Aisha North: Manuscript of Survival – Part 101

By Aisha North

Today the sun shines down her beautiful gifts yet again, but for many of you, these gifts may not feel as beneficial as they really are. You see, these storms do indeed churn up so much dross you might still harbour inside, and to many, this will bring about many a negative mood during this period of intense bombardement. It might not feel like it at the moment, but all of this is only doing you a world of good – and we do mean that in a very literal sense. However, it might be hard to keep your focus on the real intention of these downloads when you have to struggle with your own internal affairs to call it that. Let us just remind you that just as a sailor in a storm, you would be hard pressed to see that salvation comes in the form of even more waves of the same ferocity, but that is just what is transpiring at the moment. You will all be hammered with so much energy that nothing can be kept hidden away inside of you ever again. And remember, you all carry your own unique luggage around, so this process will be very individual for you all, and therefore the severity and longevity of it all will vary according to how well you have been tidying your closets beforehand.


Remember again, this is not a competition, so best not use the opportunity to compare yourselves and see who is getting the hardest ride at the moment. This is not about who ”finishes” first, this is about who surrenders to this process willingly and understands what it is all about. Not a contest of abilities, just a contest of will, were you are pitted against your own self in so many ways. The outcome of all of this is certainly assured beforehand, because you all came in fully knowing that this would be the perfect storm that you would have to face in order to fulfill you destiny here on this planet.


As we have told you again and again, you have all the necessary strength inside of you to complete this process, even if there still are fearful voices trying to be heard if you choose to listen to them. We advice you therefore to close your ears to these less than fruitful messages they are trying to lure you to pick up on, and rather face the sun and feel how the energies are already surging through your body. Your body and soul knows fully well just how strong you all have become because of this, only your mind will insist on playing tricks on you and literally blind you to your own magnificence.

Do not think that we have given up on you in any way, we just want you to remember that you are all sovereign beings ready to step into the knowledge of being just that, so do not let yourselves be held back by that at times overwhelming stench that inevitably accompanies these bouts of releasing old dross. As we have said before, these bubbles of stagnant energy will certainly make their voice heard as they pop, and now all of this solar activity will force so many of the bubbles to the surface you might have a hard time breathing freely at times. Again, the best answer to this is as always to lift your head and focus on the horizon, and if you think you have heard this advice too many times already, all we can say is that we will indeed keep reminding you of it, as otherwise we know it will be too easy to forget. And when you forget, you might very well trip yourself up by shifting your focus on to all of the negativity pooling around you on all sides as it exits not only your body but also so many beside you. We remind you that this will not be able to taint you again as long as you resist the temptation to stoop down and engage with it again.


Keep marching ahead sweet ones, and know that your speed has been infinitely increased by these last days of solar activity, and it is about to be lifted to a new level by those flares still waiting to come in. Rest assured that all is well even if you feel worse for the wear, and know that your physical body can withstand anything no matter the magnitude of illumination it will receive in the days and weeks ahead. You have become ferociously strong dear ones, and you will need that strength to take you through these storms, so stay focused and connect with your
core, that is our final advice today as it will be in so many upcoming messages.

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