Scott Mowry: Historic Global Economic Transformations Moving Rapidly Forward

Major debt relief measures begin as prelude to mass arrest scenario while energy waves intensify from galactic center.

By Scott Mowry, Miracles and Inspirations, News – May 2, 2012

The transformation to a revolutionary new economic system for the world’s people has progressed into all-out, full force mode. Moving like a rumbling freight train down the tracks, it has become an unstoppable force and is finally on the verge of full implementation for the benefit of all mankind.

Signs of major historic changes are emerging nearly every day, around every corner, from all points across the globe.

Freeing the world from economic slavery is, at this time, perhaps the single most important objective to be implemented in order for humanity to move headlong into the long-awaited Golden Age. It will be the first of many stages that will totally emancipate humanity forever and allow for a completely peaceful transition onto the new Earth.

In the modern era, money has been one of the main instruments of control over humanity and from its very inception, it has been used to benefit the money changers at the expense of the people. That paradigm is rapidly shutting down, as a new higher one emerges.

Plan For Mass Arrests Takes Shape

The battle over control of the world’s economy is at its most intense it has ever been. From secret back door negotiations to desperate, frantic searches for hidden assets in far flung regions of the globe to all-out pitched gun battles in back alleys –– you name it, it is happening somewhere on the planet.

FEMA camps await the conspirators

Meanwhile, international banksters continue to fall like rows of dominos, one after another, resigning from their golden perches headed for a life of uncertainty, or perhaps to one complete with an orange jumpsuit. The banker’s endless nefarious money laundering schemes are now running up dry at every turn. In essence, it has all come down to a scenario in which the banksters can no longer get away with the same old dirty tricks that used to work so beautifully before.

In his ongoing investigation of the occult economy, David Wilcock has reported that liens have been filed against all twelve Federal Reserve banks –– Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Cleveland, Richmond, Atlanta, Chicago, St. Louis, Minneapolis, Kansas City, Dallas and San Francisco.

The Federal Reserve, which is nothing more than a privately-owned central banking system, has brought the world economy to the brink of ruin. Thankfully, all its member banks are being targeted for a total take down, never to be seen again.

Further, David Wilcock reports on the impending mass arrests about to sweep up nearly all of the co-conspirators in the both the private and public sectors. These arrests will include many high profile players in government, military, corporate, financial, legal and media fields. It will begin with a near thorough, 24-hour long house cleaning, followed by a second less extensive mop-up wave.

Whistleblower and proclaimed spokesman for the Pentagon, Drake, has recently stated that the full plan has now been established in which these mass arrests will be carried out by or before the beginning of the month of June.

The exact time and date has not been determined due to tactical concerns, but a 24-hour advance notice will be issued and will go viral all over the internet so that we the people will be somewhat prepared for this unparalleled, historic event.

Many may be concerned that a scenario which involves the Pentagon implies Martial Law or some sort of military coup. Both Drake and David Wilcock have stressed this is not to be the case. Rather, the military will be acting as backup for local law enforcement and Federal Marshals who will be actually carrying out these vast amount of arrests.

Washington, DC criminals beware –– justice is about to served.

In addition, local and state militias have been put on high alert to add yet additional backup to protect vital public utilities such as power stations, cell towers, phone companies, etc.

As we had speculated, negotiations for the surrender of the power elite of the world have not yielded the expected results, thus, it seems the only measures left they will finally and unilaterally understand is that of force. And indeed, that chain events is finally been set in motion.

Once the arrests are accomplished, Drake has revealed that over 40 hours of education video material will be broadcast 24 hours per day on a special television channel. These educational videos will explain the actions implemented, the future road map for the US and world based upon the principles of freedom as well as a more accurate history of mankind.

It should be noted that the proposed timeline of events outlined above is an ever-fluid situation, likely to go through numerous revisions before it is seen in the public arena. Therefore, it is vital to maintain an air of cautious optimism regarding the anticipation of when they will begin.

Drake has been tasked by white hat elements within the US Pentagon to spread this news far and wide, and he has appeared on several radio programs over the last two weeks, many of which can be found below:

(Listen to Drake’s interview with Wolf Spirit Radio – April 22, 2012)

(Listen to Drake’s Interview with James Madison’s Community Call – April 24, 2012)

(Listen to Drake’s interview with Off Planet Radio – April 26 2012)

(Listen to Drake’s interview with Wolf Spirit Radio – April 29, 2012)

On another note, May 5, 2012 (also celebrated as “Cinco de Mayo”) has been recently designated as World Liberation Day. It will be a day to “visualize the liberation of our planet from the tyranny of the central bankers so that for the first time in our history we will have the chance to create our own destiny as free citizens of the Earth.”

On a Wolf Spirit Radio broadcast on Sunday, April 29, 2012, Drake commented on World Liberation Day: “That is supposed to be a combination of both celebration and activity,” said Drake, “I’d say everybody ought to go out and celebrate their freedom because it’s coming quicker than you think!” (Listen to Drake in his own words.)

