Aisha North: The Manuscript of Survival – Part 109

By Aisha North

Today will be an interesting one for sure, as you will start to feel into the new energies that have been pumped into your atmosphere for the last week or so. You see, not everything you receive make its mark on the skies in the form of beautiful colours, like the wonderful auroral displays that heralded the last big bang so to speak. No, there are other, more discrete forms of inoculations at work, some that your scientists are only now started to get an inkling on. They have started to measure the amount of energized particles that howers around your little planet, and sometimes they get some interesting and mayhaps surprising results, because the numbers they see on their screens seems to be a tad bit higher than expected. And this is only the beginning sweet ones, as they will indeed be scratching their heads on more than one occasion in this upcoming period. We think you will hear the phrase ”above normal levels” in many a field from now on, as much will seem to be elevated compared to what has been deemed as ”the norm”. Well, let us just say that there will be no ”norm” about the things that will happen as the days and week go by. You will see all sorts of unusual patterns developing, not only in the weather, but things seemingly unconnected will start to behave as they have an unusual interaction not witnessed before. Everything is picking up speed, so too the linking together of so many things that previously have seemed to be not connected to anything at all, and this will have many interesting consequences.

Remember much of what you take for granted is based upon a certainty of a set of unchangeable rules, but now these rules will start to change in so many ways, seemingly at random. The outcome from all of this malleability will be so many malfunctions and glitches in diverse fields, so best be prepared to encounter problems in areas where there have been no problems before. In other words, expect the unexpected, and do not take anything for granted. Humans have a tendency to think themselves as superior to the rest of creation surrounding them, but now they will feel their grasp on this start to slip in so many areas. Remember, you have made yourselves so dependent on all sorts of electronic devices and systems that control so much of your daily life. They are often described as foolproof, but let us just see who will start to look rather foolish as thing starts to escalate and natural forces start to play out in a much broader register than you would have thought they could muster.

Keep your eyes and ears open sweet ones, and stay alert so you do not get sideswiped by something deemed ”unable to fail”. Nothing is guaranteed in this fragile structure you call advanced civilization, so do not be surprised if systems start to show more than a little wear and tear here and there. Just remember not to get caught up in the anxiety this will engender in so many people’s minds. It can be more contageous than you think as people find themselves unable to do the things they take for granted in a ”normal” day. We think you will find that the ”normal” day soon will be a bit more adventurous than you could have hoped for at times, so again we implore you to work on your balance so you will be well equipped to weather the storms that will come your way soon.

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