.  These individuals simply live in harmony with the planet, for they know that their needs will be provided by Mother Earth.

These are people, for example, who have not bought in to the Orion brainwashing, for it was the Orions who established these beliefs, for it was to be the destiny of the planet to have this experience of financial separation, and of the creation of classes into those who have and those who do not have.  Those who have never bought into the Orion order of things may simply be having a much more connected life experience on the planet, while those who have been raised in cultures that come under the rule of the Orions and their reptilian cohorts may well still be struggling to create financial abundance.

Approaching is a time when the beliefs that are held by societies and by many cultures now, that working hard, having money, creating financial abundance is what matters – will no longer be the principles of belief that hold sway on the planet.  Many will revert more to a natural harmonic connection with Mother Earth, and will live with the knowing that She can indeed provide for all their needs.  But with Ascension, a new stream of consciousness will be added, where individuals will understand and learn that they can actually create their needs with their thoughts, their beliefs, and their desires.

They are in attunement with their higher spiritual natures and Spirit will show and teach how to manifest and transmute one’s life in a way that provides for one’s needs.  Gone will be the classification structure of those who have and those who do not have. It will be declassified.  There will not be such standards once all understand that immediately available, instantly available to one, are the requirements of life.  If one requires food, food can be manifested.  If one requires transport, a means or mode of transport can be manifested.  If one needs shelter, a shelter can be manifested, a house, a home.  It could be a hut, it could be a mansion, but one could manifest according to one’s needs. 21

When one realizes that one has this ability, when one realizes that it is not about working hard, saving hard, being privileged; that this right is available to all, then the need to have beyond one’s means will be eliminated.  If one knows that when one is hungry one can think of something to eat and it is available, it is there.  The means by which to attain it are made available.  Why would one need to worry about starvation if one knows that one can have whatever structure they wish to live in and it will be made available?  Why would one worry about whether or not they lived in a mansion or a hut, for one can simply create what is wanted and needed and desired?

This is a much different way of understanding how to create for oneself the means by which to supply their needs.  In this present reality it is all considered only available through a certain structure that emphasizes the use of money, an economic structure that emphasizes work or enslavement.  This will soon collapse and will soon shift and this Awareness says that the principles of belief that govern these matters will no longer be available or even necessary.  If one wished to create great wealth in their lives one could create roomfuls of gold and silver and jewels.  But if one simply wanted a club sandwich, one could create that too and not worry about how it is paid for.  It is a completely different way of thinking about this matter of wealth and abundance; it is the new way.

QUESTIONER:  This will be quite exciting, won’t it!

COSMIC AWARENESS:  This Awareness sees that it will be a liberating experience, an equalizing experience.  All humans will realize finally that they are one and the same, and that nothing is denied them.  They are not classified according to how much money they have, or how many cars they drive or any other material classification system, as now is the case.  It will be a bright new world.

QUESTIONER:  Indeed!  Is there additional please?

COSMIC AWARENESS:  This completes this rather lengthy discussion at this time.

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  1. Even if you find the idea that everything you want and need can be manifested out of thin air has anyone reading this every considered that as technology and the ablitity to create more better quality goods and services with significantly less effort in the process takes place humanity will see an over all increase in wealth as a result of that alone? I give my blood to the sick and injuried because my good health means I can afford to, and I’ve started a list of types of charities (I of course need to do some research before I decide which one’s I’ll give to) that once enough money has manifested I plan on making donations to. Understandably it discusts me to see people suggest that it’s wrong to be rich or powerful when I know that I live in the most generous nation on earth and we are so generous because we can afford to be so generous.

    And for anyone wonder I’ve seen proof that working hard can result in financial wealth but it does come at the price of a persons health. Learning to create more higher quality goods and serivices with less effort be through mental or technological means just means that everyone on earth can be that much better off. Even if money is always part of the system on earth if technology can one day progress to the place where everything nobody wants to do is done by technological means and everyone on earth only need do what they love to make a living and have more financial wealth than they know what to do then enslavement is still ended, and humanity isn’t controled anymore.

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