Aisha North: The Manuscript of Survival – Part 98

by Aisha North

Did you hear the clarion call from above sweet ones? The sun is yet again in the throes of multiplying the energies she is kind enough to send your way, and this is only a prelude to what you have in store. Do not think that this is only a superficial event that will light up your skies in pretty colours, no this is actually signifying the onset of a much heralded event that will take you all by storm, if we might use such a word. You see, these energies are triggering major transformations, not only in your bodies, but also in that celestial body you inhabit. In other words, Mother Earth is gearing up for a major event that will signal the beginning of the end. No, not ”the end” as in the end of the world, but the end of the old and the final birthing of the new. This may come as a surprise to those of you still in the throes of doom and gloom, as you will have your hearts set on a transformation set to a pace by humans. In other words, a transformation orchestrated by humans alone, in humanity’s almost unbearably slow pace. Oh no, that will not do, as that would be akin to trying to turn around a massive supertanker in order to avoid a collision. You see, you do not have time to wait for such an agonizingly slow about-turn, so now you will indeed get help from the celestial forces as it were, and we think you will find that things will indeed take on a much faster speed altogether. We could well call it ”the speed of light”, as this is indeed what will signify the startup of this process.


Let us conclude this short message by saying that although what we have referred to in this missive may sound omnious to you, remember that things are never what they seem at face value. You might see something as ”catastrophic” or ”bad” when in fact it is nothing but a very effective cure for an ailment that is slowly but surely strangling its host. And now, the parasites you have been harboring for such a long time will start to realize that their time is up, so they better get ready to relinquish the hold they have on humanity. Freedom is beckoning just around the corner sweet ones, but be prepared that it might be obscured by a haze of fear for a short period of time. That is all we have for you today, but we will soon return with more on the same subject.

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