Cosmic Awareness: Mass Arrests and Clarification on Benjamin Fulford’s Recent Message


Cosmic Awareness via Will Berlinghoff

QUESTIONER: It definitely was a memorable event. Thank you for that response. Another true/ false question; this regards the Benjamin Fulford February 20, 2012 report. It says, “A March 31 deadline has been delivered to the committee of 300 by the Gnostic Illuminati faction this week,” then provides a wealth of information related to several recent posts here and that the links to that would be attached.

Continuing the theme of arrests, this report gives more detail into what is occurring behind the scenes. He states that even Silvio Berlusconi was arrested but I have found no news sources that have reported that this happened. The highlights of the report were: Prince Harry has been in touch with the group and has agreed to take control of the British

royal family from Queen Elizabeth. There are signs such as the resignation of over a dozen senior bankers and the announcement of a $15 trillion fraud in the UK and a $6 trillion fraud in Italy. These warnings have been taken seriously. Ireland, Portugal, Greece and Spain have all told the banks they are not going to pay back any of their loans because the loans were made illegally. These countries are going to default and for a change it will be the bankers and not the average citizens who will pay the price. The resignation of the heads of the World Bank, Credit Suisse, the bank of India and the planned resignation of the head of Goldman Sachs is just the beginning of a complete dismantling of the Khazarian banking monopoly.” Any truth to any of these?

COSMIC AWARENESS: There is truth to much of what is reported, but not all. It is not seen by this Awareness, for example, that Prince Harry will take the British Crown and rule instead of his grand -mother. It would be better to not energize or believe this particular report, although there is truth that the Windsors are to be removed from power. This is part of the goal. It is simply not seen that Prince Harry will be the one who ascends to the throne. It is true that many leading authorities of the Elite, those in positions of power, are being removed, are being arrested.

It is true that the theft of huge amounts of money is also being dealt with and that the bankers and individuals who are key players to these thefts are indeed being locked up. This is all part of a scenario of cleansing the vipers from the nest of power that they have so long been involved in and entangled in. It is also, and this is a more positive note this Awareness would wish to add, a timeline that sees those who are the Elite not succeeding in their purpose and in their plans.

This Awareness would indeed highly recommend that the majority see this as a part of the truth of their personal realities; that those who have so long been in control are being arrested, are being taken out of power. But also in addition to this, not simply to focus on the corrupted ones being removed, but also seeing that enlightened ones will step into those positions of power and those corrupt institutes will be closed down but new institutes that are there to serve mankind will emerge in their stead.21

This would be what this Awareness would call a one-two knockout punch. Remove those who currently are in charge but who are members of the Elite Cabal of Power, and replace them with those of the highest intentions who are Servants of the Light, of the energies of the Divine.

Energizing this as the truth of one’s life will of course bring that truth into their lives. It is again not a matter of viewing the external and believing the external is the truth, but finding the truth within and energizing that truth so that it is reflected and manifested in the external world. Is this clear?

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