Greece to Begin Selling Islands

HJ:  This is a sad day for the country of Greece.  Why do its politicians not stand up to the banksters/cabal as Iceland did?  Obviously, they have done quite well up there.  While Iceland is a great example, we need a bigger economy to now do the same thing to get the ball rolling.  – Truth

Susan | Aug. 23, 2012, 8:37 AM
THE PRIME MINISTER of Greece has made a surprise announcement to Le Monde newspaper: that his country is ready to put some of its uninhabited islands up for sale.According to the French publication today, PM Antonis Samaris makes the admission in a lengthy interview – a synopsis of it can be viewed on Le Monde’s website. In the introduction, the reporter Alain Salles notes that Greece hopes to accelerate the privatisation (of some State assets) and is ready to give up uninhabited islands (underlined in red):

It’s part of Samaras’s plan to try and pull Greece back from the brink of total meltdown as it tried to meet the terms of its bailout agreement.

German MPs told Greece to sell the islands two years ago – this is what they said then:

What is most interesting about this revelation – apart from the speculation about what wealthy individual might be the new owner of a private Mediterranean island or two – is the fact that this idea was mooted to Greece two years ago… by the Germans.

In 2010, two German members of parliament told the German newspaper Bild that “The Greek state must sell stakes in companies and also assets such as, for example, unpopulated islands.”

At the time, George Papandreou was prime minister and in the midst of talks with German Chancellor Angela Merkel about Greece’s dire economic situation. His deputy foreign minister Dimitris Droutsas told German TV station ARD TV at that time that they wouldn’t consider such a suggestion.

Read the rest of the article here: Business Insider

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