Aisha North: The Manuscript of Survival – Part 105

By Aisha North

Today, the topic will be a short review of the things that have happened so far in this period, in other words, a short recap of just what these last energy bouts have been all about. As we have already mentioned, on the outside, much will seem to be the same, but that is not the story if you venture under the surface. When we say the surface, we are alluding not only to your bodies, but also the crust of your little planet, and the layers of energy harbouring there. As you might be well aware of by now, not only you but also the whole of your planet is nothing but a living and breathing field of energy, a moving field of currents, never at peace, always transmuting and forever changing. Energy never stays still, it is always seeking new outlets to shift and move about, and although everything around you seems to be solid, nothing really is. This solidness is only a trick of the eye so to speak, as in fact, everything you see is literally flickering in and out of existence in a way, much like a moving picture used to be composed of 24 individual frames or snapshots for each second of animation. This is indeed a scientific fact, and you could be well advised to delve deeper into it, as it will in many ways help you understand just how all of the energetic changes will be able to create such a new set up of parameters for you.

You see, you are all literally made up of tiny, tiny fragments, much like the individual droplets making up a dense fog, but just like the fog, you are nothing but ethereal whisps of smoke. Therefore, changing your whole setup is much more easier than it would appear to an untrained eye, because you can only see yourselves as literally big lumps of solid flesh and bone walking around on very solid ground. Well, let us just say that you are indeed nothing more than highly charged little particles gathered together in groups set up to comprise a single human being, and the planet you walk so confidently upon, is just the same. These words might fog up your brains, as this concept is indeed very difficult to understand, but we touch upon it because it has a vital bearing on the process you are about to complete. You see, this seemingly dense lump of material making up each and every one of you is actually a very, very lightweight cloud of energetically charged particles that responds very well to any outside interference if you will. In other words, by charging you all up with the intelligent energy that is currently being beamed into you into enormous quantities, we can ensure that not only you, but also the ground beneath your feet is being lifted up in vibration, literally made lighter, and thereby ensure that you are being shifted from the lower and heavier density you were trapped inside and up into the next level of existence.

This is a complicated subject, so we will return to it on numerous occasions, but we wanted to shift your focus somewhat from the goings on that you bear witness to each and every day in your mass media. You see, these lower density occurances will keep going on, as there is a whole host of your fellow humans beings who have elected to stay away from these rearranging beams so to speak, and they will continue to play out their well rehearsed roles for as long as they choose to continue this charade. But for those of you who have literally chosen to enlighten yourselves, these barrages of energy have already transmuted and shifted so much of your own energyfields that they have ensured your freedom from these lower realms for eternity. You see, once your load has been lightened in this manner, you cannot go down into the depths yet again, or rather, your whole set up has changed in such a way you have literally been lifted out of the swamp that the others have chosen to stick to. By all means, you can visit them down there, but it will literally be just a visit, as your whole energetical setup will draw you back up again if you descend too low or for too long a period.

We will not delve much deeper into this today, but let us just conlude that the fog is lifting dear ones, and we do mean that in a very literal sense. You have all become even more luminous beings because of these last heavy injections of uplifting energies, and even if you might feel even more heavy because of the physical side effects of this, let us just assure you that you are literally taking your first steps on air, because your sweet home planet has become just that much lighter along with the rest of you. That is all we have for you today sweet ones, but we will assuredly return later on with more on this same subject. Spread your wings dear ones, and get ready to start flexing them in earnest in preparing for that first soloflight of yours.


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