Melchizedek: Your Intentions are Being Immediately Amplified in Strength and Power

Melchizedek via Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana

April 17, 2012

Beloved Ones,

These days that you are each experiencing are bringing each of you into greater balance, harmony and integration with all aspects of your Being, and this will continue until all the parts of you that are not Love are loved by YOU into wholeness.

This is the most important task and objective that is before you now, the realization that you are the creator of your own life and that you DO have all the tools necessary to successfully attain both personal planetary and cosmic ascension.

Love and compassion for your Self is an important part of the process for if you cannot Love yourself unconditionally, it is nigh impossible to Love others in the same way.

You are but a short path away from this as you continue to work upon your cleansing and the assimilation of the higher cosmic frequencies that are pouring through your crown chakra from the Great Central Sun.

More focus is needed upon the energizing of your Earth Star chakra which is approximately six to twelve inches below your feet. By visualizing a beautiful clear white light in this area below your feet and then growing roots into the crystalline diamond heart of Mother Earth, you allow the healing and supportive flow of energy to come  from Her heart through your feet and up your spinal column where it meets in your heart chakra with the cosmic energies of the Central Sun.

Allow yourselves to relax as much as you can during the coming days and months, just BE in the moment and accept the flow of energy coming into your Being. You are highly energetic Beings and the influence of the radiance of your energetic signature and system is creating more upliftment of the mass consciousness grid.

As you walk upon the Earth, your expanded auric fields are beginning to connect with each other and this in turn, increases the Light that flows through the Earth’s crystalline grid.

This grid is the information network that connects you to the latest upgrades that are available and any new developments that are taking place during the ascension process.

Use your inner resources to align with this grid of Light and power and ensure that your intention and focus is only for the highest good of all, that anything you envision is what you really want to manifest in your individual and global lives at the highest spiritual level.

We of the higher realms surround you with our love and support but it is you, our ground warriors of the Light who are needed to visualize, intend and ASK for the highest good and outcome in all your thoughts.

Know that your thoughts and intentions are being immediately stepped up and amplified in strength and power so that all upon, within and around and above the Earth will be uplifted into ever higher dimensions of expression and manifestation.

All of your efforts are making a huge difference, even though it may not be discernible to your naked eye. If you observe the trends that are taking place, you will see the subtle differences in the way that those around you act, speak and live their daily lives.

There is more careful thought, contemplation and consideration taking place before actions are taken and people are beginning to take responsibility for every part of their lives.

This is a very good sign, for it means the work you have all been doing as part of your Soul agreement before even setting foot upon this Planet is now coming into fruition and your courage, strength, tenacity and power are now beginning to bear the fruits of your labor and you will experience the blossoming of gifts you didn’t even know or were aware that you had.

We of the higher dimensions are so very excited and pleased to welcome you home. It is but a matter of the blending of new dimensions which will take your World into a different perception of time from that which is felt at this time.

Slow and steady brings victory and success, so we counsel that you be very good to yourselves and to your loved ones and to those who are in your sphere of influence. Love IS the greatest force in the Universe and now it is the time to focus that Love upon yourself and heal all aspects still requiring your attention.

I AM Melchizedek

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