Cosmic Awareness: Crystalline Bodies, Cells, and the Transformation of DNA


QUESTIONER: Yes it does and I appreciate it, thank you so much. Okay, the following concerns the crystalline cells. It’s a question by VK, actually four of them. “Concerning crystalline cells, is everyone on earth presently experiencing a change from the carbon-based cells and if so, is this occurring at the same degree or pace with everyone, and if not, what is it that determines the difference? Is it perchance the level of consciousness of the individual? If a person has absolutely no interest in spiritual thought and behavior, do their cells remain carbon-based?” Your comment please?

COSMIC AWARENESS: This is a good question, for it does help perhaps explain or leads to an explanation of what is occurring to those beings who are changing their actual bodies and the physique of their bodies. The latter comment is an accurate commentary of those who are not interested in a Spiritual Ascension. This is so because their soul chose to have an experience, not of Ascension directly but of indirect experiences around this event, experiences that would not promote spiritual growth and development in the consciousness of those individuals who are stuck in physicality, but rather the opposite: that their physical world stays predominant to everything else and their conscious belief in matters stay focused on physical form and physical experience.

As the carbon-base is that which defines physical experience, they will not develop the new crystalline strands, and they will not have carbon 7 molecules, which are the molecular formulations of the crystalline structure that will underpin the new life forms that will evolve.

The Light Body Already Exists!

This Awareness must remind all that while there are many who will not necessarily move to the highest level of Ascension, there are many who will, and it will involve a transformation of the body itself into that which one could call the Light Body. The Light Body exists already but is interfused with the physical form and thus, in a manner of speaking, is invisible, for the gross form of a physical body takes precedence in a physical reality and many do not understand or even believe that they have a spiritual body form, a Light Body, and thus it stays buried in the physical body, emerging only at night when it is released to play in the realms of high 4th dimension and 5th dimension, or upon death when the physical body form can no longer sustain the consciousness of the middle self, the spirit body that is existing within the physical form.

It is thus released and is free to go back into its spiritual existence on a more permanent basis. Thus when the Ascension process occurs many will experience this as a shifting of their physical bodies to the Light Bodies. This is what will occur to those who have reached high enough levels of consciousness where they understand that the transmogrification process is one where they are actually stepping beyond the physical form and more into the spirit form, but they will have the capacity to reenter physical form, reanimate it so to speak, and experience physicality with total awareness now that they truly are spiritual beings who are just momentarily taking physical form, but can live more in their spirit form, their Light Body, than in the physical body.

Those who have reached the highest level of Spiritual Ascension may simply never choose the physical form again for they have ascended completely and totally into their Light Body and have no further need for the physical, although they could if they desired manifest such a body. The entity that is known as Jesus the Christed One has this capacity and it is why there are still reports of the sighting of Jesus. Mother Mary has this capacity as well; they are both of a high spiritual consciousness and many who achieve this avatar level of awareness will have the same abilities.

Those who have not advanced to this high level will still know themselves as spirit beings, and they will have more inclination towards spiritual conscious existence than purely physicalconscious existence. You may see the gradients that are occurring from the highest level of spiritual consciousness, which allows one to stay in the light form spirit body 100% of the time, to the very lowest where there is no awareness of spiritual Light Body, and the being is completely and totally trapped in a physical form with no allowance for those higher expressions of consciousness to exhibit themselves.

The Human Body will open the 12 Strands of DNA

Also, hand in hand with the carbon-based formulation of physical existence, the human body will also open up the 12 strands of DNA. These will also contribute to moving into spirit reality beyond physical reality. Those who are not spiritually evolved will not open up their strands of DNA, and they will stay at two strands, as is now the case for so many. Many of the spiritual workers, those who have intention of Ascension, those who work towards it, will find that they already are starting to physically shift, their bodies actually changing, and many of the seekers of Spirit already have all opened up several more strands of DNA, which is leading them further along in their journey of transformation as they approach Ascension. Does this answer your first question?

Those on Planet B will not have the Crystalline Cells

QUESTIONER: Yes it does. The second one was also answered and the third one: “Just to confirm, those who choose to remain on planet B because of crystalline-based cells, will they in fact have these cells or will they not?”

COSMIC AWARENESS: They would not, for it is not their intention to experience spiritual connection in any way, shape or form. It must be understood that Planet B will be the new experience for those who no longer wish to have a spiritual experience. In other words, the spirit or the aspect of soul seeking a physical experience and only a physical experience, those that would wish to find out what it feels like to be completely separated from God, from Spirit, will choose a physical reality where they can have such an experience, or create this experience.

