Aisha North: Manuscript of Survival Part 79 – A Peak Behind the Veils

 27 January 2012 |
Galactic Love Reporter Aisha North

Our mission today is to give you further insight into your very near future, in other words, give you a sneak preview behind the veils as it were. You do not have long to wait now, sweet souls, as your call for freedom have been heard. We are all eagerly awaiting the day when we meet again face to face, for of course we have met before on so many happy occasions. You do not perhaps have any clear memories of these previous meetings, and rightly so, because if you did, you would indeed have a hard time returning to your physical bodies and rejoin this mortail coil as it were.


Let us explain. You are in so many ways one of us, but as you chose to leave these lofty abodes to come down to earth and join the throngs there, you needed to forget your origins in more ways than one. You see, we are all well aware that residing on Planet Earth in a physical vehicle such as yours, is by no means an easy sojourn to make. As we have touched upon earlier, this planet is a place for educating souls, and no place else in the multiverse are the lessons as hard as they are here. That is why so many souls choose to go here, as this is the only place to experience so much hardship and toil, a place for stretching your limits in many ways if you will. But in order to do just that, the memories of a previous existence needs to be obliterated. If not, the temptation to leave all of this toil behind and return home to a much more peaceful existence would be high indeed, and that will not do, as all of the souls gathered here now have a very specific task to fulfill while residing in an actual physical body. In other words, in order to complete the task of rising the level of energy on your planet, we need the presence of enlightened human beings, as they are the only ones that can anchor all of the needed frequencies that constitutes this ascension process.


We are aware that for many, the lingering memories of a much more comfortable and certainly far less dramatic existence have been making themselves heard, and for them, the idea of staying much longer in this density that currently envelopes your planet seemed to be too much. Therefore, many leave, but if they do, they also let go of their end of the line so to speak. In other words, they sever the connection that has been made between them, the incoming energies and the surface of the planet. It is like letting go of an anchor so that it is pulled free, thereby increasing the strain on all of the other anchors that hold the connection true. So if you have felt the strain escalating at times, this might well be the reason.


Never fear that the strain will be too much, because every time one of you let go and flee home, there is always another one waking up, ready to step forward and pull in the slack. We would never allow the connection to go completely, and as the number of awakened souls is steadily rising, that will never be the case. But we put this out there as a reminder that your job does not only entail a personal ascension, you are also here to do a very, very important job on behalf of everyone else. Some people do not see that, and when they feel that they cannot resist to let go of their connection to your world, they think that it is only a personal release to let themselves return to the heavenly realms to call it that. So again, it is imperative to keep in mind that although it can at times be very unpleasant to anchor all of this energy through a very hard working physical body, it is in fact the reason why you all are here. So please remain firm, as you have been well chosen for this task. And remember, you chose this task for yourselves as well, it was not forced upon you. And please, remember to rejoice in the fact that you have certainly far surpassed any expectations already as to how high a level of energy you would be able to process in this timespan.


So let us just return to the topic we started on, namely the near future and what it might hold in store for you all. As we have said, the veils are indeed thinning, and as they do, you will be able to reclaim your embedded memories from your old existence once again. You see, the time has come for you to straddle two worlds, in more ways than one. For just as you at the moment are straddling two timelines, or rather, have one foot in the old world and one in the new, so too will you be able to simultaneously occupy the realms of Planet Earth and the realms from where you harken. That is because you are all becoming sufficiently strong enough to rejoin your loved ones from back home while still residing in a human body, as you now will be able to do so without being tempted to let go of the anchor that holds your connection to earth. And with this reconnection to home, so much will follow, and instead of weakening your resolve to endure the rest of this arduous escalation process, it will in fact strenghten it, as you will once again reclaim all of your faculties.


You know so well by now that you are something far more than a mere mortal human, and that you can claim powers that far surpasses anything you thought would be possible. Now the time has come to see just how powerful you all are, and this will show you in so many ways that you are more than able to fight this battle to the end. In other words, you are as the famous superheroes in your cartoons, able to literally carry the world on your shoulders. And you are carrying it up to it´s rightful place, far above that drab and dreary dark place it has been lingering in for far too long. We hope this message will make the load a bit lighter in the upcoming days, as they will be challenging in so many ways. We are aware that you are a bit tired of hearing the same news again and again, but remember this is a process that needs to be broken down into segments, as not even super humans such as you can bite off more than you can swallow at the same time. So just be aware that another portion is coming your way, so do not be afraid to take your fair share of it. It is served with the best of intentions, and it will do you all a lot of good, but just like many other medicines, the taste might not be agreeable at first. Just hang in there, and you will certainly feel the effects it will have on your body once you have ingested it, and just like the superheroes, you will feel how the strength will surge through your body and lift you all one step higher.


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