Mysterious ‘Portal’ Appears Over Arctic Mining Facility


Strange event reported this week about a possible portal or wormhole, appearing over an Arctic Facility. Phenomena was witnessed by multiple people, who seem unshaken by the event, as they claim this kind of thing happens all the time in that region. 

Some claim its a natural event, while others have stated they believe it to be a military weapon of some kind, possibly HAARP related. Phenomena lasted about an hour before disappearing. Hoax or real?

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  1. Saw some of the video’s ADG (UK) planted on YouTube and my discernment tells me there is something really off with these video’s. Not in the least the horrible music that is accompanying them.
    This is the first post on this blog that I think is off the mark.
    Read almost all posts every day and finding them inspirational and educating.

  2. i also find a lot of articles on this site inspirational, and very useful to humankind, but what is the need for posting all this alien reptilian ufo ship garbage nonsense?

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