Enlightened Beings: How Discipline Leads to Freedom

Jafree Ozwald | Enlightened Beings | February 14 2012


If you are not experiencing a positive state of mind every morning and throughout the day, your mind is not disciplined yet. When your wild horses have gone through 90 days of training to remain in the here and now, you will have achieved a great level of mind mastery. As this happens, you are freed from your mind’s obsessive chattering, incessant analyzing, dissecting, and chomping on trivial information. The more you train the mind the easier it becomes to realize that the disciplined mind is the freed mind.


If you want to magically turn your life around this year, and start feeling more librated, enlightened, empowered and abundant, then there’s one simple thing you’ll want to do. Integrate self-discipline of exercise, eating super healthy and daily meditation into your daily life. I’ve definitely not always been the most disciplined person in my past, yet I’ve always found that when I am, I instantly boost my “manifesting vibration” and amazing rewards start pouring forth.

Self-discipline may sound like a small prison cell, unless you allow yourself to experience the joy, unlimited energy and consciousness it is meant to open up for you. Discipline comes from the word disciple, which means to follow a master and that master is your higher self. When you are disciplined, you are following your highest path. Discipline is the missing ingredient that will awaken you from the world that is asleep to their manifesting powers, and allow you to truly break through any stuckness, stagnation and laziness in your personal life.


The best advice I was ever given in my life was to become really quiet inside and listen. There were many days where I tried to discipline my mind by learning meditation. I tried very hard to focus my mind, be really quiet and then everything just got noisier. I attempted every meditation technique in the book, searching for that magical solution that would “fix” me. After many months of trial and error, I realized that nothing worked except for one thing, consistency! When I started meditating daily, I noticed that it did not matter what technique I used. It was the continuous practice and discipline of the mind that was the technique itself. My life began to unfold in many magical ways. All I needed was a little self-discipline!

In order to make discipline a solid long-term habit, it is important to adopt a healthy state of rebelliousness and a solid sense of responsibility towards your dreams. Notice what are the thoughts you repetitively think that you feel a need to transcend? Amazing things occur when you are conscious of these thoughts, and radical enough to break through any fear-based patterns that arise. If it takes 10,000 baby steps to get there, then that’s what it takes and it is worth every moment of the journey. Self-Discipline is your ticket to freedom as you are practicing true rebelliousness and engaging a response-ability to your life that takes your vibration higher to achieving your dreams.


Have you ever noticed that people who are struggling with their lives, or are a walking complaint factory have ZERO discipline? They cannot shut off their minds or their mouths for even 10 seconds! They let their wild horses drag them in and out of the pigpens everyday, creating a dramatic mess and emotional stink for everyone. Most of these people are not even conscious that they are being negative. They think life is a constant struggle and that is exactly what they create!


“Turn within and you will become free and liberated, because it’s all a dream.” ~Robert Adams


Through the years, people have given me many wonderful excuses for not eating healthy, exercising and meditating daily. All of these excuses are based on fear, and exemplify a lack of focus and commitment to manifesting the ultimate dream life. A few of these excuses sound like, “I cannot do it alone”, “I tried it many times and it didn’t work”, “I am not sure if I am doing it right”, “I cannot sit still for 5 minutes”, “I’m too old or out of shape”, and ”I don’t like to sit and do nothing!” An excuse is a proclamation of your lack of power. Drop it! Fill that empty hole with a curiosity, courage and decision to create any reality you want. By holding onto your excuses, you create more difficulty in awakening the manifesting magnet within you!

When your mind is disciplined to be here now, you will be able to remain focused on what you want and you will experience less suffering and resistance in life. If you think discipline is hard for you, think about how much more painful it is to NOT achieve your dreams. If you absolutely cringe when you hear the word discipline, it is time to explore the secrets that will help you transcend it and even love this powerful force. Below are the 3 secrets to creating everlasting self-discipline in your life.


The 1st Secret is to turn all discipline into devotion! What if the act of being disciplined was more like making love, and you simply were excited about what you were doing and devoted to experiencing it no matter what distractions happened? Olympic athletes are a prime example of what a devoted mind can create. Their love for winning the gold medal is much bigger than the painful discipline of their training routine. Their motivation comes from a place of love for their life dream, making them devoted to doing their best! As the old saying goes, do what you love and the goodies will follow.

The 2nd Secret is to acknowledge where you are already disciplined, and how that already is creating freedom in your life. What was the mindset you had when you manifested the three greatest accomplishments of your life? What motivated you to achieve those experiences and what actions did you take to physically accomplish them? Discipline will not lead to freedom unless you decide that you are choosing to follow through with your intentions based on your free will. Why do you want to be disciplined? Just because someone said you should? That won’t work in the long run! Think about all the benefits you will receive from this discipline. The reason why we do the things we do is where we get our motivation and power. Inspired daily actions are the foundation for a strong successful mindset, and are the roots which provide nourishment for your wings to take flight.


The 3rd Secret to everlasting healthy discipline is to call upon the power of your inner enforcer. This is that part of you that naturally pushes and encourages you to do things. It is your will power. Your enforcer is deeply in touch with those feelings around reaching your desire. There is a BURNING DESIRE inside your enforcer to achieve your dream! It is hard to access your enforcer when you have been unmotivated and undisciplined for many months and years. If this sounds like you, your enforcer may be out of shape and require a new workout. By employing your enforcer frequently, you will gain momentum and create many results in your world.


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