The White Hats Report #47: Watergate Revisited?

HJ: The White Hats definitely have fresh and insightful news and information about current events playing out on the world stage.  They apparently hold mountains of damning evidence against the powers that be in many countries.  It remains to be seen what ultimately happens with the release of all this information, but if nothing else, the fact that it is waking up a large swath of the population to the reality of what is going on behind the scenes, then that alone is significant. They have definitely been ruffling some feathers, and for that, I applaud their work… – Truth

By The White Hats

The White Hats

Watergate revisited?

The beginning of the end of the Obama Presidency has begun.  The only questions that remain are:

  • How will the charade play out before the American public and the rest of the world?
  • How many will the cabal sacrifice to keep their agenda alive?
  • Will an insider FINALLY come forward, turn Patriotic…and reveal all the secrets?
  • When will it all begin?

The most likely starting volley in this unfolding historic process could very well be the resignation of Vice President of the United States, Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr.

Whether he uses a fabricated medical condition, or if they make more out of the “slaves and chains” comment he fumbled through the other day, the political machine has to come up with a very convincing reason for his exit. The White Hats believe the brain tumor story, which has come to the forefront again, would be a very good reason for the comments he has been making.   Most of our counter parts in the international intel circles see the handwriting on the wall and say expect it this mid-week … and we are there … right now.

What does this mean in the big picture?

Obama is in serious trouble … on multiple fronts.

First, he has purposefully interfered with the Global Settlements, the Iraqi Dinar Revaluation and in turn the Global Financial Reset effort.  Through all of the stories of Obama’s rants, meltdowns and temper tantrums (see past WH articles for details), he has been rational enough to methodically interfere with the progress of the United States and the World with the Global Financial Reset.  In the end, he has completed the work of the New World Order boys very well, but even the NWO boys are concerned as the Cabal is very aware that one of the standing dominoes just turned sideways.  This could be the downfall of the cabal if they don’t grab control and formulate extreme measures to counteract the Obama situation.

Second, the elite crew in the White House has a bigger problem with the international community that has clearly had enough with the greed, corruption, financial terrorism and Nazi agenda.  This has been addressed with 80 some nations signing an official criminal complaint against Obama personally in The World Court … and personally against Biden, Reid, Pelosi and Michelle Obama.  More to come on the criminal charges, just know it has happened and it is slowly progressing through the process.  In short, the world is officially done with American Leadership, and as Americans can’t control their own house, the international community is taking matters into their own hands.  A rogue American President with a narcissistic agenda and controlled by the New World Order is the directed cause.  How can the world know this and our own American leadership not?  This leads us to the next item.

Third, the next significant problem is both the Republican Party and the Democratic Party is in serious trouble.  The boys and girls in the DNC know Obama will lose the election and he will not fight, with all of his personal problems, for his Political life.  Too many of the international interests have the evidence of his crimes! The Democratic leadership has no options as they bought into the Bush (NWO) plans hook, line and sinker and when Obama resigns … the DNC is standing in the cold at election time.

Fourth, Obama is positioning himself to leave the Presidency.  Again, this is nothing new … the exit strategy has been in place for years.  It was always part of the plan!  The question will be when does he leave and will it be due to force (i.e. damaging evidence like a birther issue or the fraudulent SS#) or based on his own volition.  We know the answer to this.

We know that Costa Rica has officially, unofficially rejected Obama’s very kind offer to live in exile in their Country … on that property he has an interest in.  We also know that Venezuela, after five minutes of very careful consideration, has rejected the same kind of offer.  In fact, it seems not one Country in the world has accepted Obama’s kind offer to live in exile in their Country.  Apparently, the word is out that Obama has mental meltdowns and is out of control.  So everyone, with an interest in seeing a better stronger America, is searching for a place that a billionaire man, a woman, two children and a dog can live in quiet exile for the rest of their lives. We know he can easily live on what he has pillaged from the America public and, he has filled his pockets at every turn, so he can easily afford the security required to live in luxury.  Unfortunately, regardless of the wealth of a person, most landlords know that dogs can ruin a house and yard … so dogs are not allowed.

