Reversing the Irreversible – How 37 People Cured Diabetes, Cancer, Eczema, IBS, High Blood Pressure and More

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

(NaturalNews) Valya Boutenko’s newest film release reveals the true story of how 37 people reversed so-called “incurable” disease by unleashing their innate healing powers. Flying in the face of conventional medical wisdom — which really isn’t wise at all — this film celebrates the simple yet powerful truths about reversing chronic disease that the established medical system won’t dare talk about.

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In this film, 37 participants share their remarkable stories about suffering from “incurable” chronic diseases like fibromyalgia, psoriasis, diabetes, colitis, edema and many more. Each one of these participants reversed chronic disease using simple methods of living foods nutrition that anyone can make part of their daily living.

Through an exclusive arrangement with Valya Boutenko, this film is now available for instant streaming from NaturalNews.TV, the internet’s fastest-growing library of natural health films, documentaries and user-created videos. Get full access to “Reversing the Irreversible” now at:

Healing miracles from the USA, Canada, Australia, Thailand and more

These true, documented healing testimonials come from people all across the world who have opened their eyes to the truth that the “drugs and surgery” medical industry refuses to acknowledge. They have lifted the veil of pharmaceutical delusion and come to discover that your body wants to heal itself. All it needs is the right ingredients, not patented synthetic chemicals.

If you’ve been looking for the inspiration to finally revolutionize your own healing journey and overcome chronic disease, this film delivers just what you need. These true stories are uplifting, mind-expanding and packed with information that may help you find a similar journey to lifelong health and happiness.

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Once you get the film, it stays in your NaturalNews.TV library forever, and you can watch it an unlimited number of times from any computer, anytime. Show it to your friends and family members so they, too, can benefit from this amazing, enlightening education about what’s really possible in the world of healing.

Conventional medical doctors don’t know this information! The government’s health agencies (FDA, CDC, HHS, etc.) absolutely refuse to acknowledge the fundamental truths revealed here. This is a whole new world of healing truth that “the establishment” absolutely does not want you to know about. (And why? Because it sets you free. It releases you from being a slave to the medical system.)

This documentary is currently on sale at NaturalNews.TV, and by purchasing this film you help support the Boutenkos in their mission to spread the word about reversing disease with living foods. You also help support NaturalNews in its mission to keep seeking out these extraordinary films and make them available to you. No one else in the world is doing this because there’s not much profit to be found in it. But we think it’s important for humanity, and that’s why we continue to make such films available for you to acquire at affordable prices.

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  1. Not truth ,that nobody is talking or using that method
    Try : new german medicine
    Both are amasing

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