Powerful Ancient Breathing Exercise to Open the Third Eye and Activate the Pineal

By Solara An-Ra

Councils of Light
“Close your eyes wherever you may be on your blessed earth plane. Close your eyes and move silently through the invocations, using them inwardly now, inwardly calling White Light to yourself now and watching that Light stream through your physical and energy bodies, illuminating Gaia below you so that you may see and feel Gaia’s core crystal. Inwardly now, ground yourself through your heart and belly in to the great Core Crystal and as you ground yourself in this way, an umbilical cord moving from Svadhisthana down through Muladhara magnetically attaching to the great iron crystal of Gaia. You feel your physical selves resonating, humming, pulsing with her, your physical body heavy, deeply relaxed and pleasant. Feel your self inwardly connected now with Sushumna, with the central channel that runs through all chakras.

Inwardly now, make an invocation to activate your prana tube from your heart centre, pushing your internal energy breathing tube up to connect with the heart of the great central sun, pushing your energy tube down to connect with the core crystal of Gaia.

Inwardly now, invoke and command a concentration and expansion of your energy body. Concentrate your Light so that you are switched on like a light bulb.

Expand your aura out to a distance that is comfortable to you now.

Call your energy back now, saying internally ‘let all energy that I have given away or left behind return to me now – let all energy that I have given away or left behind return to me now’.

And here you are blessed earth people switched on, expanded, completely whole within your energy field, grounded in to Gaia, connected with all that is above and all that is below. And is this not powerful? Does this not being you fully in to your power? Being able to ground, centre and connect to yourself in this way, in so few minutes. Your wish is your command. This has always been so and will always be so. Your wish is your command. You are sovereign beings. You are in charge of your own energy. Speak never again of your energy being drained by any person, place or situation. For this is a reflection of disempowerment. No person, place or situation is able to drain you of your energy unless you allow it. Know from this moment forward that you are always in charge of your own energy.

The basic energy techniques as given – calling Light to yourself, grounding yourself in to the Core Crystal, activating your Prana tube, concentrating and expanding your energy field, reclaiming your energy – these are the primary energy techniques that we have passed on to you in these energy lessons. You do not need to the energy lessons repeatedly once you have mastered these techniques. Indeed, the purpose of these lessons has been to teach you these, to allow you to experience the effect of these separate techniques so that you are able to use them as and when they are necessary.

Sometimes, it will be necessary to ground yourselves over and over again within one 24 hour period. Sometimes you are in a state of perfect groundedness and it is one or more of the other techniques which are needed. If you are feeling insecure, if you are feeling drained, if you are feeling disempowered, if you are feeling angry, if you are experiencing a power control between yourself and one other, then you need to call your energy back. ‘Let all energy that I have given away or left behind return to me now.’ And watch and feel the effect of this command, of this reclaiming of your energy. Watch and experience the effect within your physical and energy body as you call Light to yourself, as you concentrate and expand your energy body, as you activate your Prana tube. The effects must be experienced or you are missing the point. You must feel what these do within your physical and energy body or you are missing the point. Once you know how it feels to grounded, then you will know what it feels to be ungrounded. Once you know how it feels to be fully in your power, then you will know how it feels to be disempowered.

We teach now the final stage of Nadi Shodhana, the most magic of all Pranayama techniques in this age of Light. For what other technique will raise your energy and clear your mind while simultaneously relaxing, grounding and centering you. What other technique will cause the Fire of Kundalini to rise through Sushumna awakening Ajna. What other technique so successfully unites right and left brain bringing a perfect balance between Shakti and Shiva, goddess and god, your divine feminine and masculine principle.

We have taught the ‘root lock’ as you call it, this pulling up on the pelvic floor as you breathe in and holding of this as you hold the energy in Ajna. And we have taught the lifting of the head at the top of the in-breath in order to allow the energy to rise more easily through Vishuddha in to Ajna.

And we explain now, that the ‘chin lock’ is completed by the tucking in of the chin like a Balinese dancer and that this tucking in of the chin and a slight pulling back on the head, compresses the throat cavity in such a way that the energy shoots more powerfully up in to Ajna. And so at the top of the in-breath as your head is raised and as the air reaches its completion in the inhalation, you tuck your chin in naturally as you hold your breath. And this tucking in of your chin accelerates the energy flow through your throat and in to your third eye.

