Cosmic Awareness Speaks on Steve Beckow, David Wilcock, and Georgi Stankov


Cosmic Awareness via Will Berlinghoff

QUESTIONER: There is a question from PM in Long Beach California.  He is asking this question in regards to the reliability of Dr. Georgi Stankov, Steve Beckow and David Wilcock.  Steve Beckow edits “the 2012th scenario” website and David Wilcock has written  The Source Field Investigations and publishes the website.  I follow the postings of post individuals with great interest.  Recently I discovered Dr. Georgi Stankov and he seems to have a number of articles that resonate with my own thinking.  However, the entity Dr. Georgi Stankov has a habit of abrasiveness towards both Steve Beckow  and David Wilcock which seems inappropriate for one who claims to be Ascended Master.  I request from Awareness…

COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness intervenes and asks who is making the claim that he is an Ascended Master?  Georgi Stankov?  You will find always that Ascended Masters do not claim their ascendancy; they simply  are it.  This being said, the answer is clear: this man is not an Ascended Master.

QUESTIONER: Very good; and the reliability of Stephen Beckow and David Wilcock?

COSMIC AWARENESS: These two are earnest individuals seeking to present information.  The entity David Wilcock is seen to have an ego and enjoys the popularity he has received since his claim that he is the reincarnation of Edgar Cayce.  Saying this, much of his information is valid and worthy and one simply needs to bypass the personality.  He is at least not claiming to be an Ascended Master.  As to the middle individual Stephen Beckow, again it seems this man is sincere and honest.  There is seen to be some manipulations around him, some giving of misinformation, but it is not the worst this Awareness has seen, and as long as everyone who reads his material applies the Golden Rule of always asking questions, of not simply embracing it as the complete truth and the only source of the truth, then reading his information and being open, it is the kind of information that is beneficial to a questioning mind and a questioning soul.

This is the same information, of course, that this Awareness continually gives to any and all sources. Even Georgi Stankov has information that is somewhat valid, often resonating as the truth, but you must discriminate that which is his truth from his personality, and see that his anger in life and his verbosity, his willingness to seriously attack others and even be rude and demeaning in his criticisms – marks him not only as a non-ascended being but someone who may not even ascend in this lifetime.  Is this clear?

QUESTIONER: Yes it is. He had an attack against Paul Ruzicki and he was very, very rude and not talking very nice, not demanding respect, definitely not.

COSMIC AWARENESS:  Does this not simply show the character of the man?  All else is redundant after this point.

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