Shimmering Ones: You Are Moving Into the Higher Vibrations

Shimmering Ones via Karen Doonan

Greetings dear ones, we come to guide and support as you now begin to move in vibration and cast off the veils that have held you in place for aeons. We are the Shimmering Ones and we come to guide and support you all as you now move beyond the veils and begin your journey back to SELF.

We embrace you in the colours of gold and purple and we ask that you breathe in these colours as you read our guidance. For all is vibration and all is perfect. Process all of our words through the heart and FEEL the vibrations change and shift as you begin to hear SELF for we are you and you are we.

We are here for each one of you as you now begin to realise the strength that you posses and the strength that YOU ARE. Many are now able to reach out to those around them and hold the space for the growth of the human race. All are now moving at speed towards the energies that are heightening, at times this may feel as if it is going too fast, too soon but all is perfect and we guide once more that you are at the helm dear ones. The sensations you feel as you unlock levels of SELF your guide to the next part that unfolds for you. We guide for each one of you to BREATHE, the breath is the tool to use during the next few days as all around you begins to shift and to move once more. Remember dear ones, it is not only your vibration that alters at this time, mother earth is also shifting and the synching between you and mother earth is vital.

We ask that you go within often and listen to your heart, for all that is needed is anchored within you, it is encoded into your being. We ask that you listen to the heart and question all that you do not recognise for it may be shown to you in other ways. Each one of you may use a different way to connect to the realms that now gather around you and we guide for you to realise and accept this. Look not to your fellow human and wonder why they can hear but you are deaf for perhaps you can see, do you understand our guidance?

Each one of you has a skill that is more honed than the other but all can come into balance. Many of you are unable to use your eyes for you have viewed much trauma over lifetimes and timelines. Clearing of the trauma will see the gift of sight returned and we guide all to process this. If you are unable to hear your guides and your star brothers and sisters again this may be trauma from other lifetimes and timelines, going within and allowing the healing to begin will allow the gift of hearing be returned to you.

The soul is in charge of the unfolding of the new for you each have had conference with your soul within the energies of the new. Those who are now taking up their posts in the space holding of mother earth have awakened to the depth that is needed and they will guide and support those who now are awakening and learning to hear and see once more as children of the universe. We guide for you all to realise that all is perfect and detach from the dramas that seek to keep your eyes sealed and your hearing dull. We guide for you to detach from comparison to other humans as those around you are not YOU.

Much is now shifting and changing for all of you and we guide for you to ground your energies for that which you call home is also a teaching of distortion, home is your planet of incarnation it is not the bricks and mortar that the teachings taught you. We guide this for you to see the veils that are now trying to show you that all is same. There is no same dear ones for energy always is shifting and moving and finding balance and that is becoming more and more apparent to those now in the flow of the new energies. Do you see the patterns within your very BEing? Do you see how the energies form and shift and shape and do you recognise the cycles that are within you? we guide for you to take note and to work with all the energies. Frustration will arise when you are out of sync with the cycles, frustration will arise when you try to move forward when the energies ask that you take time out to grow and

cleanse and clear. For all is not DOing, you are human BEings and we guide for you to acknowledge, absorb and anchor this TRUTH. Many are feeling high frustration and are building this frustration by constantly DOing, we guide for you to look to these teachings of distortion and allow them to dissolve.

Frustration working to show you that which you are not clearly able to see and we guide for all to go within and ask to be shown when frustration begins to rise. All that stands between you and the dream that you create are the boundaries put in place by the teachings of distortion. We are here to guide you through these and we ask for you to reach out and connect with us when you need us. For we are here with you reading our words and we are around and within you for we are you and you are we.

That which is termed old energy will now be on the last stages of clinging on, more and more humans able to dream the new dream will see the old hanging on by the fingertips and we guide for you to spare no thought to the old, for thinking is the tool that was used by the old to keep you contained and suppressed. We note that many are caught in this tool of distortion and we guide that logic and thinking is not how to move within the new energies. Be guided by how you feel regardless of how it looks to your eyes and sounds to your ears for both are still being worked upon and cleared as you move through the unlocking of levels of SELF process.

That which you cannot see but can feel may also give rise to much frustration and you try to find a way to prove to yourself that what you feel is real. Do you see the paradox? Do you see how the seeds of the teachings of distortion can move in and multiply when you reach this step? To allow all to dissolve we ask that you begin the process in FAITH and TRUST of SELF. Your SOUL took you to this planet to learn, expand and grow and your SOUL is now your guiding light in this voyage of discovery of SELF. TRUST is grown by asking and by observing and responding. This is not a process that is viewed and not interacted with, clearing is only done by allowing all to go. Thinking is not the way forward for the mind will always look to the paradigms it was given to function within. We guide that often the learning and accepting comes after the clearing, the allowing of the dissolving of the old giving way to a clarity of vision that would have been impossible to have prior to the dissolving. Do you see our guidance? Do you see our analogy?

The need to be within the heart ever uppermost for more and more humans. We guide for all to reach out to one another and to hold the space for this clarity, hold the space, do not lead, do not preach just hold the space knowing that all is perfect and watch as all transforms. The new is not leading, the new is not preaching, the new is not learning it is remembering. We ask that you go within into your heart and allow the memories to surface.

We are the Shimmering Ones and we walk with you into the new energies and the unfolding of the new earth. For that which was promised is delivered, that which was foretold is being formed and we ask that all begin to see with the clarity of vision that comes from allowing the dissolving. The teachings of distortion may be familiar but they are not TRUTH, that is found within, we are honoured to share this journey as you begin your road home. We are the Shimmering Ones and we send you much love and many blessings as you begin your journeys.

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