Horus & Hatonn: Major Change is Underway


Horus and Hatonn via Nancy Tate

Feb 26th, 2012

It is time now for all of you to take another look at what is taking place around your world. It is a time of great movement in the direction of freedom for all. There is one thing that comes up right now that has to do with the media that is surrounding itself with the truth of what can no longer be denied. It is presently re-circumventing the truth to represent what is actually happening, rather than what has been told to them to report.


I Horus, and I Hatonn are here today to bring you the first in many reports of what is to take place in the coming days. There will be a parade of true reports that will come forth from various sources that will all coincide with each other. This is a string of truth that is so much in harmony as to not be denied by anyone who reads them. As this spreads around the globe it will become the known way of reporting the news and also the most trusted way of relaying what is to be coming that will be of benefit to all who reside on this earth.


It will also benefit those who reside within the earth. There have been many beings who have come to the surface, and though they are here incognito up to now, they will be able to begin uncovering their true identities and then step in line with you in bringing to you all the awareness that has been awaiting your welcome.


You will all begin to recognize that there is nothing that can be hidden anymore. There is to be a constant string of communication with all of you. It will all tell of what has been taking place in the background on earth that has enslaved so many of you. You will also hear of what can be done to remove the shackles from your society in a way that is not only freeing, but will bring much joy and love to your lives. It is your time dear ones, and as you open up to this, you will be able to spread the word to those who have in the past been non-believers in what you have tried to share with them.


The ships that will continue to brighten your skies will increase and be more in line with what is to come through the news media. It will be the setting up of the time for disclosure and the available space in which to be welcomed. You will all recognize the truth as you hear it and see it all around you, in your skies and in your hearts as the truth reverberates within your knowingness. It will be as if something you have forgotten has come to the surface and you are realizing its validity.


As this takes place you will come to the grandstand and welcome your family from the universe to your shores. You will know that there is nothing to fear with these visitors and that they bring to you the utmost love and generous gifts that can be seen and realized in your hearts and souls.  You will once again know that you can trust what you hear and that there is a ringing throughout your beingness that confirms that which you know in your heart to be true.


I will be in residence with many of you in the times to come. I will come to your door and announce my presence to be of a significant purpose for you and your next moves. I will show you who welcome me to your home that I am there for a reason that has been agreed upon and that will be a part of opening you to your next step in your contract. Many of your contracts have been rewritten in the past few months and years because of what has been taking place that was not seen to be in the works for you on earth. That is because this whole picture of what has been taking place has been one of newness and learning for all of us.


We have gained much insight from what has taken place within the past ten years especially, and with this knowledge we have gained much in the way of what can be accomplished and how far the fear can take anyone with the shifting energies that come from allowing oneself to go further in the evolutionary process without the restrictions that have been laid in the past. This has opened up a whole new disclosure of energetic creation that has brought all of us to far deeper conclusions than ever before. We realize that no matter how much deeper the fear has brought us we are still able to surmount that and come back to the Light from which we began this journey into the realization of what we are capable of.


You are all to be congratulated for the innate knowing that you carry about how much you are connected to The Source. You are on your way back to the truth of who you are, and once the threshold has been passed it will be in an instant that you will know what you have accomplished and how beautiful your family is. I am here for you. Anytime that you feel the urge, call on me and I will be at your side in one way or another.


You will be remembering what you are capable of, and that is one of the things that this whole message today is about. You are awakening to your inner truth, and I am here along with so many of your family to welcome you back to the next step that awaits your remembrance. Look at what comes to you now in the media and see the subtle, and sometimes abrupt changes in what is revealed. You will know that the tables have turned and they are spinning on into the truth that blesses us all.


Thank you dear Horus and Hatonn

Love, Nancy Tate


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