Aisha North: The Manuscript of Survival – Part 100

By Aisha North

As the sun sets tonight, do not forget to give her thanks for the formidable job she is doing to prepare you all for what is to come. She has been abundant in sharing her energy with you these last few hours, and her generosity is far from over. If you only knew how much her gifts will mean to you all, sweet ones! She is showering you with her offerings of love and purity, and this stream of consciousness is so strong it will wash away any traces of grime that is still clinging to you. This process is far from over, as she still has more than a few tricks up her sleve, so be prepared to be deeply touched by her infinite willingness to share of her abundance.

Rejoice sweet ones, you have been awakened to a new day, and this day will certainly count amongst the most important ones in mankind’ s history. Just do not expect to see many traces of it on that superficial facade you call reality. That third dimensional charade will still be going on for quite a while yet, as they have not yet awakened to the fact that nothing will be the same ever again, and so they will continue to play out their parts to perfection. Know that this can only be likened to those phanthom pains signalling the seemingly attachedness of a missing limb, as the body has yet to discover that it has been removed for good. So too will the pains of living inside a world still dominated by that lower density construction also fade away, once you all register the fact that it is only a lingering imprint of what once was.Now the time has come to start to rub the last remnants of sleep from your eyes, and you will all start to see things much more clearly. Stay alert for any passing feeling of disappointment and fear, as they will inevitably follow inn the wake of all of this, and remember to take a deep breath so you can better withstand that new wave coming in from the horizon. Take care sweet ones, you will not want to be taken by surprise by what will happen next, so find your balance and work hard to keep it as you will be tested in more ways than one in these upcoming days.

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