Saint Germaine: Clearing Contractions to Anchor More Light

Compte de Saint Germaine via Aruna

Children of God need to become their own teachers. Never before have as many conscious beings lived as mentors and guides. Never before have the Masters and Angels been as available. But neither of these conditions is what we want. We want each of those asking to be guided, to lighten up their need, and discover that ample awareness is available within themselves.

Need is a negative attitude. Nothing contained in a needy attitude draws new and different content. Only drama comes in as a response to mental demands for new and different. Once grace has an opportunity to create the next gifts or dreams for a more de-lightful life, the “need” is no longer an obstacle. Being the admirer of a “needed” or “wanted” item will be adequate for attracting this or a more appropriate substitute. Now the mention of goals will be enough to advance towards achieving them. Having “no desires” does not mean complete distain of what makes life fun. It means the detachment of mental neutrality, seeing a request as merely another thought should a choice not materialize. What makes a choice materialize is caring for others, not longing for a particular thing or person to appear. Neutral comments do not make the longing disappear, only neutral attitudes.

Peace is NOW, not when all desires are delivered. Only NOW do you have the ability to decree anything. A decree is a clear declaration of manifestation, a goal or conclusion needing your attention. An example: I decree my goal of becoming an angel in this lifetime. Another: I decree that my caring for others can change their lives and mine. Or: I decree that my negative thoughts are not my actual attitudes. Never decree a desire to dominate God’s will. All decrees are naming what your intention is and not for controlling any change that makes this occur.

Contractions are more complex. When a child is not able to deal with an activity that occurs in opposition to its natural way of being, it closes down the chakras and negates the ability of an etheric energy to pass through them with ease. Chakras then do not move as they could until another day’s clearing manages to delete the closure. Clearing the disturbance opens the chakra and allows more awareness to align the body with its master within. Clearing deep, negative memories can cause new levels of health also. Can you clear all of your contractions? No, not unless an awakening completes the anchoring of light and deletes the remaining contractions.

Many do clearing to lead to awakening. Some do more after awakening. The less contracted one is, the easier it is to awaken. After awakening, a deepening of light into the body cancels all contractions as it aligns the mind and awareness as One.

First comes a dense thought that becomes an obstacle to more awareness. Then comes the dense, negative attitude that drains the light on all levels of existence. Third is the cause of many corresponding details in non-awareness appearing in daily life to mirror the contraction. Forth comes clearing or dis-ease. Clearing is not only to become awakened, it is aso for misalignments being contained before they manifest undesirable consequences ( i.e. holding a grudge can manifest a direct action against a grudge holder).

Are you deleting contractions now? If so, good! Can you do it all in one clearing? Never—ongoing clearing is needed for those who have ever been mad, grieving or depressed. Only those who are fully awakened are clear; deepening or an initial awakening is usually needed to conclude all recurring, non-aligned dense attitudes. However, cause and effect are over as a consequence of that initial awakening.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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