The Manuscript of Survival: Today marks a New Day – Part 80

By Aisha North

Today will seem like just another day for many of you, but nothing could be further from the truth. You see, today marks the demarkation between the old and the new, in other words we will use this day as a marker for when the first humans were finally welcomed over to the other side. When we say the other side, we refer of course to the fact that the timelines you have been straddling for some time now will start to diverge, and you will slowly but surely see how the old dissipates and the new starts to emerge, literally from the shadows that covers the old.


This may sound strange, but let us give you some examples as to what this will entail. We have previously touched upon the fact that you are now approaching the point of no return, and this is in fact what we have been alluding to. This is a day that will in many ways go down in the historybooks as the day when everything changed, but on the outside, nothing much will give away any hint of this momentous moment. No, there will be no fanfare, no special numerical sequence in your calendar that sticks out, no celestial miracles or omens, just a seemingly normal day, much like the others that come and go. But this day will certainly leave it´s mark on all of you who have already decided to cast their lot with the new world, as you have now taken that final, decisive step across the border and into unknown territory. But the strange thing is, this unknown territory will feel so much more like home than the place where you were born and spent all of your previous lives, and you will get a strong sense of finally, finally coming home, after so many lifetimes on a planet that felt more and more foreign to you.


Your connections with the remnants that are stilll lingering in the third dimensional effigy that the rest of this little planet´s inhabitants still refer to as Earth will fade away one by one. One day not too far off, the last link that still holds you down there in some ways will be severed, and you will finally be free in every sense of the word. This may seem to be a mere fiction of imagination, as you all have countless of these threads going back and forth between you and the old world, but we think you will be amazed at the speed of this severance process. We are well aware that for now, the old world and all of its connotations will have a powerful grip on your minds, as it is only a few individuals who have managed to make themselves independent of all of the old systems that still governs the rest of you. Remember, your society has been set up in such a way that it guarantees the disempowerment of its citizens, as it is not easy to do without everything controlled by the world of finance and governments that surrounds you on all sides. But now, these institutions are crumbling one by one, and their stranglehold on you all is lessening by the day. We hasten to add that from your point of view, it will seem to be different, as you have yet to be able to free yourselves from this illusion of a man made existence, where everything and everyone is beholden to a system that is so rigid and conform it has literally sucked you dry in more ways than one.


But now, as these worlds are starting to drift apart, you will be able to breathe the unpolluted air that will help you to see things so much more clearly, and with clarity comes strength, and you will be able to use this newfound strength to rip off the last of these hooks and barbs originating in the old way of thinking and living. Remember, your freedom does not come in the form of a liberating army, suddenly appearing in the form of shining ships hovering above your planet. No, it comes in the form of every individual human being called to find his or her voice, the voice that has been dimmed down for centuries inside of them. This voice is starting to gain strength, and what it says carries more weigth than anything else in the universe – literally. For if you refuse to listen to that voice and heed its advice, then nothing we can do will change your destiny.


You are the only one who decides if it´s time to wake up and face the consequences of the life you have been tricked into believing is the only way to live, and if you do so, you can be certain that you will find the strength to rip this old fabric of lies asunder and start afresh in the new world unburdened by that baggage of fear and guilt. If not, you will stay behind in the morass of disillusion and disbelief, where the sea of fear will rise ever higher as the days go by and all hope seems to drain out from the broken containers holding the old way of living. The choice is yours sweet ones, and for so many of you, the choice has been easy. You have already stepped across the divide, and you have embarked upon a journey towards the first part of your new life. Bon voyage dear ones! Remember, you are not travelling solo, we are with you all of the way, and soon that will become more and more apparent as the shores of yesterday starts to fade away on the horizon.

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  1. I have a question. I’m actually not sure if this is really the proper place on the site to post it but, here goes. I’m a regular meditator and lately I’ve been receiving visions. I believe these to be messages from Pleiadians. I’m not sure if they’re supposed to make sense yet, at least not from a third dimensional point of view. My main question is: am I supposed to be doing anything with them (sharing them with others, making preparations, etc.) If one of the site’s administrators would be so kind as to email me when they get some time, (, I would be more than happy to share in more detail. Until then, thank you and much love light and blessings.

    • I will e-mail you shortly, Shadow.

      Be Well,


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