The most likely scenario

In order for Obama to leave he had to cut a deal with the devil(s), this time in mass … the Bush cabal, the Democratic and Republican Party, Bill Clinton and his Chicago clan.  Power structure is a big thing in these types of negotiations.  In order for Obama to announce his departure, a plan had to be developed that pleased all of his controllers.  Why?  As John Wayne used to say … “That’s just the way it is, son”.  Anyway, as the succession game will not be palatable to any of the parties as they all lose control, they need to get the next President into position.  It had to be someone they could control and someone that would qualify to the general public as an incumbent. Someone that is the most electable, in the November general election, as the incumbency period will only be 60 to 75 days.  If you think we are kidding, just check out the memory span of the average American is where Biden comes in and continues to be a patsy. Biden, the consummate “place your foot in your mouth guy”, the “expendable one”, the “fall guy”, the “take one for the team guy”, has to leave in order to get the proper Democrat in position for the next phase of the operation.

So, Biden is the fall guy, the offering up of a stooge, patsy, and scapegoat in order to stem the bleeding. After all, this has been his sole use to the cabal from the beginning, a willing idiot who will sell his soul and friendship for a few greenbacks. The guy you sacrifice as a “condition” to calm the masses and hopefully, the international community as well. The cabal has already goosed its beholden media machine to paint them as the fool and stooge he really is. Did it really take them four years to figure this out when he’s been a complete buffoon his whole political career?

And what does he get?

Answer:  All of the funds that have slipped into his back pocket including the 200 million dollars ($200,000,000.00, see WHs Reports for further info)  Hillary slipped him to keep quiet about the funds Bush Sr. and Romney stole from Biden’s close friend, Edward Falcone.  The funds are a coup for Biden as it was a big financial hit for a guy in office for such a short amount of time and all he had to do was turn his back on his close friend, Falcone. Notwithstanding, you should see what he has taken from people who are not his friends.

Due to the timeframes of the election, Obama will be in need of the most electable running mate and he will need to get confirmation in the Senate and in Congress to sit that party in the Vice Presidency. Think 1974 … Watergate … Nixon … Agnew … Ford.  We have heard that Petraeus was on the short list, but we sincerely hope that Petraeus is far too smart for that game and we don’t believe he will subject himself to any of this.

The only person who would be the ultimate definitive choice is Hillary Clinton, our current Secretary of State.  Interesting how she has been out of the limelight lately.  In fact, the Public Relations campaign has attempted to show her as a fun-loving, down to earth, party gal when she is, in fact, a treacherous snake who cannot be trusted.

Hillary would be a definitive stooge for the position.  She is known by the American people as we all watched her defend her husband on television.  She has experience as a Senator of New York and she has carried out the Cabal’s agenda throughout the world as the current Secretary of the State since Obama took office four years ago.    The Cabal has the same position on her, after all, she is close friends with the Bushes and a co-conspirator to many of their criminal enterprises.

So Hilary is pushed into the Vice President position.  Then what?  The Cabal has 60 to 75 days to get Obama out but to what expense to the Democratic Party?  Tough position.  Do you take the hit now and risk that Hillary can beat Romney in 75 days or less or do you take a chance on Obama being able to pull it out, THEN have Obama resign after the election and allow Hilary to take over the Presidency?  Either way is a tough position for the Democrats and the Cabal and either way, Obama is going down in a ball of flames for everything he has perpetrated on the American people and the World.

WH Narrative:  Remember the Vatican Accounts?  It seems the money our elected leadership received in bribes to turn their heads has caught up to them. Our elected and appointed leaders have been compromised. They have no way out of their conundrum.  They know their only option is to sit tight, hold on to their seat and HOPE they don’t get thrown under the bus like Biden.  Remember, it’s a brotherhood up on Capitol Hill … nobody rats out anyone else.  If one is outed, the rest are quick to close ranks and keep it out of the public view, hoping it will not resurface. All of this of course is enhanced and accomplished by the paid off, controlled and compromised mainstream media.

