The White Hats Report #43: House of Lords, it’s Time to Perform

July 1, 2012 – The White Hats Report #43

House of Lords, it’s time to perform

By The White Hats

The White Hats

On February 16, 2012, Lord James of Blackheath made history by being the first public official anywhere in the world to expose the criminal enterprise being run by and through the Federal Reserve.  Known as “White Thursday”, four months have passed since this historic event without any apparent effort by highly paid regulators, Agencies or Government officials to rigorously investigate.  For the Mother of Parliaments, this is inexcusably lax conduct. Leader of the House, Lord Strathclyde, when will you investigate, as history will show this happened on YOUR watch, making you solely responsible for the directed actions or lack thereof.  We gave the Lords a chance to show their exemplary leadership, and unfortunately due to the same politics that has overcome the United States, a block to the investigation has been put in place.  The one action you did provide was a poorly thought-out decision to cut off information to the media who desperately wanted to report the news and the assumed progress in good faith.  The leadership of the world and the British citizens who trusted you deem this unacceptable!   Only the most explicit answers to these very troubling questions are acceptable. And answers are not forthcoming.  Again, it’s on YOUR watch!

If an individual party ever attempted to produce counterfeit dollars they would be pursued all over the planet by the US Secret Service and MI-5 and they would be apprehended.  Yet, for this 15 Trillion dollar scam perpetrated by Homeland Security’s private entity called Pureheart, no action is apparent. No action apart from every level of obfuscation to prevent the truth from emerging.  The White Hats have been told flat out, that ours is a futile effort to attempt to regain control of the $15T. We are told to cease our effort, if we know what’s best. Here is our reaction to those threats: We know that the truth is always tough to get to, and we understand the pressure from your contemporaries on the dark side, but we will continue to be the voice that forces the issue.  Hear us now! It starts with you alone Lord Strathclyde.  Do not allow the liars and cheaters to continue to steal the funds.  If you are unpopular with your contemporaries, so be it. That is a distant problem compared to the day when the masses come knocking on your door asking you personally about your decisions.   If you refuse to force the investigation with all due diligence, integrity and vigor, then we will have to assume that you and your family… “have received your tickets.”  Shame on you if you leave the folks you represent, the ones you hold stature with, at the door step.  If you do not answer the door when the people’s bell rings, step down and get out of the way for someone who cares and who does not have their “ticket.”  The people deserve someone who will care and represent them with truth and fairness.  They deserve a leader!

All the White Hats have ever done is to investigate the truth, and try to apprehend those responsible for the deception of the masses.  We hold significant Pureheart records showing a history of Global freebooting and shady dealings.  Why is this huge scam being allowed to be buried at the expense of the people of the world?  The perpetrators and others involved deserve to be arraigned for even trying it, and sentenced for succeeding.  It attempted to compound Federal debt, and to compromise the integrity of the United States and British banking systems, the whole Western European Monetary System, and a cross involved Sovereign nation’s bank in Indonesia to issue bogus SWIFTS.

Now, Lord Strathclyde, not only do you have the $15T scam to deal with but now you have the LIBOR problem as well.   All in the largest financial center in the world and directly under your specific watch and control.  Will you sell out to your contemporaries?

This is a time when shameful Libor rigging conduct is revealed between Barclays and other colluding banks such as The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS), a bank in the middle of the $15T scam, up to its neck in Libor fraud, yet scalping the taxpayers’ money.  Bankers, yet again, are revealed to be no more than lying racketeering criminals conspiring to cheat and steal in the interests of their greedy, unearned bonuses. Lying, thieving villains whose words are worthless. Just bogus bonus men who will elude jail if you do not act.


Do not allow this to continue.  Make a point of telling the scammer banksters that this is not going to be allowed in your town under your watch.

The White Hats are about to embark on a journey of releases that will not only explain what Lord James was referring to in his speech, but will follow the money trail to its destination and expose not only the objective of this theft and money laundering operation but the debilitating affects it has had on the planet. We hope to shame our inept and colluding agencies for their failure to address and rectify it.  That destination involves the murky world of black projects and 2012. But first, some background to this complicated and sophisticated trail of deception and fraud; with cabal and political corruption leading to their planned Fourth Reich New World Order Nazi domination ideologies.

In fact, the US just put out information that up to five major banks are on the block for closure.  Also, Fed regulators are climbing through every orifice of JP Morgan Chase.  Sorry, Jamie, your nasty little secret is out of the box.  It’s just a matter of time that your silver futures problem is out and it’s time you tell the American people it’s not a $2B loss on trading. It’s not a $6B loss on trading.  It is more like $50 to $100 Billion or better.  Right Jamie?  Good stab at walking the problem down the public relations path, but it’s out and nobody believes you.  After all, it was you who stated that, “truth be known, the bank was upside down to the tune of 100:1.”  No wonder the regulators are inside looking around … just the preparations to cutting it up.

Let us raise an alarming question, with a parallel to the antics of the failed regulatory supervision with all the clear profiling warning signs.

The RBS was the alleged recipient of a series of bogus SWIFT transfers.  Such an elaborate scam needed sophisticated Fed and bank complicity. Did RBS receive the money evidenced by clear bank terminal receipts? For a bank which has just declared c3B of profits, how was it possible to pay 163B English Pounds of State loans back?  The numbers just don’t add up! That is unless you have a hidden multi- Trillion dollar platform of funds to play with beyond the sight of the Auditors or Regulators. As Madoff would say, these plonkers you can fool all of the time. What do you think? Is this not worth investigating with competent professionals to recover our nation’s funds? So either a huge fraud was attempted, or it succeeded. RBS is once again in the flashing red light district. All of that would make the Lords recognize the merits of a serious investigation. Right? Or would it? Where the hell did that 163B UK pounds to repay insolvency loans suddenly come from?  Part profits on the $15T hidden off balance sheet in a sheltered operation? They are also a thieving defrauding, Libor rigging bank!

Lord Sassoon reasons that if they did not see it, then it didn’t happen.  Any more than he sees the vast MTN billions traded each day and their huge untaxed profits disbursed without withholding taxes to all tax havens each day.  They also failed to spot the blatant Libor market rigging right under their nose and the FSA’s. What poor guardians of justice.   Who is fooling who here? That didn’t happen also, until they were caught at it. Who will be revealed as fools or criminals when it all comes out? These issues are far too serious not to be investigated by competent professionals. Madoff fooled them for years. The Fed has fooled them for decades. Are we employing fools to act as guardians of justice? Why was such a complex scam as the $15T planned? For what purpose?  Who was involved?  Has there been a systematic cover up and if so, how high does it reach? We know so much more. Each week we will expose new truth spotlighting the who’s-who list with some worrying exposures held in abeyance. The Libor rigging scam was publicized by a Barclays Whistle Blower 4 years ago. The FSS and Treasury knew and did nothing. Vast interest insurance sales were predicated on the back of it, all bogus. Akin now to the Banks Payment Protection Rackets, another black hole of Bank litigation is opening up. It has been four months since we reported the $15T scam. Again, they did nothing. Just as with the Libor scam, Sassoon saw nothing, because it was hidden in plain sight. What part of this vast fraud do you not understand needs to be investigated? Instead you choose to believe the word of a challenged SWIFT rigging, Libor rigging criminal bank like RBS? From Fred “the Shred” Goodwin down, what a shameful board. The Lords are supposed to be the defenders of liberty and integrity – the safety check against bad legislation and incompetence. The $15T is unfolding. Each week, we will name and shame with greater damning evidence until action is taken.

So, in conclusion Lord Strathclyde, will you take full credit for the mess or for the fix?
Your decision.

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