Aisha North: The Manuscript of Survival – Part 122

By Aisha North

Do not fear that anything is amiss, even if you at times feel very cut off from the ethereal word. Let us explain. For some, the feeling of standing all alone in this process is somewhat daunting, and they can at times feel like they are not connected to anything or anyone outside of themselves. We are aware that to some, this part of the whole ordeal is perhaps the most challenging one, as they cannot seem to be capable of connecting to anything not part of their world as it were. In other words, they feel very left alone to their own devices, and they do not think that the words we share about all of the goings on behind the veil somehow pertain to them. They think they are cut off from it all, and this will in many ways be an extra burden that they carry. They have their doubts, and this doubt may be rising, that they are not lucky enough to be included in this rising awareness that seems to gather so many of their fellow compatriots into the fold. They think they are left standing outside the door, and that there must be some sort of lucky draw that has picked out a few shining souls and let them step across the threshold, but as they were the unlucky ones, they have been left out in the cold.

This message is for you, dear souls. You are not left out in the cold, far from it, you are in fact more than highly regarded by us, as you have chosen that most difficult path of staying in the dark as it were a little bit longer than the rest. Make no mistake, when we say ”dark” here, we do not in any way refer to any sinister forces, rather the fact that you have chosen to travel on a bit longer on the road that seems bereft of any visitors from back home, for reasons that will some day be made very clear to you all. We have talked many times before about the fact that this is in many ways a mass exodus to a dimension of far better life than the one you are currently experiencing all around you, but the road towards this new plane is not a highway. It is a narrow path, travelled by individuals, and just as the spokes of a wheel they will all converge in the same location. Some of you have chosen to travel out in the open, where you have had experiences of this ”new world” in many ways already. But for others, the path is still lingering in the dark underbrush of existence, and therefore the view of your fellow travellers and indeed the view of your end goal is still obscured by the everyday goings on that you share with the rest of the inhabitants on Planet earth.

Again, it is a choice that was made before you even started out on this existence the first time, but as you have all also taken a wow of forgetfulness in order to be able to complete this journey, the reasoning behind this choice will be more than obscured from you at the moment. All we can say is, that the bravest of you volunteered to take the most challenging route towards the new dawn, and we do salute you for it. It might not perhaps seem like a good choice for you at the moment, but we think you will agree that the reasoning behind it will make itself very obvious as you too will encounter what you have been longing to meet for such a long time.

Again, we cannot go into details here, suffice to say that this is a journey chosen from the deepest well of your heart, and the heart will never ever lead you astray, even if you at times feel like nothing but a babe lost in the woods. You are not lost sweet ones, but we do understand that you feel like it, but hopefully you will feel the tugging of our presence in some way, and we will do our utmost to calm your nerves in any way we can. Even if you may not be able to remember any of these encounters, rest assured that you are in no way travelling solo through this dense forest. You have just chosen not to see everything as clearly yet, but the time will come when it is time to reopen all of your senses and become fully aware again.

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