When our elected leaders and appointees are forcibly ousted for their wrong doings, they hold out till someone in the political machine negotiates their “golden parachute”. This includes immunity and some minimal consequence with a blessing of a fortune on the other side to thank the culprit for “taking one for the team”.  Regardless of the maneuvers to get the vermin out, it all is presented as a “for the sake of the country” maneuver.  After all, it would be better for the Country and the World if we just sweep this under the rug, right?   Well, no!  The White Hats believe it would be better for the Country and the world to examine the vermin and what they have been up to for all to see.  Hold them accountable.  Let the American people and the people of the World see that we are accountable for our own.  Let the Country and the World see that we prosecute our treasonous perpetrators.

Unfortunately for the Republicans, they are in the same position.  The only hope for them is that Romney wins, wins big and saves them.  Remember we have continued to state that Romney is also Bush’s (NWO) boy.  He has the Herzog relationship mess to deal with, the theft of funds from Falcone and others, offshore banking revelations, hidden financial interests and numerous other items hidden in the closet and out of public view.  This will make him a target whether in office or not.  He will continue to be our target as he has been in so many of our reports but we can wait.  We want the Cabal to remember that Dewhurst’s demise in the Texas elections was savored at our table.  Money and ground efforts to take down an incompetent political player were exciting.  Let Dewhurst’s demise be a clear warning shot over your bow that we are here to stay and so are the millions of folks that read our information.  The word is out and so will you be.

For Bush Sr. and his clan, they want to control both sides of the ledger as this is the NWO in action.  Many years to plan out and they are down to a few, very intense months.   Why?  All of this is for the control and demise of the United States, control of the Military machine and the Secret Government.  Does this all sound like a mystery spy novel?  Are we sounding like a conspiratorial blog with ranting, raving, lunatics writing stories?  We might be inclined to admit there is more than a bit of lunacy involved but what do you expect from power hungry cabalists? We only reveal this sordid tale for the betterment of the Red, White & Blue and each and every precept that has made our United States of America, the example we should be.  We want the world to know that we do not accept the status quo in our Country, nor do we accept the games being played by professional politicians like the Bush crime family. The world intelligence communities know we are very accurate!  It is interesting when truth is stranger than fiction.  The world never thought Hitler had the plans he did until they found the rail roads leading to the camps.  You all have been told and warned … what are you going to do?  Are you going to let someone else handle it … like our government?  The FEMA camps are warm and inviting.

Another issue is that Obama has claimed he will institute martial law.  Will he institute martial law just prior to the election or will he institute like he uses the War Powers Act to issue Executive Orders thereby bypassing the Senate and Congress for his actions?  Only he and the Cabal know for sure.

Upcoming Elections in the US

This may surprise some of you but its time you realize your elected officials DO NOT care about you. They’re bloodsuckers…..parasites….the epitome of evil.  While the citizens suffer unemployment, foreclosures, their wealth stolen from them on a daily basis through unending taxation…your representatives operate by a different set of rules…a different set of laws.  If the Obama health care plan is so great, why doesn’t it apply to them? Yes, the one Chief Justice Roberts had to rewrite into a tax to justify allowing it to stand….forcing everyone to buy health insurance (and take the chip) or be penalized for not participating.  Is this America? Is this what the Founding Fathers had in mind when they wrote the Constitution?

It’s time we all realize that our elected officials are nothing but traitors to the Constitution…..treasonous individuals who care nothing about the people they’re elected to represent but instead, only about the size of their bank accounts, the luxurious lifestyle they maintain and the ego boost of being “in charge”.  They regard the people they represent as idiots….. slaves who cannot think for themselves or do for themselves. Like actors in a dark play, talking out of both sides of their mouths and putting on a “show” that passes for leadership.  They write and pass laws that don’t apply to them…..they write and pass laws that only benefit their campaign contributors….and all the while, their net worth balloons from a few thousand when they’re first elected to hundreds of millions before they finally leave and ride off into the sunset to enjoy their bounty. How does this happen? How can a group who are paid $175,000 a year amass a net worth of hundreds of millions while they’re supposed to be doing their job for us?  Can you say, “Lie, cheat, steal, pillage and plunder from their constituents?”

