Aisha North: The Manuscript of Survival – Part 125

By Aisha North

We have often times come across with messages that mayhaps seems to be rather superfluous to some, but this is not the case for so many out there still struggling to keep their heads above the waters of this swiftly flowing river of change. In other words, we will not cease these missives in any way, but they will be tailored to the needs for those still trying to get a grip on what is going on. Many are after much more detailed messages, they will want confirmation on certain subjects or even certain events that are rumored to happen on certain dates. Well, let us just say that we will contuine in this vein for quite a while yet, as there is indeed so much change going on now it will be difficult at times to keep your footing amidst all of this turmoil.

Therefore, those that seek detailed descriptions or let us just call them instructions on what to do and when to do it, you will need to seek elsewhere. This is not a game of set rules, and nothing is written in stone. As we were saying, everything is in flux at the moment, so nothing can be set down according to any rules or timetables. Therefore, this quest for answers and hard facts is futile indeed, as it will only lead to more disappointment. All we can say is that everything is going according to plan, but as our plans differ greatly from your way of thinking about it, it will not make any sense to you. You will see chaos where we see order, and you will see problems where we see possibilities and vice versa. In other words, approaching this from a human, or linear, perspective is impossible. It will be like trying to describe that proverbial elephant whilst being blindfolded and only allowed to touch one part of that huge animal. In other words, you cannot try to wrap your heads around all that is going down now, as your mind has indeed been carefully altered so as not to go outside very defined borders, whereas to us, we are much freer in every sense of the word.

Remember, we have access to not only so much more information, but also to all of the levels of Creation, so the changes you are privy to are only a small part of what is really going on around you. It cannot even be likened to seeing only the tip of the iceberg, as that comparison does not even come close to describe the gap between your abilities to discern things as opposed to what is really taking place.

In other words, try to find that inner knowing, and you will also find peace in this process, even if a period of great turmoil is approaching. Remember, you are only witness to the waves on the surface, but underneath, everything is calm and will stay calm, no matter how much wrath and froth is being churned up by all of those flailing in panic on the surface. As long as you stay tuned to that stillness inside, you will be as calm as the great oceans encircling your little planet, and just as that great body of water, you will be able to stay collected and still even if the wind picks up speed above you. You are but an ocean of joy, but the surface may be littered with detritus from things collapsing around you. Remember that it is only a small part of you thus ”polluted”, but it cannot do anything to compromise your true depths as long as you remember to keep your head down and do not insist on flailing along with the rest of those afraid to drown in their own fear.

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