Benjamin Fulford: Pentagon Informs Netanyahu There Will Be No Greater Khazarian Empire

HJ: If Ben hadn’t been the former editor of Forbes Asia, I would probably not post his material.  However, due to the impeccability of his credentials, I know that some/most of what he is saying is based on truth and the guy obviously truly believes in what he is doing.  As one of the longest running insiders in the game, his posts are always interesting if nothing else. – Truth

By Benjamin Fulford

Benjamin Fulford

There was a time when the member countries of NATO could convince most of the world they were the “good guys” promoting democracy, human rights and economic development. Now, they are seen as gangster controlled rogue states trying to start World War 3 in order to set up a cabal controlled “New World Order” totalitarian government. Fortunately for us all, the pentagon and the governments of China, India, Russia, Brazil and most other countries have made it very clear this is not going to happen. That is why the horrifying mass murder being carried out in Syria by cabal mercenaries is not getting the intended results.

When Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel recently tried to stir the pot in the US, his activities, e-mails, phone calls etc. were all monitored after which an official from the pentagon warned Netanyahu “If you try to send off a cruise missile we will blow it out of the water and then come for you.” Oops. Then Egypt’s new government removed cabal proxies from the military and sent tanks to the Israeli border. Oops again.

Read the rest of the article here: Jhaines6

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