Aisha North: The Manuscript of Survival – Part 119

By Aisha North

We have oft mentioned the need for patience in this work, and we will continue to do so, at the risk of getting mayhaps more than one irritiated frown in return. You see, this ordeal is far from over, but as you cannot yet see the full scope of the work you have already accomplished, it will be at times more than difficult for you to see any progress at all. So as usual, we will come to the rescue in some ways, and be on hand to try to reassure you all that you have not toiled in vain, even if you at times feel like you are lagging far behind your set goals. Your set goals are mere illusional, sweet ones, as the goals you are able to set up in your minds are nothing compared to the real goal you carry inside of you. And even if you might be able to conjure up a very convincing image in your mind of what the future you will be, let us just say that it will fall very short of its mark. That is because your minds are so limited, and you cannot even begin to understand what the future will hold, because even in your wildest dreams, you cannot see just how this whole new world will be. You are just not capable of it.

Let us explain. We refer to the mind here, and rightly so, as that is what you will naturally resort to using when you try to make up any idea of just where it is you are going with all of this hard work. But the mind has been conditioned to limit you, as it has been made unable to construct possibilites that lies outside the very limited way of life a normal human being carries out. In other words, your mind can only make variations of a very limited set of well known scenarios, scenarios that are a part of the illusion you are currently trapped inside. Therefore, you cannot even being to THINK yourselves out of the box, to use a a well known phrase. Again, you cannot think yourself into finding the solutions for tomorrow, for they cannot even exist within this limited frame set up by your narrow mind, but you can FEEL into it. And then the whole picture changes radically. But this is a very difficult concept for you to follow, as you have been well groomed to think within very precise definitions. In other words, you have been told to not follow a way of thinking that will lead you into the murky depths of imagination, you must try to stick to reality as it is called.

Have you ever stopped to ponder why this has been set up as a golden rule amongst humans? Can it mayhaps be because someone has decided that this is a sure way to eradicate any free thinking, or rather, anyone brave enough to go against the borders and limitations they find inside of their mind and instead trust that inner voice calling from behind all of these set rules and regulations? Free your mind, many are fond of saying. Let us rephrase that to free your spirit and let your mind go. That will be a much more effective way of attaining your freedom. Your mind will always be busy inventing all sorts of limitations to your life, as it has been duly trained to do so. That is in fact its most important task: to ensure that you behave strictly within the limits that have been defined by your so-called society, or rather, but those whose only way to ensure total control of the masses is to manipulate all into thinking that you cannot think for yourself.

This may sound like garbled talk, but let us be clear on one thing: you cannot see the brightness of your future, because your mind just is not capable of doing so. Therefore, you will despair at times like these, when everything you see around you confirms the worst of your fears. Peace and prosperity for all seems like an ever fading dream, a subject that seems to be more and more distant and the stuff of dreams only, but nothing that could be said to become reality anytime soon. And you are correct in saying this, for in this world of yours where the mind rules sovereign, it is nothing but a far fetched dream, and it will always remain so. But you, dear ones, must learn to listen to your hearts more, because the heart knows that the truth is so far removed from this nightmarish world you are confronted with each and very day.

Your dreams are about to come alive, but because you are still unable to literally get a clear picture of what this dream really is, you cannot begin to see it clearly. And because you cannot see it clearly, to many, it seems even more unattainable than ever. We understand that, but again, do not forget that you have been conditioned to dismiss these aspirations for a far better world. Therefore you are apt to forget the greatness that is hiding behind this facade of ”reality” that is crowding in on all sides. We see it, and we live it each and every day, therefore we know so well that it is not a dream. To us, it is the only reality, and when we look at your world, we see only a dream gone bad. Because you live in a world dreamt up by forces with ill intent. A world set up only to please a few misguided spirits literally hell bent on pleasing themselves in any way they can. So your reality is nothing but a dream, an illusion conjured up with the worst of intentions. But just like a blind person living in a world devoid of light, you are unable to see through this dreamlike mirage and see the beauty behind it. And like a blind person, you might take the darkness for granted, a permanent fixture, something not even worth contemplating. Therefore, waking up to a whole new reality seems more than far fetched, and to some, the mere idea of it will only engender irritation and anger by now, as they are more than tired of hearing these sweet words sounding like nothing more than empty promises.

We understand that, and we will not berate anyone voicing their doubts as to what will come about from all of this hard labour. But please believe us when we once again repeat the message we have already given you countless times. The work you do is not without any effect. In fact, not a single day, nay, not a single minute goes by without your mere presence giving birth to a new part of this much heralded tomorrow. You cannot see the fruits of your labour yet, but we do, and we can guarantee you that we are all in awe of the miracle you are performing each and every day. You are shining ever stronger, and the light is already penetrating into so many nooks and crannies where it has never ever been before. And with that light, reality can enter, step by step and day by day. And when we say reality, we mean the reality we share, not the illusion that has been painted on in thick layers by your oppressors.

Let your mind rest for a while, then mayhaps your heart can help you see clearer the truth of this message. Because deep inside, you all know so well that the world you are looking out on today looks nothing like the world you saw only yesterday. And tomorrow, it will have changed again and become just a little bit more like the one you are all hoping to set your eyes on. Trust us, you will see it all in its shining glory, when the truth of what we have told you will be apparent to all. Then the old gloss of ”reality” will fade away forever, and no one can hide behind that flimsy facade they set up such a long time ago. The reality of tomorrow will slowly but surely replace the ”reality” of today, and you are the ones who will complete the process even if you cannot see it clearly today.

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