Missing $16 Trillion: New Petition on Whitehouse.gov

Missing $16 Trillion: New Petition on whitehouse.gov

Thanks to Nathan

A petition calling for an immediate public investigation into the missing $16 Trillion that Lord James of Blackheath raised in the British House of Lords on February 16, has just been listed on the White House site.

Here’s the full link:https://wwws.whitehouse.gov/petitions/%21/petition/investigate-federal-reserves-activity-and-missing-16-trillion-dollars-spent-without-congressional/SH7CmD1P?utm_source=wh.gov&utm_medium=shorturl&utm_campaign=shorturl

This is the petition in full:

we petition the obama administration to:

Investigate the Federal Reserve’s activity and the missing 16 trillion dollars spent without congressional approval.

Begin a public investigation into the evidence Lord James of Blackheath brought before the House of Lords on February 16, 2012. 16 trillion dollars is missing from the American people as well as from various other countries around the world. Prove to us you want an honest government and take the lead by investigating these allegations immediately.

As usual 25,000 signatures are required to get this moving. Deadline is March 25, 2012.