Conscious Media Network: Update on Economic Developments

I have no doubt that many of you are waiting word for an update regarding the announcement of the new global economic offerings. Some of you have written to us asking what comes next. I can safely say that this has been an interesting journey for all concerned.

First, I would like to reiterate that the group behind this announcement was utterly shocked at the resentment and anger from the public directed at their efforts. While it is entirely understandable in the climate of the times that there would be a great amount of suspicion of anyone portending to come to the direct assistance of the public at large, the people behind this have reportedly been working for years to bring this new offering forward and were caught off guard at the depth of suspicion. For this reason, they are proceeding with greater caution, erring on the side of having all ducks in a row to show proofs before much more will be said. The following is what I have been given to share with you by way of an immediate update.

“The Group was surprised at the negative reaction following the initial announcement and is carefully considering now how to best unfold this information. Meanwhile, movement is underway, and a number of projects that benefit humanity have been identified and positioned for funding purposes.  This is an extensive undertaking that involves many people.”

Beyond this, we will all need to simply participate fully in our own lives, without falling into a state of “want” at the possibilities that lie before us. This new use of resources is said to be a process so large, so far-reaching and revolutionary, that there is no room for false promises nor hasty declarations.

As I stated in my last blog, ‘Dream On’, it is, however, a time to identify how we choose to live our lives and what beautiful thing we have in us that we choose to offer to the whole. THIS is the most direct path to our own good – whether it is supported economically or not.

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  1. There is only one move for them: prove it. Why would we listen to them when our corrupt officials are also pretending to be white knights. The people are done with mere words. This is a society in which liars abound and are rewarded for the grandiosity of their “fibs”. No sympathy here.

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