Message from the Galactic Federation of Light March 26th, 2012

Galactic Federation of Light via Greg Giles

Think of the people of your planet as midwives, coming together to assist with the birth of your new world. Many of you have come from distant star systems and even galaxies, and you are here now at this time to do whatever it is you do to assist in this birthing. You are asked to do certain tasks to assist in this process, and nothing you are asked to do is detrimental in any way to your society. Everything you are asked to do is in the name of the light, and nothing you are asked to do supports in any way the darkness and their agenda. This you can be confident in knowing as you go forth on your missions to restore love and light to this world. This is the basis for your mission here, and although we have many shared goals and tasks we must accomplish, at the root of our purpose here together is to bring this world back to the path of light where she rightfully belongs.
Along this path, there will be detractors of all kinds who wish to impede our progress, and it is your job to recognize these obstacles and find ways to clear them from your path without allowing them to deter you from your mission or to steer you wide from your course. There are, and will always be others with different opinions and viewpoints as to which direction it is better to proceed. Allow them the opportunity to choose their own course and they will learn from the choices they make as they move ahead on their journey. It is not necessary to try to save anyone, as this is not our reason for being here. Our reason for being here is to allow others if they so choose to see another way for them to live their lives, but again, this is a choice that is entirely theirs and it is their right to choose any path they wish to travel.
We are not here to convince or to coax anyone to see things our way, as our choice is also a personal choice that we have made. We are here to make another choice available to those who wish to see and recognize it, and we are here to assist others travel this road if they so choose. In the days ahead, there will be many who choose many different paths, and although some of their choices may not make much sense to us or resonate with us, we must honor their choice and allow them to proceed in their own direction. Allow them this choice and honor and respect their decision, for it is they who know best the path they feel they need to travel for their growth and advancement.
Many of us who have journeyed here in the name of the light will choose a similar path as we move forward, as many of us understand clearly why it is we are here and have a similar goal to achieve and a similar outcome we wish to reach. Others that are here may not be here for the same reasons we are, therefore the choices that we are making may not resonate with them. Understand this and you will understand the choices others make much better. Not everyone here is on a similar level of development, and therefore the experiences that we feel we need for our advancement may be quite different from one another. Keep this in mind as we move forward, as the choices that we are all making will crystallize and there will be many taking sides, making stands, and choosing paths that differ from one another.
It is important that you understand your choices and make your decision on which path you wish to travel. Keep in mind that you are on a personal journey as well, and it is important for you to think over carefully your choices. Many of us will choose paths that will lead us back home at the end of our mission here together, and there will be different paths available that lead us there. Many of you will recognize these choices as they appear before you, and some of you will make these choices on a less conscious level. It is not always necessary to recognize consciously these choices before you and weigh them carefully, as sometimes these choices come rather naturally for you. Do not overly concern yourselves or worry that you are not making the right choice, as there is no right or wrong, and as we have said, many of the paths you choose will lead to the same point up ahead.
You can combine your talents and gifts, and this will serve you well in the days ahead and will be the tools that you need to get your particular job done. Many will rely on you at this time and in the days ahead, for you are demonstrating your worthiness to be a leader of your fellow man and many will look to you for answers and guidance in this time of great mystery and upheaval. Leaders you are, many of you, and you may feel it is your duty to act upon your instincts and lead many through the course of these challenging events. We say to you that many of you are leaders, and this is why you are here. You have been selected out of many that expressed interest to be here as it was felt that you would respond to your call of duty and do what is that you do best. Many of you at this time are recognizing this inborn talent and are now deciding to take the reins and be the leader that you are.
There will be in the days ahead many opportunities for you to put your talents to good use and forge paths for the others to follow. There will be many leaders among you who will make themselves known as we move forward, and there will be many who make it known who they wish to follow in accordance with what they resonate with. Allow all others to choose the path they wish to travel and honor and respect their choices. Again, we are not here to save anyone from anything, and each has the right to choose the lane they wish to travel.
As we move forward into the days ahead, there will be many polarizing events that will serve as forks in the road and opportunities for many to choose the path they wish to travel forward. Be a beacon of light for those who resonate with the choices you are making and lead them through periods of darkness, as some may stray from the path and seek your light to help them remain on course. Proceed slowly at times where you feel there are those who wish to follow on the path but who may be falling behind. Not everyone has the ability to travel these roads at the same speed, be mindful of this and slow for them, allowing them to catch up with the others. This is not a race and it matters not how fast anyone can advance to the finish line. It is only important how you work together as a team to achieve your shared goals. Keep mindful of one another and help each other in each way you can on your personal journeys, for what is more important than completing your individual tasks is how you work together and assist each other along the way. As beacons of light you will together shine and lead the way for others to follow your footsteps through the darkness of the night.
You are here for a reason and that reason must be fulfilled. Find what it is that you do and do well, and find areas where you can utilize these talents and make a difference to others and to your world around you. There are many tasks that need to be accomplished at this time, and there are many that can benefit from your talents. Look for them as they will look for you. Find each other and assist each other in the ways that you have been trained. This is what we wish to see more of at this time, and we will continue monitoring your social networks and search for your interactions together and continue to study how well you are working together. This is one of the reasons you are here, and this is a very important aspect of your overall mission. Many studies are being conducted on the manner in which you work together, and much data is being compiled that will be the subject of careful study in the future.
Assist each other in the areas where you can and allow your individual talents to reflect upon each other, strengthening the individual parts that make up the whole. Put aside your differences for now as these little details matter not. Your aim is to work together and achieve a common goal, and that is what we would like to see you focus on. Put aside your differences of opinion and your debating among one another and focus instead on your common ground where you can forge a path to your new world you will share together. This is what we would like to see at this time, and we thank you for your efforts to work together while you co-create the new world that will benefit so many.
Your new world will be a monument, a testament to how well you are able to work with so many others from so many different parts of this universe. Beings from all over this universe will travel here to see what can be accomplished when you put aside your differences and work together as a team. This project you are working on will be studied by so many different races and civilizations throughout this universe, and we wish you to understand this as you begin each working day together. Give this joint project your all, as what you create here together will stand for an eternity as a model for so many other civilizations to follow as they create worlds from the mold you are together forging today . You are the architects of this world that will be the template for new civilizations throughout the galaxies, and we wish you to understand this and give this project your all, for your work here will be memorialized for eons of time to come.
We wish you to bring with you into each day your sincerest efforts to work with each other and build on your project together. Your masterpiece is nearly complete, and from our vantage point we see a beautiful sculpture taking shape of your collective design. Use these last days to put the finishing touches on your work of art, for soon it will be time for the unveiling of your masterpiece before the eyes of this entire universe. You are all artists and you all have your own visions of what you would like to create, but this is one work of art that is a joint creation. We ask you to do your best and work with each other, complementing each other, accenting each other, and learning from each other while you share with each other your creative visions, and together your masterpiece shall be one of unlimited vision and a true universal creation.
We are the Galactic Federation of Light.
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