Message from the Galactic Federation of Light – April 20th, 2012

Galactic Federation of Light via Greg Giles

You can look to the people of the arks for safety, and you can look to us for guidance and instruction of how to better prepare and how to proceed through the days ahead. We do not wish to see any harm or any undue inconvenience brought to you, and we have the technologies and the resources to allow each one of you to proceed smoothly through the transition ahead.

There is absolutely no reason to be nervous or fearful of the days ahead. There is absolutely nothing that we cannot handle together. When we share this kind of information with you we expect a certain level of fear to arise, but we also expect you to be able to handle this kind of matter and deal with it and make suitable choices that will lead you to the way you wish to experience your journey. What we do not want is any kind of panic at all, as this will not be conducive to a smooth and efficient procedure. Think back of your days in elementary school where you calmly and quietly practiced a fire drill over and over throughout the many grades. This is how we would like to proceed in the days ahead, and we do not say see any reason that the temporary relocations of certain areas around your world cannot proceed just like these fire drills you practiced so often as children.


We will have plenty of opportunity to fully brief you on which areas we believe will be susceptible, and you will fully understand your options and precisely how you can proceed. There will be plenty of time to make your decision, and there will be plenty of time to begin this relocation process. Where you will go and remain safely for the short time period of some seismic activity around your planet we will also discuss in detail with you. We will say that these areas will be perfectly suited for your needs and will be quite comfortable for you. We would not have it any other way as you are our family, our brothers and sisters, and we wish for you to be as comfortable as possible. Give us this opportunity to assist you in this way without fearing us, without distrusting us, and everything will be just fine and there will be no reason to be concerned for the safety of you and your families.


We have performed operations such as this many times before in the past, and we are quite experienced at just how to proceed in this matter. You will be led every step of the way and watched over and protected throughout this relocation process. We will do absolutely everything we can to make sure no harm comes to you, and we will cater to the needs of each and every one of you. There is no reason to look ahead and at all fear the challenges before you, but instead, look at these challenges as an opportunity to learn and gain experience and hone your skills for new careers that may present themselves to you. Look at the days ahead as an opportunity for you to help your fellow man and to do what it is you do best, taking the skills and the talents that you have learned throughout your many incarnations and applying them to everyday situations in the name of love and service to other beings who may benefit from your experience and your willingness to assist others. This is the way we would like you to view these days ahead.


There will be those of you who instead choose to view the days ahead in fear and distress, and we must honor those who choose to proceed into the days ahead in this way. We ask you, our Lightworkers in the field, to act as Wayshowers to show the others another way, the way that you are choosing to proceed and experience the days before you. Show them this way, and many will choose to follow you and experience the days ahead through the eyes of love, of courage, of centered emotion and stability. There will be many who look to you for answers and for support, and we ask you to utilize all the gifts that you have, all the skills that you have honed, and all the wisdom you have acquired and adequately read just what it is this soul requires to get them through these days as calmly and fearlessly as possible and offer this soul just what it is they need.


Many of you have trained many lifetimes for this opportunity to apply what you have learned. This opportunity is already upon you now as many are beginning to learn that there are yet a few challenges ahead for you, and they are already reaching out and looking for answers, understandings and support. We ask you, our Lightworkers, to look for these souls as they look for you. Reach out to them and feel what it is they need at this time to ease their emotions and calm themselves with reassurance that everything is going to be all right, for indeed, everything will be all right.


The days ahead are a window for all of you to move through into a new day of bliss and wonder, incredible possibilities and opportunities. This window is wide open for you, and it is large enough for your entire planet to slip through into your new day. We are here to do everything we can to assist you and your planet make this as smooth and as easy as a transition as is possible, and each and every day we work diligently towards this goal. We take no days off and we do not waste any time seeing to every task that needs to be accomplished, and we assure you that all tasks will be fully completed well in time and nothing or no one can or will stand in the way of your big day. You have our word that we will do everything within our power to see to this, and that there is no obstacle that can or will present itself that together we cannot remove from our path.


Soon we will be working together on these tasks and you will witness for yourself each obstacle that today stands in your way of ascension being removed smoothly and efficiently one by one. When a clearer picture is painted for you and you are working personally alongside us, we feel this will ease greatly the concerns that some of you are feeling at this time and that we see more of you feeling in the days ahead as this information becomes common knowledge. We are proceeding as slowly as possible with this notification process, and at this time there are only a handful of you that are aware of what you can expect in the days ahead. We at this time are not asking for you to make it your responsibility to share this information, rather, we prefer this information to simply spread naturally through friends and family to better ease the human consciousness structure into this new understanding. As we have said, there is plenty of time to prepare and there is plenty of time to handle every task needed to be accomplished. There is no rush, and there is no reason for a sense of urgency. All is well, and all is proceeding smoothly and perfectly according to our carefully laid plans.


Those of your world yet aligned with the Cabal and their agenda will present absolutely no problem as you move forward, you can be assured of this, as this is one of the tasks we are accomplishing together. Soon you will have a front row seat for this part of the operation, and we know many of you are very eager in anticipation for this event. We say to you please be patient a little while longer as all is proceeding very well on that front also. You will soon see the results of the labors of so many individuals in so many different areas including yourselves who have worked so hard spreading the news of this event just as we have asked, and we thank you again for all your hard work and assistance in this area. All your hard work will not be for not, as all will pay off in plenty of time to begin the next phase of our overall operation. We will keep you advised and informed of updates to our operation and what the next step will be each and every step of the way.


At this time, we are fully prepared and ready and await our Earth allies to signal that they are ready to proceed with the next phase of the overall operation which are the arrests of the members and associates of your criminal Cabal and those who have conspired and acted against your people. You will soon know for yourselves when this signal from our Earth allies has been given, as you will begin to see yourselves the arrests of these individuals. When you begin to see these arrests, this will mark the point where you will not have to take anyone’s word for any of this any longer, as it will be clear to you that we have spoken the truth and that we speak the truth.


We are looking so forward to this day as well as it will not only clear your societies of these individuals who have inflicted so much damage, but we see these arrests as building a great bridge of trust and cooperation between our two worlds, your civilization and ours of the higher realms. This is a bridge that we have built together, and this is a bridge that we can utilize to its fullest potential to link our two societies through the dimensions and bring to each other the gifts that we offer one another. Gifts of love, of friendship, of technologies, of knowledge and wisdom we can begin to share with each other once the building of this bridge is completed. Stone by stone we, together with the people of your world build this bridge, and it will not be long now until it is opened for all of us to walk across.


We are the Galactic Federation of Light.
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