John Lear Contradicts Neptune ‘Joy-Ride’ Account

Posted by Steve Beckow

Again I don’t think I can not return to mention this matter. With this post, I believe I’ve now attended to all loose threads and will not be posting more unless a matter again arises that I cannot fail to address.

John Lear has denied that he wrote the account alleged to have come from him saying he was on board the Neptune. Here is his denial posted to Godlike Productions:

Re: I am the real John Lear… ask me a question

The following missive has been travelling through out the universe with a story that is absolute nonsense. Normally I would play along for a little fun. But in this case I think that would only muddy the waters as I think this is clearly a disinformation attempt to discredit me. I mean, why bother? Anyway, have a nice read but its only nonsense. the original spelling has not been corrected. I’ve never heard of a Mr. Beckow.

have heard of John and I accept his credibility without question.  I don’t believe his denial is a fake or a contrivance.

His URL is His email address is available in his profile on Godlike Productions. (1) I don’t think it would be fair of me to post it here.


Grener appears to have said that it was John Lear who was on board the ships. I post the relevant part of the transcript here.

SB: All right, Grener. Thank you. I’m going to ask you three questions that I hope you’ll answer just very quickly so that I don’t lose too much of this hour to them.

Accounts are starting to emerge of people who are claiming to be on the Neptune. There’s one account that features a description from John Lear, who used to write about UFOs and Area 51. Is that an accurate, reliable account?

G: Yes.

SB: Some people raised their eyebrows when he said he put a deodorant strip under his arms. Is that true?

G: Well, you can do whatever you want! That is the thing. You don’t have to.

SB: But the account was—

G: But frankly, that would be quite unusual.

SB: So the account was accurate?

G: There are some accounts that are coming forward that are very accurate—

SB: All right.

G: —‌and will be shown as reliable, some more than others.

SB: Including photographs?

G: That is correct.

One could say things like, well, Grener did not directly say it was John Lear’s account, when I asked him to confirm he did not directly answer me, etc. But that would be splitting hairs and prevaricating.

I’d like to talk to Grener first before reaching a final conclusion about his own statement. But certainly, the claim that the original account came from John Lear has been successfully contradicted. Whether the CIA or some other agency put it out is not known.

Whether Grener can or cannot reconcile his own statement remains to be seen. I will ask him about the matter after I return.



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