Quan Yin: On the 5th Dimension and Your Shifting Reality

April 5, 2012

Quan Yin via  Jenny


Quan Yin is th equivalent of Mother Mary in Asia.  She had a real physical life, and vowed to stay with the Earth until we all ascend. The question posed here is a follow up to a class Quan Yin brought to us several years ago, in which she explained that we are nearing the end of a great galactic beam; that is why the translation of frequencies and our sense of urgency or that “something” is happening. The statue has been in my family for many years… Loving blessings, Jennifer

April 5.   This is Quan Yin.  I am most honored to be allowed to speak to you now.  (What would you share with us? Where are we on our progress off the galactic beam?) You are entering the off-ramp now, the reality you have always taken for granted now holds a different hue, a different tone, and you are adjusting rapidly to the shift in energies. While you think of an off-ramp as a much slowed version of your roadway, the current shift is actually an acceleration of the energies and so may feel more like a chute on a slide, quite rapid.  Assign no time frame to it, though, you will only try to control what is not controllable.  Let it be its own experience – let it be lived as life, as a fresh moment-by-moment excursion into a new dimension.  Again, assign not a number to any dimension you are frequenting – it matters not.  Each has its glories, its qualities, each is wonderful, and as you have been learning to allow and appreciate your earthly experiences, so too, allow and appreciate your accelerated frequencies.

 It is the rational mind that seeks to determine whether you are today closer to the 5th dimension than yesterday, and the rational mind is not capable of assessing this.  It has no experience, or expertise.  Dimensional reality is a felt experience – it is a sensory journey, a series of sensory sensations, some physical, some non-physical, which in various sequences make up the melody and harmony of what you are living.  Let it be what it is. To stop the flow of song continually to ask for the number of the measure would be counter productive at best, really, absurd, wouldn’t it?  So too, relax and enjoy the song – dive into the music and let it inspire you in many ways – wring the sounds and sensations of all that they offer you. 

 Life is a grand revelry, once you learn not to agonize, not to separate from it, not to seek to measure it all of the time.   It is as it is.  It is LIFE.  You are all so used to managing every aspect of your experience – you call it Your life – you possess it as much as you can and break it into bits, chew it up and spit it out – or hang it on the wall, framed.  Neither disgust or pride, derived by controlling “your” life, will bring your real joy.  Dancing with the energy of life is when JOY has room to express itself, through you, as the point of creation in your shared life. Life is alive and more than a medium, more than your environment.  You are a creation OF life as well as a creator of life – life flows through you like string through beads, but it is also the beads.  Imagine being the string passing through and also the beads, as constellations of energy, beautiful and unique.  You are both that which flows through you and that which expresses you. You are life. Do not limit your expression.  You are love, do not limit your love.

 Many blessings of Life to each of you.  Quan Yin


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