The White Hats Report #45 – July 12th, 2012

July 12, 2012 – WHITE HATS REPORT #45

By The White Hats

The White Hats Report

Nomenclature of Financial Thievery

“I don’t understand, where does all this come from? How do you get funding for something like this?”


“You don’t actually think they spend $20,000 on a hammer, $30,000 on a toilet seat, do you?”

-From the movie, Independence Day, an exchange between the President and a civilian when the President enters Area 51 for the first time after the alien invasion.

“Where does all (that money) come from?”  We are on a quest to uncover the trail of deceit, deception, corruption and thievery in the financial arena. Where does the money come from, where has it gone, and what is it being used for?  The answer to that question could be the biggest secret of our time.  But let us begin to connect the dots with some background on the methods used to steal from the people to finance the NWO.

Lord James started the ball rolling on February 16th in London’s House of Lords. We’re going to pick up the trail from there and bring it forward.  It cannot be said enough that Lord James took a historic and brave step in revealing to the world the corrupted underbelly of the financial system.  History, real history, will record Lord David James of Blackheath as a hero for humanity.  This fact cannot be emphasized enough. There is a time to step forward and be counted and Lord James came up all aces.  Who will join him?

The issue in the House of Lords relates to a split in which one side advocates a full and complete investigation into the matter while the other side has issued a “D” notice to the United Kingdom media. A “D” notice is essentially an order to NOT print information on a certain subject matter, in this case, the speech made by Lord James, the ensuing investigations, and the far-reaching ramifications, unless you want political hell to be brought down upon you. The nature of our information will rock political dynasties and banking empires, when revealed.  Censorship has now reached the UK as the effort continues to keep this information out of the mainstream media.  The media being primarily controlled by the Bush Cabal through the efforts of the Bilderbergs and Rupert Murdoch.  However, with so much attention on the crumbling world financial system, secrets are starting to emerge.  Can the cabal keep a lid on all of this?  Not if we, and our readers, have anything to say about it.

We are embarking on a journey that will not only explain what Lord James referred to in his speech, but will follow the money trail to its destination, exposing not only the objective of this theft and money laundering operation but its dire effects on the planet. Our destination is the murky world of black projects and 2012.

As Lord James stood bravely in the House of Lords and delivered his speech, he referred to certain documents that he possessed. These documents provide one example of the methods by which the ruling cabal finances its criminal enterprise, intending the total domination of planet Earth. These same documents have been submitted to the U.S. House and Senate in addition to all law enforcement agencies having the capability to arrest and prosecute these corrupt criminals. Yet, nothing has been done. Why? Perhaps because the same “controllers” own the same Senate, House, law enforcement and judiciary with the authority to stop and prosecute these crimes against humanity, and amazingly, not only in the United States, but in Europe, the United Kingdom and the rest of the G7 countries.  Yes, we have confirmed the leadership of the G7 are up to their eyeballs in all of this but we will save that revelation for a future report.

When you are bought and paid for, you serve your Masters, not the slaves who elect you to office.  Add to this the complicit and controlled mainstream news media and what results is a very well conceived, well run scam on the public and betrayal of our respective nations, rights and freedoms.

Trading Programs

We have referred to trading programs in prior reports without providing explicit information regarding these financial transactions. They are Medium Term Note (MTNs) transactions which are designed to raise funds for industrial, infrastructure and humanitarian projects around the world and which, like everything else in the financial sector, have been perverted and diverted to the greedy, unscrupulous aims and objectives of the cabal. When you are in charge of the financial system you have a license to steal. And the Federal Reserve has developed it into a Major League art form of chicanery.  These trading programs are conducted in secret, run by the Federal Reserve and done on a colossal scale in vast trillions through banks outside the United States.  What is required is an investor with a minimum of 100 million dollars to enter into a contract with the Federal Reserve. The money is leveraged up to 6 times or more, and is used as enhanced capital for the buying and selling of MTN’s (medium term notes) with profits split between the investor, the Federal Reserve and the project to be funded.  As Lord James said, the profits can be between 20 and 30% per day compounded. That equates to over 100% per week for those in the know! These funds route out via numerous Tax Havens with no taxes paid to benefit or aid society.

The FBI will tell you these are scams. So will the Justice Department, SEC, Dept. of the Treasury and whole host of other financial “watchdogs.”  They call them, “high yield investment programs”, “prime bank programs” and “roll programs” to recite just a few. And they will try to convince the general public that these transactions are nothing more than scammers perpetrating fraud on unsuspecting investors in the form of a Ponzi scheme.  Are they are just plain lying about these well known transactions to cover their fraud, or are they acting as damage control and gatekeepers in keeping the real story from the public. If so, they are heavily complicit in money laundering, conspiracy and fraud.  If you are an investor in these programs you sign a strict non-disclosure agreement with the Federal Reserve (aka banking system) in which you are then at risk of them stealing your funds if you disclose any of the information regarding the transaction. We can think of no better incentive to encourage the investors to keep their mouths shut and enjoy the enormous profits made.  After all, they would not risk a large sum of money only to squander it by going off the reservation and talking about their fortunes made.