In anticipation of these historic developments about to unfold, the Occupy Wall Street movement has begun their all out Spring resurgent campaign which began on April 30 and capitalized on May Day celebrations across the planet.

As we had expected, with the arrival of warmer weather, the Occupy Movement is poised to take on an ever increasing role upon the world stage and will have massive influence upon common people everywhere. Indeed, the titanic shift of power to the people is about to reach the tipping point. Are you ready for it?

Iceland Sets New Global Standard

Meanwhile, various reports streaming in from alternative news sources are suggesting the the tiny country of Iceland, saddled with mountainous fraudulent debt by corrupt international banking institutions, has made a series of very bold decisions for its people.

Iceland says, “just say no” to the international bankers

As countries like Greece, Spain, Ireland and other European Union entities continue to grapple with their own spiralling debt their citizens will never be able to pay back, Iceland has gone ahead with radical and revolutionary alternative measures.

The Icelandic government, responding to a mandate from its people, has informed the international bankers that portions of its so-called debt is considered to be illegal and therefore no further payments will be made. Iceland’s response to the financial crisis which began in 2008 and beyond has been to put bankers and former heads of state on trial, while forgiving 13 percent of the country’s debts.

Former Iceland Prime Minister Geir Haarde, put on trial in early March, was convicted of negligence over his handling of the financial crisis on April 23rd. He is considered to be the world’s first politician to face criminal charges over the crisis, and could have served up to two years in prison, but was given leniency.

Secondly, recent reports have suggested the government has wiped the slate clean of all mortgage debt incurred by its citizens.

With Iceland’s brave and epoch-making course of action, it could ultimately serve as a model for many other countries to adopt as the people of Earth finally say to their controllers –– enough is enough. In other words, the jig is up, the ponzi schemes are over and the will of the people shall be obeyed.

In yet other parts of the world, countries are beginning to enact debt amnesty programs of their own as in the case of Japan’s recent forgiveness of $3.7 billion of Myanmar’s debt. Expect this kind of action to inspire a mass wave of similar policies adopted by other countries in the very near future.

Meanwhile, more and more countries continue to jump on the bandwagon instituted by China and Russia that finds much of the world making a quantum shift away from the US dollar in a concerted effort to isolate the Federal Reserve factions for elimination. Make no mistake about it, the China/Russia alliance is extremely important to the future of the world and is definitely not one to be feared, despite what mainstream news will try to tell you.

The Abolition Of Money

As the Golden Age evolves to fully establish itself upon the Earth over the next several years, money as a means of survival will eventually fade away. As people all over the world finally innately realize we are all connected as one, regardless of race, religion, nationality or gender, there will be an unprecedented environment of cooperation and brotherhood amongst all.

People from every walk of life will enthusiastically desire to contribute to a system that benefits more than just the few, but the many. There will no longer be a wide gap between the super rich and the hopelessly poor. In point of fact, there will be no more losers in this new economic system, only winners!

The end of the Federal Reserve note is nigh.

We will move righteously towards a framework based upon barter, support and service. All of the basic necessities of life –– food, clothing, housing, energy, transportation and medical care –– will be provided free of charge. In return, people will be asked to contribute their service to the community, whether it be as a street cleaner or a doctor, and everything in between.

The more service that is given, the more rewards will be available. Neighbors will pitch in to help one another as a principle of service will be promoted by the government, community and national leaders, and the media. For other secondary needs, a sophisticated barter system will be established, while the debt-credit system will be totally abolished.

This is not to suggest that some sort of Socialistic doctrine will be foisted upon the people of the Earth, but rather, there will be a recognition that there is no longer a need to horde any amount of money, assets, resources, property, land, etc, for there is plenty for all. This old paradigm is one we will quickly outlive as the Golden Age unfurls, step by step, day by day.

Ultimately, we shall all recognize the Universe is abundant and there is not a shortage of anything and never was. Peak oil, limited resources, deficits, debts, shortfalls, scarcities and belt tightening were merely an elaborate pile of illusions which never had any real, tangible meaning –– except to the ones who created them to begin with.

Imagine a day when you and your family will no longer have to struggle to make ends meet, to pay the bills or to put food on the table. Those kinds of survival lifestyles are coming to a close.

It all may sound like some pie-in-the-sky dream but that is precisely what is being planned for the future of humanity. Once the people are introduced to a new economic system, given mass debt relief and finally told the truth of who and what they really are, there will be an overwhelming desire to contribute their labor, time and energy for the good of all. Suddenly, the atmosphere will be thick with enthusiasm and volunteerism like you have never witnessed before.

People everywhere will have a passion to set the planet right and contribute to their community and their country in order to make their own little world a better place for one and all. You will be astonished and awed at how quickly divergent people all over the world will respond to the challenge. It will become very, very exciting, day after day, year after year, to see this spirit of cooperation unfold.

Initially, the biggest movement of manpower and resources will be towards energy. Those in the oil, gas, coal and nuclear industries will be transitioned towards green technologies such as solar, wind, Tesla and other yet-to-be-revealed advanced energy systems.