The final step comes naturally if you are succeeding in using the complete breath with every in-breath of Nadi Shodhana. In the complete breath we have explained, that your abdomen will fill first and as the rise of energy and air reaches your rib cage, your rib cage will expand in such a way that the solar plexus tightens somewhat.

Practice this now with a complete breath through both nostrils.

Use the Ujai breath. Breathing in your belly, in to your lungs, and finally in to your throat. And with your rib cage expanded now, feel your solar plexus now and you will notice that it is tight and not soft. And this is sufficient for the diaphragm lock. This is sufficient to activate the lock in this soft place which assists in pumping the energy up in to your third eye.

So as you breathe in with every in-breath, you will activate the lock at the root, the lock at the diaphragm, and finally the lock at the chin. And this energy practice will make your Nadi Shodhana so powerful and so enjoyable that you will not wish to do it again without these aids.

One complete breath…breathing in. And out. Prepare your right hand how with a mudra.

Breathing in. Close your right nostril. And we begin…

Aum Namaha Shiva – Out right. Aum Namaha Shiva – Aum Namaha Shiva – Out left.

Shiva Aum Namaha.

Round 2: Aum Namaha Shiva – Root lock on. Diaphragm. Hold your chin lockRelease all locks. Out right. Aum Namaha Shiva – Aum Namaha Shiva – Hold the locks. Hold the locks. Hold the locks. Out left.Shiva Aum Namaha.

Round 3: Aum Namaha Shiva –Aum Namaha Shiva – Watch Solara An-Ra’s fingers if you are lost. Aum Namaha Shiva –Shiva Aum Namaha.

Aum Namaha Shiva – Aum Namaha Shiva – Aum Namaha Shiva –Shiva Aum Namaha 

Aum Namaha Shiva – Aum Namaha Shiva – Aum Namaha Shiva –Shiva Aum Namaha. 

Aum Namaha Shiva – Aum Namaha Shiva – Aum Namaha Shiva –Shiva Aum Namaha.

 Last round: Aum Namaha Shiva – Aum Namaha Shiva – Aum Namaha Shiva –Shiva Aum Namaha.

 Hold your awareness in Ajna…in the secret, sacred cave of Brahma, mysterious space in the centre of the brain…pineal gland bathed in golden white liquid light. The pineal activated through this Kundalini energy rising through Sushumna now. Watch the Kundalini rising, stimulated by the locks or bandhas, magical physical locks or pumps which concentrate the energy rising through Sushumna.

Electro magnetic currents stimulated now in the ventricles of your brain and what you experience is White Light. White Light in the centre of your brain.

Some of you experience blue-white flashing, lightning between the lateral ventricles of your brain and this flashing is the marriage, the divine union of Shakti/Shiva within your brain. Draw your physical eyes inwards, up and back, in to the cave of Brahma…mysterious indigo blue cave, the violet flame of St. Germaine, a light within the cave.

From the Violet Flame send a cord now down through your throat chakra, through Vishuddha and in to the One Heart in your chest. The One Heart is a spinning turquoise brilliance within your chest, ignited and surrounded now by the violet flame from Ajna.

 Say out loud I AM THAT I AM… I AM THAT I AM… I AM THAT I AM.’

This is your connection with Higher Self. Your ‘Am That I Am’ statement is your resonance, your acceptance, your invitation to your Higher Self to be one with you, personality and Higher Self infusing each other joyfully. You need not let go of your personality self to be enlightened dear ones. For the time of ascension is the time in which your Christed Self descends fully in to your physical and personality being so that you are able to joyfully express yourself in your full power. Joyful, powerful, helpful beings, perfect in every way, exactly as you are right now.

Say out loud ‘I am perfect exactly as I am right now.’

Each one of you is perfection, beauty, power, health, light, crystalline, angelic.

Say out loud ‘Crystalline Angelic Being of Light Am I’.

Open your eyes now dear ones. Use the one heart mudra and say our loud ‘Crystalline Angelic Being of Light Am I’.

You will say this now every day in your looking glasses. You will look in to the mirror, look in to your own eyes and acknowledge ‘Crystalline Angelic Being of Light Am I’.

And so it is that the new age of Light dawns on your planet of beauty.


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  1. How can I contact you for one on one activation of shaktipat, iv been practicing meditation since June its been a wonderful Li erating experience, recently iv noticed my 3rd eye about to open I see written inscriptions. But not yet able to read clearly these inscriptions, I see different lights very bright lights, I was told shaktipat …. Tranfer of enrgy from one who is developed will help
    Pls reply.

    Adaure joy Reonez

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