But what if the “system” steals it anyway? Then the investor has little to lose by disclosing the crooked trade situation.  At that point the system put the investor into no mans land by declaring the disgruntled investor onto the black list.

Enter Yohannes Riyadi, the wealthy (on paper only) Indonesian businessman referred to by Lord James in his historic speech delivered on “White Thursday”.  Mr. Riyadi is one such innocent victim who was ruthlessly defrauded of vast billions of dollars and who now has no incentive to keep the truth from being exposed.

The documents and contract held in Lord James’ hand while he made his speech was, in fact, a REAL, 100% bang to rights, US Treasury and Federal Reserve trading program contract.  This contract (titled “Project Funding Agreement”) was entered into on March 10, 2003 between Yohannes Riyadi and the Federal Reserve Bank (FRB) of New York.  The contract was signed by Mr. Riyadi and Alan Greenspan (as Chairman) and Roger Ferguson (as Vice Chairman) of the FRB. Among the witnesses to attest to the contract were Timothy Geithner and Yusuke Horiguchi for the IMF with Paul O’Neill’s (then Secretary of the Treasury) signature utilized for acknowledgement.

The profit split was designated as 60% to Riyadi as the investor, 20% to the US Federal Reserve, and 20% to Bank of Indonesia.  Since then that fund has been mass compounded into vast Trillions.

Now you know why trading programs are such a well kept secret.

The Fraud

Yohannes Riyadi had a legally binding contractual promise to pay him $500M USD on signature of contract and 60% of all profits accrued. He was coerced into pledging his assets by a combined US Treasury and FRB New York team. It was a complete “Bait and Switch” operation. They used the credibility of the US Treasury to give him confidence.

He signed a contract with them undertaking to pay him $500M USD on acceptance of the contract.  It was switched to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.  He never received a dollar. They reneged on him and stole his $500M.  We have confirmation from the now Deputy President of Indonesia that it was all real and confirmation of Riyadi’s account being denied by the Fed.

Mr. Riyadi entered into his contract in good faith and with genuine intent. When he tried to use his US Federal Reserve Treasury Checks to fund genuine Hospital Projects, he was denied from day one. They lied to him and set him up with callous intent.   HSBC and other banks used his US Treasury Check Safe Keeping Receipts (SKRs) to underpin the issuance of Certificates of Deposits or Bank Guarantees that facilitate MORE MTN Trading Program platforms and profits, creating ever greater Ponzi money debts in a spiral of greed.

Unfortunately, Riyadi was coerced into a cross association with notorious con man Wilfredo Saurin, a US Federal Reserve Bank of New York protected Fraudster.  Saurin has wantonly racketeered the papers all over the planet in numerous up-front fee scams, protected by Homeland Security as evidenced in this colossal Pureheart-Fed operation.

This was how they underpinned the $15 Trillion of US Debt to issue the SWIFTS with inter Bank conspirators involved to fraudulently cover up imminent black holes in the US and EU banking systems, with their cross firing scams. This was all a cosmetic smokescreen to maintain the illusion of probity for a long since bankrupt economy and insolvent banks.

The $15 Trillion fraud was perpetrated by the Federal Reserve through the banking system with a private entity, Pureheart Investments, Ltd., the recipient (further credit) of the funds.  The 15 trillion dollar question is why would the Federal Reserve fraudulently transfer this vast sum of money to a private corporation? A private corporation registered in a foreign country.  And what is so important that the Federal Reserve would perpetrate fraud of this magnitude? What is this money used for?  To further perpetrate this fraud, they created false SWIFT statements for 750,000 metric tons of gold to underpin the asset backing for their bogus SWIFTS to create false money ($15T).  We are attaching correspondence from the Bank of Indonesia acknowledging the 700 metric tons of gold owned by Riyadi, NOT the 750,000 metric tons claimed by the Fed to support the fraudulent wire transfers to Pureheart Investments, Ltd.
Pureheart Form – Traditional MT 760 Form (DRAFT)

McCall Offer to Saurin Indo Gold SKMBT_C45112052411220

Now the Lords have the following questions to address, among others:

  • Lord Sassoon, having so clearly denounced the $15T; will you resign your position as the Treasury link once we show where it is?  This happened on your watch! Due to your attitude, we think you have your ticket.  What do you say?
  • Lord Stephen Green will you admit to a Lords committee that YOU were THE key banking conspirator who helped set it all up with Rossier and McCall while Chairman of HSBC. Will The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS), which makes only 3 Billion profit, explain to Parliament how they repaid 163 Billion to the Government with no Book records to explain it?  Flat out, count on the fact he got a ticket from the very beginning…Major player!!
  • Will RBS explain how much of the $15T they still control?
  • Will Jaime Dimon, Chairman of the Board of Directors at JP Morgan/Chase, admit to having at least half of the 15T ending up in his bank.   This is the same man that is a player in the silver futures market and tells the Brits that he is a good guy.  This scumbag is a ticket holder…in fact, he probably stole a few.
  • Will Lord Green explain if the Prime Minister at the time knew of  these events?  We know he knew…it’s strange how we found out, guess who weaseled his way in to get a ticket?
  • Will Lord Triesman explain why MI6 has failed to act?  Will Lord Triesman resign for his participation in the cover-up? Another ticket taker?  HMMM! OUCH?!?!?!?
  • As this money would save the EU, why is it not being investigated?
  • Will Rossier testify to Congress? Will Rossier come to the UK and face arrest for fraud?
  • Will Bush Sr., Bush Jr., and President Obama explain all the KGB and Russian trading links with Pureheart, a Homeland Security Entity? Why is General Rossier, a US Military General, trading with Russian KGB Generals?  Isn’t there a law against this – where is the US Senate and Congress when needed! OOPS, they have their tickets too!
  • Can Bush Jr. explain why he met Putin at the ranch in Texas and why he met Medvedev at Camp David?
  • Where are all of Pureheart’s funds now?
  • Under what name and from where is Pureheart trading now?


So now we have the answer to the President’s question in the movie, Independence Day, as to where the funding originates for SECRET PROJECTS like Area 51.  The answer: It is stolen from people like Riyadi, leveraged and traded through programs that are neither regulated nor transparent.  Once it goes behind the screens and off balance sheet, it is then multiplied a hundredfold and funneled to private entities to fund projects like Area 51, Dulce, chemtrails, reverse engineering of alien technology and a whole host of other projects out of public view.

“Do you have your ticket yet?”

Our history is replete with warnings regarding this fraud.  President Dwight Eisenhower said in his farewell speech to the nation, “In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist.” What has it all been used for?

Now we understand that he was not kidding.  He provided the warning shot across the bow … and nobody listened?

Prophetic words that now haunt our very existence.

To even the most casual observer, it’s apparent that something is terribly wrong.    The masses continue to lose jobs and income, while the ruling class continues to get rich and demand more of our freedoms and rights.  For what purpose and to what end?

To explain, let us use the “evolution” of automobiles. In the early 1900’s when cars were first created, the development of pistons, transmissions, camshafts, and carburetors were integral to their operation. In other words, they ran on gasoline. After 100 years, we have satellite radio and GPS systems and power everything and yet, we’ve still got to put gas in a vehicle that, by all measures, is an antique….a relic, something that should be a distant memory in our technology evolution.  And yet, we’re still beholden to the elite and to their energy industry, an industry that continually raises the cost of oil and gas to chip away at our dwindling disposable income. Our cars still use gasoline and yet our government is reverse-engineering actual space craft propulsion which operates on systems thousand of years more advanced than our gas guzzling autos. And so while we continue to pay for the research and development of advanced energy models and technology, that research is being used by the elite….the cabal…the NWO…to take control of our lives. It is all done in secrecy. It is all done with our MONEY. And it is all done to the detriment of humankind.

The question you need to ask yourself is…..WHOSE SIDE ARE THEY ON?

Truth Posse

The response to our call for assistance in the form of the “Truth Posse” has been overwhelming. Your comments and emails indicate a willingness to stand beside us in the fight for survival. Therefore, our call for action will include the following:

  1. Send our reports to friends, acquaintances, elected politicians and your local media. Documents were provided with reports #37 and #41.  More documents will be forthcoming. Send them far and wide.
  2. Encourage friends, family, acquaintances and anyone else you meet to come forward with information regarding: (1) the construction, maintenance and location of underground bases; (2) the reverse engineering of alien technology; (3) genetic experimentation; (4) HAARP and weather manipulation; (5) suppression and/or theft of free energy patents and ideas.
  3. Take pictures and videos of underground base locations and conduct interviews with participants. Then send them to us.
  4. Form community groups in your areas and assign Team Leaders to coordinate activities to utilize background, information and contacts of each member.  Spread the word and recruit as many like-minded citizens as possible. Implement items 1 thru 3 above and send us your data. We will include it in future reports with appropriate credit.

The more people we inform, the stronger we will become.

We have endeavored to follow the money no matter where the trail leads us. We realize that some of you will not want to believe, entertain, or even consider some of the concepts, facts and events that we will report on in the near future.  That is a personal choice that you can exercise in the form of free will. We, however, feel morally compelled to disclose what we know to be true, so that whatever the future holds, it cannot be said the White Hats knew but did not inform.  What you choose to do with the information is up to each of you.

The next series of reports will transition to Pureheart Investments, LTD. This is the Homeland Security front company and cabal money laundering operation that received the $15T that Lord James exposed back in February. We will take you through the process of formation and operations, including names, places, “deals”, alliances, objectives and achievements.  The money factor will be a theme constantly woven through our exposures as it is the necessary catalyst to make it all work.

“Do you have your ticket yet?”

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