Therefore they would not have the crystalline subset that would allow them to experience higher realities, for this simply will not exist within the parameters of their experience and it therefore would serve no purpose. It must be remembered that the soul will still send aspects of itself into the physical form to have these extreme experiences and it will die in that form and release the spirit that entered in and forgot itself.

It will be confusing for those who have those experiences when they first are released, for they will be in a state of shock that they still exist. For such is the degradation of the experience in physicality that they will simply understand in physicality that once life ends, it is over and there is nothing else, so complete will be the separation from God and Spirit. Thus when they do leave the physical and find that they are not dead, and they have entered a new place, it will take those souls a time to recover and to remember who and what they truly are.

But this is already foreseen, and there are already those whose purpose and job it is to help such confused souls to re-assimilate and to return back to the higher perception of their own being in Spirit. This is one scenario and one scenario only, but it is to point out why Planet B will be for some souls an experience still sought so that they can feel what it is like to not know God, not know Spirit, and not know their divine nature.

The soul seeks many, many experiences, often in the dark as well as the Light and as long as one engages in thinking, where one way is right and the other way is wrong, it is difficult to understand why the soul would make such a choice. But as the soul and as God are eternal in nature, all experiences are sought, for it is the fabric of life, in a manner of speaking, to have infinite experiences, for an eternal soul has all the time in the world to experience anything and everything.

Looking But Not Seeing Because You have no Context with Which to Understand

QUESTIONER: Thank you. A side question on this that she’s also written, “And finally for those in the medical field who utilize microscopes to magnify cells etc., are they not wondering about the change in substance and asking questions, wondering what is transpiring? If so, is it seen who is explaining the change in cells or are they living in ignorance? Are the medical practitioners themselves harboring the crystalline cells as well?” Your thoughts please?

COSMIC AWARENESS: Some indeed are harboring these doubts, for are they not humans as well undergoing a transitional experience? This Awareness would answer this question by moving sideways for a moment. When early explorers of the New World came to the Western shores an experience was reported by one of the native people that they found. It is seen that this was the entity Columbus and that he appeared with his men on the island that is now known as the Dominican Republic. They came into the village of the natives and the natives were aghast, for they did not know where these ones came from. Columbus took them and showed them the ship they arrived on, but they could not see the ship, they only saw an island in the middle of the water.

They did not have a reality by which to identify these ships that Columbus arrived on and therefore could only see them in context to what they knew. Their natural understanding of such a big vessel is that it was an island, and it was only when the shaman was able to recognize the form and describe it to his people that they finally saw the ships that were there in front of their eyes. Such it is with medical examiners at this time, those who peer down the tube of the microscope or see it on the electronic microscope screen. They do not know what they are looking at and therefore they will not necessarily identify the crystalline structures that are there in front of their eyes, for they have no context in which to place it.

They will perhaps see it as debris, foreign bodies of cellular debris that are there, not understanding what it truly is. It is only when they themselves begin to understand the higher nature of the transformational process that is occurring that some may start to see it, and these are the shamans of the scientific field, who would then be able to show others but only those who are open, for many will not be open to this. It is in defiance of their sacred scientific religion and they will not appreciate it. They will deny it as so many scientists do to new discoveries that they will not endorse or believe in. Therefore some will see it, some will be persuaded to see it, and many will simply misinterpret and deny what they are seeing.

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  1. I am someone who is investigating my own theory(unproven yet) that each biological level of development coincides with a form of mirroring awareness. Out of curiosity I googled DNA + awareness… and this is the closest site I could find to what I am researching… though I have no clue about your 12 strands of DNA, the rest of it is all stuff I’ve come across in the past. I am curious if you have any insite into RNA or brain development as it relates to your interests. I am trying to define awareness in terms of fear and desire in order to develop a way of understanding how instincts relate to choice in each level of awareness.

  2. CA made some good points concerning crystal DNA from carbon based cells. I too have been studying this concept, more as it relates to the cell nucleus and the effects of EM and light frequency.

  3. There has been lots of talk about dna strands and now this crystalline based dna, but to date there is no visible, material evidence of either. Anyone can say anything or create a mythology to go along with the concept of spiritual evolution. But so far, no one has been able to show that it is a physical reality.

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