Health care will also see vast numbers of jobs and resources transformed to long suppressed medical marvels such as miracle cures for all known diseases including cancer, leukemia, autism, Alzheimer’s, AIDS, the common cold and believe it or not –– old age. Yes, even growing old will become a thing of the past.

The transportation industry will also be radically transformed from antiquated gasoline hogs to super sleek vehicles that run on water or just compressed air. Eventually, flying cars will become the norm. Anybody remember the Jetsons?

National borders will ultimately completely disappear and people will be able to freely travel anywhere in the world as whole new transportation technologies come forth to make long distance journeys nearly effortless.

Other astounding technologies will emerge to make life so remarkably easy and simplified that people, young and old, will be able to concentrate on their own individual passions, health, spiritual evolvement and pursuit of happiness.

Yes, we are talking about a Utopian world, and it is just around the corner.

Energy Waves Increasing

Meanwhile, back to the present, the intense energy waves emanating from the galactic center of the Universe continue to bombard the Earth each and every week. They are dramatically pushing human evolution exponentially forward so that every one of us is fully prepared to inhabit the new Earth.

In fact, in a recent interview with Project Camelot’s Kerry Cassidy on Revolution Radio on April 6, 2012, physicist David Sereda claims to be able to measure these super energy waves hitting the Earth with instruments on his Sedona, Arizona property.

He believes even the world controllers are well aware of the potency of these energy waves in their ability to upgrade human DNA, and thus human evolution. He further claims the elite are frantically trying to block these energy waves by spraying aluminum dust within the chemtrails, all in a vain attempt to create a sort of ultra-antenna array to deflect them.

The galactic center, often thought by scientists to be a big black whole, sucking anything and everything around it into an enormous super vacuum, has lately been determined to be precisely the opposite.

In fact, the galactic center is now rapidly expanding and creating whole new matter in an all-out accelerated expansion of the universe. As new matter forms everywhere that means new universes (or multi-verses), new solar systems and new planets –– proof positive of the birth of the new Earth for the human race.

“What the quantum model tells us is that the transformation is sudden and massive… In a twinkling of an eye there will be a new Earth, the new Earth that Eckhart Tolle has been talking about, and of course the Bible talks about. And there will be a new Heaven because we will enter a new dimension of the galaxy,” David Sereda stated in an earlier interview with George Noory on Coast to Coast AM in 2009 regarding the year 2012 and energy shifts.

According to many, the galactic center, also known as “the Source,” is the area of the universe in which God, the Creator or the Divine Father resides. It has been speculated that a gigantic ball of light sits in this galactic center pouring forth endless waves of love, profoundly touching all souls in their path.

The mandate has been given by God to upgrade the human race, and indeed the entire universe. It is fully operational right now as humans across the planet are feeling the acute effects of these energy waves. Are you feeling them? Admittedly, the effects felt are not necessarily always the most pleasant, and in fact, may be rather uncomfortable at times as the human evolutionary process speeds up dramatically.

Yet realize these waves of energy are intended as the ultimate act of love sent directly from the Divine to save the Earth and the human race from total destruction, all the while upgrading consciousness which will ultimately allow us to live in a state of total freedom and enlightenment.

More Than You Can Possibly Imagine

If it were just the introduction of a new economic system, that might be enough to get very, very excited about. But there is so much more!

If we were to add universal peace on top, then maybe that might provoke spontaneous celebrations in the streets. Oh, but there are much bigger plans in motion.

If we have a new economic system, universal peace and add on brotherhood for all mankind then maybe –– just maybe –– you might feel very satisfied about the future. But there is even much, much more in store for us.

Everything in your life, and I do mean everything, is going through a major unprecedented upgrade. Life itself is about to amplified ten-fold –– make that a hundred-fold.

What we are talking about is living life beyond your wildest expectations, even beyond your ability to comprehend your most elaborate fantasies.

This new world emerging right now, bit by bit, will be one of total peace, harmony, abundance, security, brotherhood and love –– in short, the Heaven on Earth nearly all of us have longed for.

Do not get caught up in any of the doom and gloom scenarios. They are all off the table now. They have become outmoded. We are staring face-to-face at a future that is so great, so extraordinarily grand, words cannot adequately describe it. In fact, it is beyond words.

After 16.4 billion years of evolution, nine levels of consciousness, 26,000 years around the galactic center and God only knows what else –– it is all done. We are done! Do you hear me –– done!

Yes, make no mistake, there is still a heckuva lot of important work still to do –– round up the criminals, clean up the planet, take care of the sick, elderly and poor, restore the Republic, release suppressed technologies, turn the country and the world around from the edge of the abyss, etc –– admittedly no small tasks. But it is all going to be fun! A whole lot of fun. I assure you, by far the worst is over.

It is important to be ever mindful of the great big picture and how far we have really come. It is amazing to consider that 16.4 billion years is one helluva long time, you know? And we are still going strong, in fact, better than ever!

So get excited. Get happy! And expect miracles –– because they are here!

The time is ripe for all.

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