Aisha North: The Manuscript of Survival – Part 89 This Period is the Most Challenging



Let us begin this missive by confirming that although on the outside much seems to be very quiet, underneath there is much turmoil at the moment, and we think you have all picked up on this one way or the other. You see, you are so connected to everything now, you cannot help but be exposed to all that is transpiring not only in your realm, but also in the rest of creation. For many, this will take the form of a deep unease, a feeling of disconnection and a feeling of longing. This longing may be very unspecific, but it will be strong, and the reason for this is easy to explain.


As you have started to open the doors to your hidden memorybank, you have also started to feel the pull from back home, therefore this strong sense of disconnection from your current surroundings will just become stronger, and the call from your ancestry will be heard ever louder inside of you. Remember that these are just sings of adjustment, and although they may feel very unsettling at the moment, you will soon learn to balance these conflicting feelings of living in two different worlds at the same time. In addition, the rest of the worlds inhabitants are starting to feel the pressure more and more, and you cannot help but be affected by this also. It is important that you learn to discern what is emmanating from your own core and what is echoing in from your surroundings. As we have said earlier, you must manage to have a clear view of what is yours, and what belongs to others, as otherwise you might be overwhelmed by this heavy burden of anxiety that is emmanating from everyone around you. Remember, they are feeling the pressure of a system that is falling apart around them, so they cannot help but react with more fear. You, on the other hand, must be vigilant and keep your focus on the truth of this process, namely the fact that you are watching the birth of a whole new world simultaneously as the old system is grinding to a screeching halt.


You must in other words focus on the ever growing amount of light that is literally suffusing everything around you, and try not to be dragged down into the darkness that is keeping the light out from the hearts of so many others. You have a choice in this as you always have, and for now, be aware that the darkness will seem to be even more profound than before. But again, remember that this is only a trick of the eye, as your brains cannot adjust to the new levels of energy just yet. In other words, you will have a much clearer view of the remnants of the darkness than the huge volume of light that is currently being injected into your atmosphere, and therefore there will be some that choose to disregard this light altogether and lose their hearts and lose their way and stumble back into the small pockets of darkness that is still in existence around you.


We do not condemn any of you if you too should lose the grasp on your sanity as it were and fall back a notch or two, as this period will probably be amongst the most challenging you will encounter.


We do not say this to scare you in any way, we just want you to know that we are well aware of the battle that will be raging between many a heart and mind in this upcoming period. You see, in your heart of hearts you all know fully well that although turmoil might erupt at any time around you, all is well and just as it is meant to be. But in your mind, things might take on another meaning, as it will try to tell you that everything is wrong, nothing is going according to plan, and you seem to be further from the goal than you have been before. If you can remember to check in with your hearts message at regular intervals, it will be so much easier to override the minds supposed voice of reason, and you will not have any problems in navigating the choppy waters ahead.


If you find yourselves succumbing to that negativity residing in your mind, ask for help and guidance from those around you that manage to keep their inner channels of communication open at all times. There will always be someone in your vicinity that can help you to boost your strength and resolve in some way or another, and we remind you again that strength is indeed in numbers, and for now, it is vital that you do not insist on going solo for the next stage of this journey.


Connect in any way you can with souls that you can resonate with, and together you will make each other more resistant to the intrusion of negative thoughts that will suppurate from the ocean of unawakened souls as things start to escalate around them. You must try to be islands of clear headedness in this ocean of fear, and in order to manage that, lift your eyes from the churning seas and focus on all of these other islands of calmness that surrounds you in every direction on the horizon. In addition, be sure to reach out to us, and know that we are standing by your side day and night, so even if you will at times feel like the loneliest person in the universe, know that nothing could be further from the truth. You are literally surrounded by love and light on all sides, so be sure to open your heart to it whenever you feel the fog of forgetfullness approaching you. Together you will make it to the other side of this approaching storm, but alone, you will indeed have a hard time keeping your head above the swells. Be calm sweet ones, even if a storm is approaching, you must not fear. You can weather out anything now, even if your scared little mind might try to tell you otherwise.


You are all wearing a shining armour of light, so never let your guard down by dismissing your own strength. Your heart is so much stronger than your mind is, so again, stay in your heart and all will be well. We wish you a safe journey sweet ones, and remember that we are with you all of the way, no matter what transpires in these next few days and weeks. This may sound omnious, but rest assured that all is going according to plan, and as long as you keep your focus on the light, you will fare well.


Fear is the only thing that can penetrate your armour, so be sure to call for assistance if you feel it coming too close. And remember to look out for your bretherns too. A helping hand is much appreciated whenever someone find themselves standing less sure on their feet than usual. And now, you might find this balancing act a bit more challenging than usual. You will not fall, even if your mind is a bit wobbly at times, at least as long as you remember to balance yourselves by listening to the truth you always find inside of your heart.


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