An Old Soul’s Guide to Spirit Helpers in the New Time

By DL Zeta

April 6, 2012

We have much help here on Earth.

Legions of guides, light beings and angel helpers inhabit the multi-dimensional realm of the unseen. Because they exist beyond the physical, they are able to guide us through times of spiritual transformation and to assist when our soul ventures into other realms. Much has been said of our otherworldly guides and we will not expand on that here for there is another type of helper that we wish to speak about.

Spirit Helpers as Aspects of our own Consciousness

For our purposes here we will draw a distinction between our otherworldly guides and those that are advanced facets of our own consciousness. In the course of our journey here, we are many – made up of many facets that sparkle and reflect light in various degrees and forms. Some aspects of our consciousness awaken and come online to enter a mastery phase quicker than others. Recognizing other aspects still in need of guidance and assistance, these spirit helpers set about guiding us through our needed understandings.

Spirit Helpers Accelerate Ascension

When one of our aspects awakens, the course of our ascension is accelerated and the path cleared for other parts of our consciousness to enter the awakening phase.

These spirit helpers are anchored to the physical through our own being yet they largely exist in other timeframe dimensions. These aspects serve the purpose of bridging us into greater communion with our soul and higher self. As a bridging entity, they exist in both realms and are accessible to us as we go about our daily lives.

Old Souls are Here to Anchor the New Time

Old souls especially have numerous spirit helpers. These souls are incarnated at this time to help bridge humanity into the new time. To assist with this transition, they arrived here with a full complement of spirit helpers that help bridge them to their higher self. As above, so below.

Our wise and knowing spirit helpers have understandings that are relevant to the world we currently inhabit by virtue of resonance and spiritual lessons. Some of these aspects are incarnated into other timeframes, while others are younger aspects from our current lifetime. Some are from our future both from within this lifetime and beyond.

Spirit Helpers bring Glimpses of other Timelines

It is easy to tell when our spirit helpers are speaking to us. These are times when we glimpse ourselves moving along an alternate timeline. The timelines revealed to us are realities compatible with our soul contract for this lifetime.

Spirit helpers also guide us to encounters or events that change the course of our life. They sometimes lead us on internet searches that bring us to a new idea, concept, or person. They drop books off shelves in our vicinity or bring us to notice symbols in our daily experience that hold special importance for us. Spirit helpers bring us into fields of resonance needed for specific types of healing. Some helpers teach us to use our light to facilitate healing for ourselves at all levels. They also direct us to knowledge and insight that assists us in healing our sacred wound.

Spirit Helpers Assist us with Artistic Creations

Our spirit helpers assist us with creative endeavors. This is their favorite venue – helping us to awaken latent and as yet undiscovered talents and abilities. Sometimes they show us how to link diverse abilities to synthesize a new talent. They teach us the words to songs drawn from the deep well of our soul. They teach us to create works of art encoded with our soul’s signature, and to create poetry and other writing we gift to the world. Sometimes they help us access “downloads” so profound it feels we are taking dictation from our soul. Spirit helpers teach us to shine our light on the path ahead so we can consciously choose the shape and course of our destiny.

Spirit Helpers Orient us to Dreamscapes of our Future

Our spirit helpers orient us in our sleep states to dreamscapes where we begin to inhabit the world that is the future of our own lifetime as well as future lifetimes. Some have begun to dream of seemingly idyllic settings that feel very different from past or present times. In these dream worlds, the realities we have known no longer exist and a new time has begun. One hallmark of this time is the instant manifestation of our thoughts, feelings and desires into physical form. Our dreams are a testing ground where we can learn to work with the instant realization of our intentions in a protected space before experiencing their rapid materialization into physical reality.

Without realizing it, we sometimes meet our spirit helpers in dream states. At times we may have the experience of blending with them and seeing the dream through their eyes. When we meet our spirit helpers in a dream state, we feel a sense of deep and profound love. Years of trauma and suffering can melt away during these encounters. A dream meeting with a spirit helper can be a precurser to meeting an incarnated being with whom we hold a powerful soul contract.

Telepathy with Spirit Helpers in Sleeping and Waking Dream States

Our spirit helpers are always with us, just as we are always with them – working with them in dream states at first until we sufficiently awaken to telepathically commune with them in conscious waking dream states and times of deep meditation. Our helpers are always speaking to us. They are always ready to play a greater role in our own lives if ask them to. When we reach a certain state of consciousness, our spirit helpers come more fully into play, speaking with us and offering the gift of their wisdom and guidance within each moment.

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