And you can bet your life they have their tickets.

Yet come November, you all will go to the polls and re-elect them, giving them the mandate to continue to destroy your life, your freedoms and your wealth at their own expense. It’s time to wake up and do something before this country that gave hope to the world becomes another footnote in history….another failed experiment where the people give up and remove themselves from the process and allow their elected “leaders” to control their lives. The only place they will lead us is to poverty, destruction and death. Look around; is this the America you want? Is this the life you dreamed of when you were in school, trying to decide what you want to be when you grow up? A destitute nation where we live paycheck to paycheck or on unemployment and collecting food stamps while paying taxes to a Government that is anything but transparent and does not have the best interest of its citizens at heart?

As the media leads us down the path to ruin, giving us the impression we only have two choices…Republican or Democrat….we continue to “buy in” to the fraud and willingly participate. There are alternatives!

The first alternative is to vote OUT the incumbent.  The approval polls show a 10% rate for Congress yet every election year, a great majority of incumbents are re-elected. Why we continue to re-elect representatives we clearly do not approve of is beyond comprehension.

The second alternative is to vote for ANYONE but a Democrat or Republican. Yes, some of you will complain and say you want your vote to count. Do you really think voting in an illegal incumbent President intent on destroying America is making your vote count????  Or voting for the alternative in the way of Romney will make any difference when BOTH are controlled by the same cabal?  Is this what you call “making your vote count”? No, it’s nothing but an illusion to make the people think they are participating in the process when they are actually WILLINGLY giving a mandate to the agenda.

The third alternative is to cast your vote for a write-in candidate.  Author Michael Lindsay has detailed how a write in candidate can run for the Presidency of the United States in his novel, A Throne Awaits (  He explains the process by which a write in candidate can run and compete for the presidency outside the controlled party agenda of Democrat and Republican. A write in candidate is NOT beholden to any contributors nor are they beholden to any party hacks or party platforms. They are beholden only to the citizens who cast their votes for them.  They answer only to the people…not the special interest groups, not the bankster cabal, not the foreign countries with too much influence in US politics and not the party affiliation which put them on the ballot in the first place. It’s not too late to register as a write in candidate. Do it for your local election….city, county or state. Do it for the federal election and send a message to DC that we can take back this country.

We’re all aware of the computer generated ballots and the numerous ways the results can be manipulated during this process. The way to get around this? Request an absentee ballot. This will serve as your “receipt”, evidencing who you voted for and circumventing the ability to “fix” the elections through the computer generated process.

It’s time to STOP treating these people like rock stars, movie idols and heroes and start treating them as what they are: criminals, traitors and treasonous poison to our Republic.  The same goes for the prostitute talking heads in the media. Being paid millions of dollars to tell us how to think and what to think and all the while we worship them as if they are special. They are nothing more than well paid shills who keep us in the dark, feed us BS and laugh all the way to the bank.

And let’s be clear, the elected “leaders” of our country and the world are merely the shills, the marionettes and the mercenaries of the puppet Masters who stay hidden in their closets and dungeons, plotting the takeover of the planet with their off-world cohorts. They are the ones handing out the tickets to their minions who carry out their evil and deadly agendas. Have you ever seen a Rothschild or a Rockefeller mentioned in the numerous lists of the wealthiest people in the world? No, only the names of their puppets and co-conspirators in the business world … Gates … Buffett … Walton … Soros … Bloomberg … Murdoch. Why are the bankers mysteriously left off all these lists? The Rothschilds and Rockefellers and Morgans?

They want to keep us divided; debating left and right, Obama or Romney, Republican or Democrat.  The distractions from the real issue are unending. This is our reason to make the call to unite the voices on the internet into one strong, united movement.  We need to come together and we need to do it NOW! For our country, for our planet, for our children and for ourselves.

The time for waiting and watching is over … but only by your voice and efforts will we achieve:

  • Safety in Numbers
  • Strength in Voice
  • Realization of Freedom
  • Unity of People


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